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Who Is Foreman Spike Mario? Is Spike Going To Be In The Mario Movie?

foreman Spike Mario is a construction site foreman who was introduced to the Mario game: Wrecking Crew in 1984. He is the fifth challenger in the puzzle mode game. In other words, Spike Mario was a foreman at the site where Mario and Luigi worked. Interestingly, Spike is characterized as the game’s major antagonist.

Universal Pictures and Nintendo together unleashed the first teaser trailer for The Super Mario Bros movie today at New York Comic Con, starring international fame Chris Pratt voicing the titular character. You don’t have to be confused.

The flick is exactly the animated version of the Nintendo video game that we all preferred over anything while growing up. Especially if you are a 90s kid, you might remember the Super Mario cassette, which was trending during that generation.

Who Is Foreman Spike Mario

However, we were left with an ambivalent feeling of melancholia as there was not even a single discussion to be heard about Super Mario. The 2023 upcoming movie apparently suggests a new adventure where Mario will head to Mushroom Castle.

The same Super Mario, who sometimes went into the tunnel, sometimes jumped or even selflessly saved Princess Peach from the dragon. 

Ever since the gaming company, Nintendo introduced Super Mario, they have been able to set a unique benchmark for themselves. Even today, Super Mario is still cherished and is known as an epic game. Although Mario must have gone through many hurdles in the past few decades, here it comes with an animated movie of the Mario video game. 

Today, Nintendo is back on track with the Mario Movie 2023 poster and Super Mario 2022 trailer. Even since the company released them, fans are chomping on the bits and are ecstatic for the movie to get released. In bated breath, they are counting the days until April 7, 2023- the release date of the Super Mario Bros. movie. 

Although the Mario game has been a super duper hit for over 3 decades, its animated version cannot make any compromise with its production, quality, and cast. Literally, the cast list of Illumination’s upcoming Super Mario movie left us perplexed, from Chris Pratt’s inexplicable role of Mario to the bizarre and inventive addition of Cranky Kong.

But, what had the young enthusiasts scratching their heads was the inclusion of stand-up comedian, Sebastian Maniscalo as Spike.

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Subsequently, the team has joined hands with all-star voice casts, including Charlie Day, Anya Taylor Joy, Jack Black, Seth Rogen, Kagan Michael Key, Fred Armisen, and Kevin Michael Ricardson.

However, we cannot simply jump to the remaining cast, leaving you to wonder about the individual character treatment. So, scroll to read more about Sebastian Maniscalco as Spike Mario.

Sebastian Maniscalco As Spike Mario

The Super Mario Bros. movie has finally sketched its Mario Spike. While the street was heavily talking about Idris Elba’s role as Knuckles in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie, comedian Sebastian Maniscalco apparently confirmed to voice the character Spike Mario in the Mario Movie. 

Sebastian Maniscalco As Spike Mario

Yes, we are talking about the same Super Mario, who made our childhood practically better. Wait, but our new generation of kids should also know about the icon, the Super Spike Mario. So, shouldn’t we talk about who Forman Spike is and what he is doing in the Super Mario Bros. movie?

Who Is Foreman Spike Mario?

To begin with, foreman Spike Mario is a construction site foreman who was introduced to the Mario game: Wrecking Crew in 1984. He is the fifth challenger in the puzzle mode game. In other words, Spike Mario was a foreman at the site where Mario and Luigi worked. Interestingly, Spike is characterized as the game’s major antagonist.

Since the game requires the player to cross certain levels to ultimately win, Spike hinders the player’s progress indirectly, stealing resources, removing platforms, and generally being a pest. Spike continuously stops the brothers from doing their job, perhaps to rake the cash for himself. 

Foreman Spike made his debut appearance in the bonus stages and eventually in some phases of the game, Wrecking Crew. After completing the bonus stage, Foreman Spike will then get a hike and will become a major feature in the further levels of Wrecking Crew. 

Spike, who is hellbent to dethrone the hero, runs in the background, while Mario runs in the foreground. Despite promising his mom that Wrecking Crew would be his biggest breakthrough, Foreman Spike again failed to impress the players as he never really became a famous video game character. 

Foreman Spike then later managed to appear in Mario Golf, WarioWare, Super Smash Bros., and Mario Maker in cameos. The Japan-exclusive Mobile Golf was released in 2001. With his original and larger appearance, players enjoyed the character the most. Later in 2015, Foreman Spike made his popular comeback as a costume in Super Mario Maker. In the game, unlocking each mystery mushroom would enable the player to gain brown overalls, a long nose, and a beard. 

Between Mario’s far more strongest rivals, most probably, Bowser and Donkey Kong, the importance of Spike began to fade. So, what will Foreman Spike do in the new movie?

Given how little we know about the upcoming Mario movie, it becomes hard for us to predict the potential of Spike’s role in it, but it seems quite feasible to speculate that Foreman Spike will not be the film’s major villain. However, the upcoming movie will bring a number of references to the obscure parts of its universe. As it suggests, there will be a major similarity with the movies like Space Jam: A New Legacy, Wreck-it-Ralph, Free Guy, and Ready Player One. the movie will definitely make use of the available property to its extreme. 

Of course, we have a hunch that Super Mario will give a grounded look at the daily worries of two brothers, who constantly try to escape their toxic foreman. Otherwise, the movie could begin with Mario and Luigi, two blue-collar brothers, who start out as simple construction workers, but suddenly get a total recall of the situation, eventually making them emerge into a much wider world, discovering that they are destined to be a part of an adventure. 

Since hurting Mario directly is impossible for Spike, he kicks Mario off his platform, which could knock him into a rival or lock him in an inescapable area. Just like any other player, Spike can also be defeated permanently by trapping him either by dropping an oil drum or by knocking him to an empty floor. 

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Spike works for Bowser by helping the Koopa king build a series of new hideouts. Interestingly in the flick, Foreman Spike has been physically modified to have a red nose and a thick mustache, resembling Wario. Although in Wrecking Crew 98’ Spike did not have a beard, in the 2023 animated film Super Mario Bros: The Movie, he will appear as a bearded villain in sunglasses and a mouth full of crooked teeth. Much like how Pauline is for Princess Peach, Foreman Spike will be a ditto of Wario or Waluigi. 

In addition to Spike returning to the Chris Pratt-led movie, Foreman Spike will also apparently show up in a 2D Mario game, although it hasn’t been announced to date and of course, this is only a speculation as of now. We will seemingly have to wait for more. 

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