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Who Is Marquise Jackson? All About 50 Cent’s Oldest Son

The estranged relationship between 50 Cent and his oldest son, Marquise Jackson is not a secret anymore. But despite the issue getting public attention, netizens are supporting and defending 50 against his son’s latest allegations. 

So what actually happened between the father-son duo lately? What was the latest criticism all about? But before digging into that, don’t you think you should know more about 50 Cent’s oldest son, Marquise Jackson? Scroll down to learn more.

Who Is Marquise Jackson

Who Is Marquise Jackson?

Marquise Jackson, who is better known as the eldest son of the famous American rapper, 50 Cent, has until today followed in the footsteps of his rapper dad, ultimately choosing to be a rapper again. 

Marquise Jackson’s Biography

Marquise Jackson was born on Oct. 3, 1997, and he is currently 25. 50 Cent’s son was born in California to his mother Shaniqua Tompkins (reality TV star)  and father Curtis Jackson( professionally known as 50 Cent- the incredible rapper). He has a sister, Mia, and a half-brother Sire ( from Curtis’s past relationship with Daphne Doy). At an age of 10, Marquise’s parents split up. 

In the early years, Marquise found interest in basketball, and eventually, he turned out to be a star-prep school player in 2014 at St. John’s Military Academy. On top of that, 50 Cent’s son Marquise was also apparently interested in music. 

Marquise Jackson’s Career

Evidently, Marquise Jackson is forging his career as a rapper, taking the exact same path as his father, 50 Cent. His first single, Different, was released in 2017 and there he finally kick-started his journey. Mostly, Marquise’s songs are centered around his estranged relationship with 50 Cent, which has been gaining sufficient attention in the industry. His other credits include songs such as “Just Another Freestyle” and “Follow your Heart”.

The young man has also explored his potential career as an actor and has successfully appeared in a couple of documentaries which were again about his Dad. Along with that, Marquise has also acted in the 2017 movie, “Dope Friend.”

Marquise Jackson’s Net Worth

Evidently, Marquise Jackson is one of the richest family members as he is the son of 50 Cent. He is thought to be living with a golden spoon in his mouth, with utmost comfort and supremacy. Since his career is taking shape, it can be said with certainty that Marquise Jackson is rich by himself too,

According to Business Insider, Forbes, and Wikipedia, Marquise Jackson’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million as of 2022. 

Marquise Jackson’s Relationship With His Father, 50 Cent

Marquise and 50 have been in a complicated son-father relationship ever since he was 10. On the heels of their fight, both Marquise and 50 have talked heavily about each other on multiple platforms. 

Initially, the situation was quite different. At one point, 50 Cent even said that his priorities were getting influenced and changed, after being a father. Interestingly, he even had a name tattoo of his son on his bicep. 

As per the “Many Men” rapper, not being able to meet his son whenever he wanted was the biggest challenge that he faced after parting ways with his former wife, Shaniqua Tompkins. 

So what might have happened to ruin the father-son relationship to this extent and what would have caused the feud between them?

Who Is Marquise Jackson?

What Happened Between 50 Cent And His Son, Marquise Jackson?

Ever since Marquise was young, the relationship between the father-son duo was nothing to adore. Apparently, the strained relationship with his parents has partly pushed him to emerge as his present self. 

After 50 Cent and his estranged wife, Shaniqua broke up, he eventually evicted her from their $4 million mansion, located in Long Island. Subsequently, Shaniqua claimed that the luxury home was previously promised to her, which literally reasoned for a post-split-up fight between the former couple.

On May 30, 2008, 50 Cent was out of town as he was filming for a movie in Arizona, Suspiciously, the entire mansion was burnt to the ground that night, which Shariqua claimed was the doings of 50’s ex-girlfriend, who seemingly had the intention of killing both mother and son. 

Marquise grew up watching his parents fight over every little thing and eventually chose to side with his mum, picking up the fight between the duo. Apparently, 50 threatened him back in 2012, saying his name will be removed from the will, and also, he chose not to attend Marquise’s high school graduation in 2014. 

In 50 Cent’s book, he has written about his failure in making his son understand him a little. He seems to be least bothered by the bad blood between him and his son. According to him, it is too late to have a good relationship with Marquise which until now has made no difference, despite making several attempts to patch it up. 

Not long ago, 50 made a controversial comment under a photo of his son posing along with the son of a man, who at some point tried to kill him, saying, “I don’t mind, if either of the two is hit by a bus.” It was more than enough for the netizens to spot the depth of rivalry 50 has for his son. 

In 2017, Marquise Jackson in an Interview with Rap-Up revealed that as he grew up, the image of his father in his mind began to change as he started to keenly observe certain patterns that his father followed in his lifestyle. Moreover, Marquise recalled that 50 seemed like a superman in his childhood. 

Recently, Marquise appeared in an Instagram live talk session with vlogger Choke No Joke and boasted about the little amount he received in child support from his father.

He said he wasn’t looking for a Lambo, but at least he had to buy basketball socks, implying the support amount he received per month was nearly scarce. 

Hearing the sorrow, host Choke No Joke wondered at what age that happened to which Marquise said, “We ain’t gotta worry about the age.”

He then further added, “If you’re not gonna be there mentally and physically, then you at least gotta get your money.” 

The question literally made the guy listening ask whether 50 Cent was actually paying him anything. 

As per Marquise, child support began when he was barely 10 or 11 and his father thinks 10 years of child support was million dollars, whereas it was actually $6,700 a month. However, that answer again prompted Choke No Joke to ask if the amount was not enough to buy socks. 

Eventually, Marquise tried to ignore the vlogger’s scepticism, explaining why the amount was insufficient for him while grooming as a child of a famed rapper. Up on going the video viral, Marquise has been receiving major backlash, whereas his father, 50 Cent was getting much support against the alleged criticism. 

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