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Lynsey Bennet Died: Cervical Check Campaigner Lynsey Bennet Died Aged 34

An ardent cervical check campaigner who really fought and gave awareness about cancer, Lynsey Bennet died at the age of thirty-four. Following a great and prolonged battle with cancer finally she found peace. We can say that cancer got the best of her and she was being a formidable opponent to cancer, but at last, she just had to give away all her strength and had to get defeated. 

Who Was Lynsey Bennet?

Lynsey Bennet is one of the astounding women who was so affirmative and vociferous in her life all the way when she became one of the eminent personalities to give voice to cancer awareness and fought relentlessly to thrive amidst all the encumbrances. 

Being one of the compelling cervical check campaigners and the mother of two children, Lynsey Bennet was an iconoclast personality who bravely dealt with the formidable opponent of cancer.

She was the one who taught an entire community to not get scared by this rival that has come into the lives of so many without any invitation. 

Who Was Lynsey Bennet?

As per reports, Lynsey Bennet was one among other hundreds of women who got affected by the Cervical Check controversy revolving around the incorrect tests that really affected their lives adversely. Lynsey Bennet was diagnosed with cancer in late 2017. She had two beautiful daughters named Zoe who is fourteen years old and a small baby nine-year-old, Hailee. 

From that day onwards, Lynsey Bennet was really suffering from lots of issues that life has thrown upon her. But her indomitable hope was the only illumination that she kept throughout her life. With her immeasurable courage to fight, she always found a light at the end of the tunnel.

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But though her wheel power was undeniable, cancer rapidly grew faster beyond her comprehension and it got the best of her over a long battle. 

The Battle Of Controversy Between Lynsey Bennet And False Cervical Smear Tests

According to a report submitted in 2018, it was estimated that at least two hundred and twenty-one women were diagnosed with cervical cancer and they were not about the scam of misreported smear tests. If they were already alerted about their condition, they could have done the treatments properly and on time at the early stages of cancer. 

The Battle Of Controversy Between Lynsey Bennet And False Cervical Smear Tests

During the last of February, Lynsey Bennet settled a case that was filed against the HSE over the mishandling of smear tests. She really fought hard and settled the case. 

Lynsey Bennet was a prominent iconic figure in the controversy and along with certain people they really fought for these improper smear tests. Lynsey Bennet death news was announced by her solicitor named Gillian O’Mahony and he said that she passed away peacefully.

And with a lacerated heart, Gillian O’Mahony stated that

Lynsey was a very special person. Lynsey’s beautiful girls, father, and sisters. Family and friends are heartbroken at the passing of Lynsey at the young age of thirty-four and would appeal for privacy at the moment. Funeral arrangements will be announced shortly”. 

Along with Lynsey Bennet, there were more people who stood by her for their same uncanny predicament and one among them was Irene, she was the wife of Stephen Teap who was also a member of the campaign. The saddest part about Irene and Stephen Teap’s life was she was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and within two years Lynsey Bennet died. It is only because of the carelessness of the authorities, and the undisclosed false negative cervical cancer tests. 

Lynsey Bennet And Children

Stephen Teap was one of the close acquaintances that Lynsey Bennet had over the course of her battle. And her departure had made him totally in a situation where he is not ready to accept that a woman of delicacy and bravery had left the world.

She would have lived a year or more if the test results were clear and if she had done the treatments at a very early stage it would have really helped her and her daughters would still have their mother with them.

With a leaden heart, Stephen Teap tweeted “Overwhelmed with emotions at the shock of learning of the passing of the beautiful person and mother that was Lynsey Bennet. While her pain ends today it only begins for those who loved her most, my thoughts are especially with her two little girls”. 

Throughout her life, she vehemently fought for this malady that she had to endure, and mostly for the irresponsibility of the hospitals or clinics that came up with the undisclosed false smear test results. 

Tributes Are Overflowing For Lynsey Bennet

Lynsey Bennet was the strongest personality despite her illness fought bravely for the false tests that really turned their life upside down. It really affected a large number of women and their families and pushed all over them into the pit of deep sorrow. Each of the patients who died of cervical cancer would really get a chance to have a second life if they were diagnosed so early. 

Lynsey Bennet was admired by many people across the country and with her departure, many have lost their good companion and sister, and friend. Everyone is so overwhelmed by her daughters’ plight. Since they are too small they would have to now put up with a world where their mother is not there.

Undoubtedly Lynsey Bennet had carved out a massive space in everyone’s mind whom she has been with and they will never ever forget her contagious spirit and smile which was really an indomitable hope to the world. 

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