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Your Lie In April Season 2: Is There A Second Part To Your Lie In April?

I had a knot in my throat and something flew into my eyes, or perhaps I’ve been watching too much ‘Your Lie In April.’ Remember how you felt the first time you saw ‘The Fault in Our Stars? Multiply that bittersweet feeling by ten, and that’s precisely how you’ll feel once you’ve finished watching all 22 episodes of “Your Lie in April.” There are much fantastic slice-of-life anime shows out there, but what sets this one apart is its music. Even if you don’t know much about classical music or aren’t a great lover of it, “Your Lie in April’ will undoubtedly be an exception.

Not only the music but also the brilliant colors depicted in the anime play an important role in conveying the message. One of the main characters, Kousei, lives in a world of muted, boring hues, but that all changes when Kaori enters his world. Love can certainly make things brighter, as the anime’s aesthetics demonstrate. But, in addition to being artistically and musically spectacular, ‘Your Lie in April’ delves deeply into its plot. Even the show’s themes delicately shift from music, love, and tragedy, all of which hit you square in the belly.Your Lie In April Season 2

The anime’s story is fairly generic, which is why many anime viewers dismiss it. However, assessing it only on its plot is unjust because there is so much more to it. Take, for example, ‘Love, Death, and Robots,’ which uses animation to depict something that live-action films cannot. Most anime is treated as if it were a regular TV show, but ‘Your Lie in April’ makes full advantage of the medium’s possibilities.

Those who haven’t watched the anime yet should give it a go without supposing it’ll be another “slice of life” anime show. The anime’s emotions, major storyline, and gorgeous visuals will undoubtedly leave you with an ambivalent feeling of melancholia. Those who have seen it are probably still reeling from the emotional roller coaster that the first season provides. However, given the conclusion of the first season, it appears more likely that it will be followed by an OVA or “special.” There’s nothing wrong with yearning for a new season, but as of now, we can’t guarantee anything.

Will there be a season 2 of Your Lie in April?

Season 1 of “Your Lie in April’ premiered on October 9, 2014, and concluded on March 20, 2015. It features a total of 22 episodes, each of which is 22 minutes long. As previously said, the prospects of a new season are nearly nil, although we may get a few more bonus episodes in the form of OVAs. If you’re still hungover from those waves of emotions, fan fiction is always an option, or maybe simply getting on with your life would be enough. Your Lie in April Season 2 has not been announced yet. If there is any news about a new season of the anime, we will keep you updated as soon as possible.


Your Lie in April English Dub:

‘Your Lie in April,’ also known as ‘Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso,’ is available on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Animelab, and VRV.

Is there a disclosed plot for Your Lie in April Season 2?

We understand that you must be heartbroken upon realizing the bitter truth about Your Lie in April Season 2, which is not going to air in the near future. Exactly why, we are not equipped with a subsequent plot for the forthcoming season. However, we still feel like taking a look at the first season would not be a waste of time as it might bloom the budded flowers within you that are waiting for an external push—something like a mesmerizing story plot—for instance, Your Lie in April.

Kousei Arima’s extraordinary piano playing skills have earned him the moniker “human metronome” among his peers and professors. However, after the tragic death of his mother, who was his primary reason to play music, Kousei is left unable to hear or feel his own music. He resolves to abandon his music profession and begin a new life, leaving his magnificent piano days in the past.

Years pass, and Kousei still feels the same way about his resolve not to return to his old life of admirers and competitiveness. Instead, he leads a mundane existence of black and white with two companions named Ryouta Watari and Tsubaki Sawabe. Only until he meets a gorgeous musician named Kaori Miyazono, who has the same enthusiasm for her violin that he previously had for his piano, do things begin to change. Inspired by her, he rediscovers his long-dormant passion for music. In his colorless life, a sense of vibrancy begins to return, and his old sense of purpose builds within him.

