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‘Sister Wives’ Stars Janelle And Kody Brown Confirm They Have Officially ‘Separated’

It is now official, the highly intriguing couple Janella and Kody Brown have decided to bid adieu since they can no longer stand as a couple in their polygamous family. The viewers of Sister Wives were stooped in shock and despair when the couple broke out the news of their split.

In an upcoming preview for One-on-One specials, the former, highly renowned couple firmly announced their separation after thirty years of marriage. Let us have a look into this latest shocking news of Kody Brown and Janella. 

Finally, Their Separation Is Official!

As we all know Kody Brown and Janella tied the knot in early 1993 and they share six children together named Logan, Madison, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel, and Savannah. It was indeed a tense and smoggy year for the Brown family following the unexpected split of Christine Brown’s divorce from Kody Brown. The separation really had a massive toll on the Brown family and Christine took the decision to move to Utah. 

Janelle And Kody Brown Separated

So the split of Christine Brown and Kody Brown put an unusual strain on Janelle’s marriage because she was so affectionate with Christine and even after their separation Janelle maintained a good and healthy time with Christine and her kids. But beyond this, there were other matters too that adversely affected the equilibrium of their relationship, especially in recent years. 

The patriarch of the family Kody Brown made his point explicit in the preview of the upcoming Sister Wives said “I am no longer with Janelle and Christine and I are no longer married”. Following this Janelle also came up with her stance and asserted “Kody and I have split up”. 

Janelle was the appealing second matriarch of the Brown family and they got married in a polygamous union in 1993. When Kody Brown and Christine ended their long nearly thirty years of marriage, the patriarch decided to cordially live with his other partners Robyn and Meri.

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The Pandemic Put A Strain On Janelle And Kody’s Relationship

When the pandemic was at the top of our lives, both Kody Brown and Janelle quoted about their tumultuous relationship and they both told earlier that the unexpected pandemic really put a toll on their family but they have withstood the test of time as they did in the past and have managed to survive their odds.

Janella And Kody Brown

Even Janelle at that time told that “Kody and I have definitely had challenges this year because we have had to spend more time apart than we have ever, probably. So that’s definitely something I have had to think about and realize I still like him and want him around, so that was kind of nice. We have been married almost thirty years”. 

But these words and actions now seem pretty disparate and it seems that this time things turned pretty weird between them beyond their anticipation. Things really took a turn when the wives of Kody Brown started to pinpoint his hypocrisy at the time of Covid and maintaining covid protocols.

In the past season of Sister Wives Kody Brown officiated an intriguing indoor wedding. So after the wedding, Kody Brown does not abide by the Covid protocols and he never quarantined himself but forcibly made his wives quarantine from him. 

So following his repugnant hypocrisy Kody Brown added that his wife Janelle didn’t support him when it came to covid restrictions and this really added fuel to the raging fire inside Janelle and she was undeniably offended by the remarks. 

Following Kody Brown’s remarks, Janelle further accentuated that she is not a Covid denier as Kody has been trying to picturise her. She has maintained every sort of protocol and was leading a life with all the imperative measures to avoid covid. Vociferously Janelle said that she is in no position to defend herself or to be beaten into submission because she has been vaccinated and she did nothing wrong. 

'Sister Wives' Stars Janelle And Kody Brown Confirm They Have Officially ‘Separated’!

The other prominent issue after the pandemic hit the Brown family was Kody Brown’s estrangement from his kids. The kids grew estranged from Kody, especially the kids he shares with Janelle and Christine. Janelle’s sons Gabriel and Garrison said that they did not get the chance to speak to their father in months and they vehemently blamed Kody for not giving the time his family needed with him and neglecting their existence. 

Furthermore, his son Gabriel said that he failed miserably as a father and Kody Brown even forgot the birthday of his son and he was totally wielded up in the Covid pandemic. After that Gabriel and Kody Brown never spoke.

Janelle at the time stated that she cannot be a mediator between her sons and her husband, and she pointed out that this issue should be talked about and worked out with them because it is wreaking havoc in their relationship. 

So here we can only say that the unexpected pandemic really made a toll on his polygamous family and side by side he was losing all the things that he built because of his hypocrisy and his ineptitude. So the Sister Wives program really had a toll after the two divorces that followed unexpectedly. 

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