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Guardians Of Time Release Date, Cast Plot, Trailer & More!

The upcoming fantasy adventure movie Guardians Of Time is the production by Lionsgate Movies which is releasing on VOD platforms which means on DVDs and Cds. on October 11, 2022.

Guardians Of Time movie is directed by the B-movie producer Stephen Shimek who previously made fantasy movies like The Maze, Dudes & Dragons, Dragon Hunter, and a lot more. Whereas the screenplay writers of The Guardians of Time are Jerome Reygner Kalfon, Katy Baldwin, and Sebastien Semon.

All You Need To Know About Guardians Of Time Movie!

The fantasy movie Guardians Of Time was actually renamed as it was previously called “Guardian of Time” without an “S”. Which means formerly the producers thought it is enough to have one guardian and not a bunch of kids, but it might get boring for the audience that is why they add 4 guardians to make it more interesting.

Guardians Of Time 2022

The movie does not have scary-looking demons which most adventurous movies have. The reason behind this is that the movie is made for kids so that they will not feel scared and actually enjoy the film. But it is advisable for parents to review the movie once before showing it to their kids as most kids don’t like demons and also the movie is rated as PG (Parents Guidance).

MovieGuardians Of Time
DirectorStephen Shimek
StarsNatalie Daniels
Katie Burgess
Ava Torres
Production CompanyAce Entertainment Films
Release date11th October 2022

Guardians Of Time Release Date

Guardians Of Time movie is going to hit our screens on 11th October 2022. The movie will give you old times feel as it will be available to view on DVDs and CDs which nowadays are out of trend. It will also be available on Digital screens and can be also viewed On Demand.

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Guardians Of Time Plot

Guardians Of Time plot is quite a usual fantasy storyline where four cousins find a passageway connecting to a magical planet one day when they were visiting their family manor. When they entered the passageway, they got imprisoned in this uncovered world, the Kingdom of Keoherus, and there they must encounter the Guardian of Time, evil forces, and monsters in order to escape and possibly return back home. 

This film seems a lot like a comedy of The Lion, The Witch, and the Castle, where children escape and must discover how to return home safely. The Guardian of Time is   Another “must solve riddles” film, which will be available exclusively on direct-to-VOD.

Where To Watch Guardians Of Time Movie?

The Guardians Of Time is a fantasy movie that is not only released on Digital streaming platforms but also on Blu-ray, DVDs, and CDs.

Guardians Of Time Cast

The official cast team of the Guardian of Time is not a large one as apart from the four little girls there are only evil creatures who may or may not be the imaginary characters. The four little girls who are the warriors of our film are Samantha Ryan portraying the character of Sybil, Ava Torres as Alex, Nia Salaam as Theo, and Carley Colemon playing the character of Zoey.

Apart from the girls, the other cast is Natalie Daniels as Alyssa, Skip Schwink portraying Jason, Drew Pollock as Deimos, Katie Burgess as adult Alex, Harper Heath as Young Sybil, Nicolas Greco as Agot, and Katherine Bellantone as Greya. According to some sources, the hoodied figure of the movie is portrayed by the actor Jonathan Dale Moore.

Social Media Talk On Guardians Of Time

After the release of the upcoming movie, The Guardian of Time trailer, fans got quite an overview of what the movie is about. The younger generation of kids got excited as to who doesn’t like fantasy adventure movies. Half of the audience got shocked when learning that the movie will be released on DVDs and CDs as nowadays no more movies are released on DVDs.

“Woah! #Guardianoftime is releasing on DVD?”

“Hoping #Guardianoftime will be a good one, my kids are very excited.”

What To Expect From The Guardian Of Time Movie?

According to the official synopsis released by Lionsgate Movies of the film, The Guardians of Time is that all about the magic world and their hidden Keoherus. What if you travelled to a mysterious and magical place but were unable to return home? A mysterious book that Sybil, her younger sister Alex, and two cousins find in the ancestral manor unlocks a secret passageway that leads to the Keoherus forest.

The girls must now find hidden monasteries and work out challenging problems in their capacity as the mighty Warriors Four in order to collect crystals that will provide them with power over time. But when an evil entity kidnaps Alex, they must either free her and escape from Keoherus or remain there for all eternity.

Now the movie is all about the adventure of these four girls and how they discover beauty as well as demons of Keoherus forest and also found different creatures of the forest whom they obviously befriended.

Guardians Of Time Trailer In Detail

The trailer of The Guardians Of Time is of 1 minute and 46 seconds long and is released by the production streamers Lionsgate Movies. The clip starts with the voice of Alex who tells us that she sometimes has dreams which feel like memories because she is actually in that scene. But they were all nightmares and she woke up screaming and waking all her cousins.

After that, the scene changes and the girls visit their family’s manor without the guidance of their parents and with their uncle as a caretaker. But when the girls found something strange on the manor and actually discovered a passageway to some forest, they could not hold their curiosity and went inside it but got stuck in there. They discovered over there that the forest is somewhere far where magic is very common and strange-looking creatures were found.

They not only found good creatures but also bad ones who tried to kill them and eventually leads them to the castle where the girls were given the title of Guardians Four and hence the challenge to find the magical stones by which they can able to control time. The movie is all about the girls’ adventures and how they fought with so many evil creatures and find their way back to the real world.

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