To summarise, it’s a coming-of-age story in which the main character Arima tries to live with his past, which influences his future. He is eager to move on, and despite the atrocities he witnessed, he is able to make progress, however slowly. For obvious reasons, a burgeoning relationship must exist in a coming-of-age show. This relationship is the show’s main topic, and it eventually breaks out into a few subplots. This is where the anime becomes bumpy and displays some of its weaknesses. These subplots are needless and drag the show to a conclusion that might have been completed in 15 episodes. But the finale more than makes up for everything, and just thinking about it makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry my eyes out in a dark corner.

As previously said, there is a chance for a few more episodes of the anime, but a full season appears unlikely. However, rather than feeling awful about it, we should learn to embrace some shows for what they are, which in this case is the anime’s nice and simple ending.

Expected Characters for Your Lie in April Season 2, if renewed:

Arima, Kousei

Kousei was formerly a prodigious pianist who became the Saki competition’s youngest winner ever. However, the trauma of his mother’s death leaves Kousei with a dull feeling of not being able to listen to or feel his own music. His existence becomes boring, devoid of color and happiness. Kousei constantly appears to be lost in his own world, unconcerned about those around him. He was always peaceful and serene as a child, and the only thing that mattered to him was his love of music. Even after reaching his adolescence, he retains a sense of pure innocence in his demeanor. The only way he can express his feelings for Kaori is to stare at her. Her free-spirited attitude is what he admires most about her. He wants to be half as confident as she is, and she helps him with this later in the series.

Miyazono Kaori

Kaori is a violinist who, following the death of Kousei’s mother, reintroduces him to the world of music. She motivates and inspires him to pursue his skill once more. Kousei would never have woken up from his colourless, wretched life if it weren’t for her. Kaori has an extremely free-spirited personality, which shows in almost everything she does. Even when she plays the violin, she has a deep liveliness to it. She is self-assured and kind to everyone she meets, which is presumably why all of her friends like her. Kasori makes certain that no one around her is ever influenced by her feelings, and as a result, she sometimes wears a phoney grin. Her view on life is very positive, and she manages situations that many others would find tough or unpleasant.

What Kousei admires most about Miyazono is her sensitive and independent attitude, which is often reflected in her piano playing style. Even during music competitions, this is the first thing judges notice about her, and it is one of the reasons she is able to achieve in her artistic undertakings. There’s obviously a lot more that goes into the character development of the show’s two major protagonists, but divulging everything would be unfair, so let’s stop there.


Tsubaki and Kousei have been buddies since they were children. She observed his ascent as an artist and was by his side every step of the way. Even though she admits to having a crush on him, she doesn’t seem to be aware of it. She is hesitant to allow Kousei to return to his musical roots because she is concerned music will take him away. Regardless of her doubts, it is critical that she adopt the subject. He is capable of achieving his own happiness. She gives him permission to leave. He is still her friend, and she is not concerned that he may make poor judgments. Sometimes letting go can bring us happiness as well as our loved ones.


Takeshi, like Kousei, has been playing the piano since he was a toddler. He works out every day. Takeshi was inspired by Kousei’s systematic and masterful performances early on, and he hoped to one day exceed him. All of this comes to a halt when Kousei confronts his tragedy. Even if Kousei-related characters and viewers could understand, Takeshi would have no idea why his motivation had departed. He works hard to maintain the source of inspiration he once sought. He finally meets Kousei after so many years. His perseverance is an inspiring example of what everyone should aspire for.


Nagi, Takeshi Aiza’s younger sister, is a rival of Kousei’s. Kousei despised her at first because of her devotion to her older brother. She is irritated that Kousei will have to instruct her later. She complains about having to practice a piece for her school’s presentation. Even as she grows closer to Kousei, she remains nervous about performing in front of her peers. Even before the performance, she was nervous. When it’s her moment, she doesn’t let nerves get in the way of her performance. With her straightforward message of growth, natural character development, and simplicity, we can all be better people every day.

Is There a Season 2 Trailer for ‘Your Lie in April’?

There is no official trailer for ‘Your Lie in April’ Season 2 because the show has not been renewed. For the time being, you can watch the trailer for Season 1 below.

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