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Who Is Denise Welch? Know More About Loose Women Star Bio, Net Worth, Career

Denise Welch is one of the most breathtaking and enthralling English actresses, vociferous writers, and fantastic television personalities and broadcasters. She is popularly known for her roles including Natalie Barnes, Steph Haydock, and Trish Minniver. Having a fantastic path in the entertainment industry Denise Welch has managed to carve out her own space in the realm by competing with her contemporaries. 

Denise Welch Biography

Jacqueline Denise Welch popularly known for her iconoclast roles in several films was born on May 1958 on the outskirts of Tynemouth, North Tyneside, England. From 1981 to the present she is very much active in her career and her spirit is engraved on every atom surrounding her. Details about her family life are not quite in handy.

Denise Welch
Full Name Jacqueline Denise Welch
Date Of Birth22 May 1958
Born PlaceNorth Tyneside, England
Television personality
NationalityUnited Kingdom
SpousesDavid Easter (1983 to 1988)
Tim Haley (1988 to 2012)
Lincoln Townley (since 2013)
Net Worth$2 million
Source of IncomeSoap Opera Actress

It is only available that she has a cute younger sister named Debbie. Other than that there is nothing left to know about her family details. Denise Welch has been married three times and she has two children named Mathew Healy and Louis Vincent. 

Denise Welch Net Worth

The Net Worth of this profusely wonderful actress and writer, Denise Welch is estimated at $2 million. Much of her wealth is garnered from the entertainment industry and is one of the strongest pillars in where ever she goes she is very benevolent at heart. Having a great history in acting and in television shows Denise Welch has managed to garner hordes of fans across the globe. 

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Denise Welch Early Life

Denise Welch went to Whitely Bay school for her high school studies and later attend La Sagesse School in Newcastle upon Tyne. Denise Welch attended several schools and before she got to move to Ebchester County Durham she also attended Blackfyne Grammar School in Consett at the age of thirteen. 

At a very small age, Denise Welch had a penchant for acting and by the time she realized her caliber she was vehemently searching for opportunities to achieve her dream.

She got the chance to act in a school production of Finian’s Rainbow and by acting in that production she realized her potential in acting and she was in search of answers to make her career. 

After that Denise Welch contemplated going to a teacher training college situated in Crewe, but her father and her drama teacher persuaded her to apply for the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London.

Having this deep great passion for acting Denise Welch became successful in her studies and graduated in 1979. This gained Denise Welch her equity card while teaching dance when she was working and studying as a dance tutor at the Watford Palace Theatre. 

Denise Welch Career Beginnings

An acting career is the most flourished of her entire career statistics where Denise Welch is a versatile actor and television personality. Denise Welch at a very small age had a penchant for acting and she became an actress straight after leaving school when she was only twelve years old.

In 1983, Denise Welch got the chance to perform on stage in Yakkety-Yak with the famous McGann brothers in London. The stage performance was at the Astoria Theatre and she gained wide applause for her performance. 

After this Denise Welch joined the Live theatre company, in Newcastle and there she got several opportunities in so many productions. She was into There is a girl in My Soup, Bedroom Farce which was one among the play of Alan Ayckbourn’s quartet of plays. Following this Denise Welch, in 1984 played the role of Sandy who was at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester. 

Denise Welch’s debut television appearance was in the Tyne Tees television production Barriers which was in early 1981. Auf Wiedersehen, Pet in 1986 was her first hit drama which appeared on ITV. Denise Welch gradually attained fame and recognition. 

After that, she even portrayed in several children’s shows Byker Grove, A kind of Living, and the Glass Virgin which was the adaptation of Catherine Cookson and Spender where she got the chance to appear opposite Jimmy Nail. 

‘Soldier Soldier drama series on ITV gave Denise Welch a household name and she became one of the popular figures in the households since it was widely watched by the ladies of the household. She was truly awwed by the massive success and light that this series brought to her life.

After this success, owing much to the series, 1997 brought even a wider notability when she pulled off the role of Natalie Horrocks in the soap opera Coronation Street. 

The character that Denise Welch pulled off was the role of a femme fatale and the way she carried the role was highly commendable. After her pregnancy, Denise Welch starred in a guest appearance in ITV’s Where the Heart Is.

Also in the show named Bill Denise Welch guest-starred twice and she was a great artist by all means. Finding Fatimah was a romantic comedy film and Denise Welch appeared as Valerie and came to the front of the lives of the audience in 2017. 

Having numerous shows in her accounts Denise Welch gained a tremendous amount of love and affection from hordes of fans across the globe. Her determination to become a compelling actress became true and she is regarded as the most talented actress of her time. 

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Denise Welch Personal Life

Living on the outskirts of Cheshire, in 1983, Denise Welch married David Easter and soon after their marriage, they decided to part ways in 1988. Publicly Denise Welch stated that the reason behind this harsh decision is he committed adultery.

While working in Newcastle’s Live Theatre Company Denise Welch had an encounter with Tim Healy and it eventually flourished they got married in 1988 and share two children. Mathew Healy and Louis Vincent are the two children.

Denise Welch Family

Following the year in 2012, they announced their separation news. She also added that they have been separated for quite a long and she is now currently dating Lincoln Townley who is her PR manager. 

Following that announcement on July 13, 2013, they married in a private ceremony held in Portugal. Denise Welch confessed with a perforated heart that the reason behind her ruined marriages is because of her acute mental illness.

Furthermore, an affair she had when she was struggling with depression. Her dependency on alcohol adversely affected her life and the help of Kevin Kennedy, who was her former co-star in Coronation Street really helped her way back to life. 

Later after suffering from all the issues she finally attained solace in her life. she will be always remembered for the amazing roles that she had pulled off. 

Awards And Nominations

  • Denise Welch was nominated for sexiest female for her performance in the Coronation Street
  • She was the Best Actress in 2009 and 2010 in TV Quick Award
  • She was nominated for Best Actress in 2008

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