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Who Is Emma Myers? Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Wednesday’ Star!

Over the last few years, Netflix has changed the fate of a handful of newcomers including the star cast in the current trending Netflix flick Wednesday. The film has a bunch of young stars; among them, Wednesday is their acting debut. 

Without a hunch, we can say, anyone must have noticed the breakout star, Emma Myers. But do you know who Emma Myers is? 

Who Is Ema Myers?

Emma Myers is a profound actress who appeared in Netflix’s highly anticipated show Wednesday, as Enid Sinclair, who was introduced in the opening episode of Wednesday when the lead Addams is brought to the Nevermore Academy- the key spot of the plot. 

Emma Myers

Fortunately, we get to see Myers a lot as she happened to be Addams’ roommate, which is a tough job. But interestingly, it was easy to find differences between the two girls. While Wednesday is portrayed as an emotionless and cynical student, Enid is seen balancing the situation with her bright and extremely optimistic behavior.

While Addams always chose to wear black and preferred solitude, Enid loved colors and social media vlogging. She is, in fact, a werewolf from San Francisco, who has bagged the sunshine to share with the Nevermore captives.

Emma Myers was struggling in secret thinking whether she might end up like a loner. She also lacked supernatural abilities and the only skill that she had developed was her retractable claws, which she only used while engaging in heated arguments with Addams. 

Initially, we get to see a spark of vengeance among the two girls, Wednesday and Enid, which is obvious due to their opposite personalities, but with time, we saw them bonding with each other which excited everyone watching the series. 

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How Tall Is Emma Myers?

Although a person’s height has nothing to do with the acting profession, we still get ecstatic to know our favorites in detail, making it hard to skip anything. So one such example is Emma Myers height. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall. 

Emma Myers As An Actress

While praising the role of Enid on Wednesday, we are actually congratulating the actress Emma Myers and her talents.  Emma Myers, who was born in April 2002, is 20 years old as of 2022. So, if you had to know Ema Myer’s age, she has just passed her teen. 

But we know, success is a bond to anyone’s age, therefore the young actress, who stepped into acting at the age of 8, which is way back in 2010, has now become a regular on television and films at just the age of 20. So imagine how much Myers can grow in the next decade. May be far from our imagination. 

Since the current era has a lot to do with their social media platforms, Myers has also made herself an empire there. Like many other actors, she is noticed through different platforms including Instagram where she has amassed a staggering 6.6 million followers.

And we cannot thwart ourselves from handing over the credit to the Wednesday series, as she literally gathered a lot of followers after the release of the Wednesday series.

According to Emma Myers Instagram handle, we have discovered that she is one among three daughters and one of her sisters is called Isabel. 

Emma Myers As An Actress

During an exclusive interview with Vogue, Myers described that she had the least social skills when she was a child. Sadly, she recalled how she was bullied in school and considered an outsider everywhere. Myers further added that her preferences were different and alternated during her school days which made her odd from the others. 

In another interview, she also revealed that she was an introvert her whole life and that she lacked the energy to mingle with people. 

Emma Myers’ Acting Career

As we mentioned earlier, Emma Myers has been in the industry ever since 2010, indicating that she is not a new face. Back then, she used to appear in a handful of roles, which were not more than minor ones. So far, she has only been a part of a single move and that is Letters to God. Crooked has been her short film and The Glades is her television series.

But these roles failed to bring her success as it was not noteworthy. But she eventually managed to land herself roles in television series including A Taste of Christmas, Dead of Night,  and The Baker & The Beauty after she made her power-packed return in 2020.

Myers literally kick started her career from there and before signing for Wednesday, she also appeared in the 2021 movie titled Girl In The Basement. 

Lesser Known Facts About Emma Myers 

  • The Hobbit is Emma Myers’ favorite and she has said many times that she is fluent with each of its dialogue sequences.
  • As a kid, Myers was obsessed with cheetahs and she used to run at her maximum speed, imitating cheetahs, so that she could be one. 
  • Apart from being an actress, she has another goal, which is to open her own tea house. 
  • For a long time, she used to participate in dancing competitions and she is more inclined toward contemporary dance forms. 
  • The song “Somnus Ultima” from the famed Final Fantasy XV, has been one of her favorite soundtracks since 2019. 
  • She revealed that as a kid, she was attracted to Gnomeo in the Gnomeo and Juliet, which she herself thinks was mainly due to the voice of artist James McAvoy behind the character. 
  • Myers is allergic to cats, yet she owns one.
  • She once sprayed pepper on a robber, who tried to steal her phone on a train. 

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