On My Block season 5: Is There Any Confirmed Release Date By Netflix in 2022!


Netflix’s hugely successful sitcom about a gang of street-savvy buddies navigating high school has returned for Season 4. The fourth season picks up two years after the events of the third season, with Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Jamal (Brett Gray), Ruby (Jason Genao), and Monse (Sierra Capri) having gone their separate ways. When a long-buried secret is revealed, the former pals realize they must band together if they are to survive.

On My Block’s ten Season 4 episodes are now available on Netflix, but what about Season 5? Will there be a Season 5 of On My Block on Netflix?

As much as we wish we could spend forever with our gnomies, it’s time to say goodbye to Netflix’s On My Block. The series was a surprising hit for the streaming service, and with so much riding on this fourth and final season, we’re not sure we want to leave Freeridge just yet.

Fortunately for us, Netflix has a few tricks up its sleeve, and it appears that things are only getting started. But what does this imply for our beloved group? And does this imply that we won’t be saying goodbye to On My Block after all?

Here’s what we know about why On My Block won’t be returning for a fifth season, and what the plan is in its place.

Is Season 4 of On My Block truly the final season?

All good things must come to an end, and this series is no exception. Netflix has officially announced that Season 4 of On My Block will be the final season, and they intend to uphold that promise.

As fans check in to see the last episodes, the cast members have begun posting farewell notes on social media.

Is this our final goodbye to the On My Block universe?

We may no longer see our favorite crew, but it doesn’t mean we’re leaving Freeridge forever. Netflix earlier announced an On My Block sequel series, Freeridge, and it appears that we got our first glimpse of it at the series finale when a group of novices looked into the backyard during the show’s last minutes.


According to Netflix’s press release, the sequel show will follow a new Core Four who live in town, and it will be a more female-driven show.

“The stories of Freeridge continue in this On My Block spinoff, which follows a fresh band of pals who may or may not have unleashed a fatal curse, launching an epic adventure,” the streamer explained.

Trailer of season 4 of On my block:

When will season 4 of on my block be available on Netflix?

On My Block Season 4 Episodes, 1-10 is now available on Netflix.

Is this the last season on my block?

Yep. On My Block was renewed for a fourth and final season by Netflix in January 2021.

There’s no word on an official release date or casting, but we’re hoping for cameos from the originals at some time in the future!