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Who Is Yoon Ahn? A$AP Rocky Cheated On Rihanna With Yoon Ahn

Ever since the “Live.Love.ASAP” rapper, A$AP Rocky was accused of sharing his bed with stylist Yoon Ahn, his fans were prompted to raise the question, “So, did you cheat on Rihanna?”

Are you all pumped? Isn’t it a death-star-shattering surprise that even a successful and self-made icon like Rihanna could also be dumped?

Apparently, A$AP and Rihanna crossed paths when the duo first collaborated with each other on the song, “Cookies.” Although the duo named their relationship as “just friends”, the news of their romance eventually broke in 2020 right after the “Diamond” singer parted ways with her then-boyfriend, businessman Hassan Jameel. The exciting news was however confirmed by the pair in December 2020 following their photo focusing on their closeness that went viral on the internet.


Who Is Yoon Ahn?

In January 2022, the couple again became the headlines after the Fenty Beauty founder posted a picture showing off her baby bump in a furry hot pink coat, blue ripped jeans, and body jewelry along with the baby’s daddy, revealing their first pregnancy. In the following May, A$AP and Rihanna welcomed their baby. 

At the time, both Rihanna and A$AP were extremely excited about being parents although the duo was not initially planning to have a baby- what she said in the Vogue 2022 interview. 

“I don’t know when and how I got ovulated. We just had fun,” she said. Without waiting, she seemingly broke the news to A$AP, and “later in the next morning, I was having my doctor’s appointment and our journey began,” she added. 

She told Vogue that she always had something like first marriage and then a kid. But she further said, “ It won’t definitely get in the way of being a mother.”

Right, when the duo was happily leading a family, Kanye West accused A$AP of sleeping with a second woman. So, did A$AP Rocky cheat on Rihanna? Scroll to learn more.

Did A$AP Rocky Cheat On Rihanna?

Kanye West accused A$AP Rocky of having sex with stylist Yoon Ahn, through an Instagram revelation, which has since been removed on Oct. 6, 2022. 

“Rocky fucked Yoon,” Ye said on Instagram, after mentioning Yoon as a “Vulnerable Ambush” on the social media platform. Yoon is the founder of Ambush Designs, a fashion brand, which Ye has also promoted on his page. 

On Oct. 7, 2022, Yoon responded to Ye’s accusation on her IG story. “It is inferior to use a false sexual accusation to insult women.” On top of that, Yoon also added a Bible verse that said, “Be aware of the false prophets – Matthew 7:15.”

Back in April 2022, rumors said that A$AP cheated on Rihanna with shoe designer Amina Muaddi, one of the workers of Rihanna’s Fenty. However, it was denied by both parties, with Amina calling the rumor, ‘malicious”, given Rihanna was carrying at the time. 

“I have always believed that the baseless lies spread on the internet deserve no explanation. I previously thought that this very rumor should not be taken seriously. However, we live in a society that is quick to judge others, regardless of factual basis. They are not even bothered about the famous and beautiful times of one’s life.” She went on, “So, I had to speak up because this is not only pointed at me but also at people who I value the most. 

Also, an insider close to A$AP and Rihanna said, “1 million percent the rumor is incorrect as they are fine.”

However, that is a closed chapter as of now. Currently, A$AP’s and Rihanna’s fans want to know who Yoon Ahn is.

Who Is Yoon Ahn?

Yoon Ahn is a fashion designer, creative director, and founder of the Ambush brand. Also, she is a jewelry design director at Dior Homme. Yoon is a graduate of Boston University and she lives in Tokyo with her husband, rapper Verbal. She founded Ambush in 2002. Initially, the company was a creative design firm where Yoon, as the lead designer, designed original album covers for artists including her husband.

However, the official debut of Ambush was in 2008 after the success of POW! Choker necklace. The item was worn by Ye as well as a bunch of other celebrities. Shortly after, Yoon managed to hop the ladder of success, evolving as one of the 500 Most Influential People in the Fashion industry. Subsequently, in 2016, Yoon opened her foremost Ambush flagship store in Tokyo. 

Earlier in 2022, Yoon attended a talk session with High Snobeity where she explained that men were finding it interesting to wear jewelry as a part of evolved hip-hop culture. 

“Personalizing your pieces becomes your new identity, and now guys especially want to showcase that personality and decorate themselves,” she said. 

Yoon further added that her mission was more about finding comfort in one’s own skin, and not just about the jewellery. Instead, she explained how things differ when people pay more attention to their hygiene or even manicure. 

“Now I am happy to see that both fashion and music allow people to feel themselves and act as they are, and are not at all bound by social rules.”

“You cannot know if it is gold or not. It could be 10 Karat or silver, but as long as it’s shiny, I’m okay. By simply looking at what kind of stone they bought, I can really tell who’s into what jewelry. So, it was witty to look at Lil Uzi holding a pink diamond. I prefer Farrell stone necklaces, they have more weight. If you want to brag about having more money, then get a good stone. Do not even try to offer something iced, something that anyone can get at the mall.”

In addition to what she said, Yoon also went on to share her piece of advice to the upcoming designers who are planning to launch their own brands. “Consistency is the key. It’s easy to get swayed by the reaction of the public, but these are only passing moments. And, the quality of your work must be measured as the quality of the last item you wore. “

Yoon then asserted, “If launching a brand is what you stick on, then it should be something that people can also stick on. The best way to do that is to continuously do it, making sure that everything you do is better than the last.”

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