Hellbound Season 2: Everything We Know So Far About Next Season!


It dethroned Squid Game as Netflix’s top streaming show, and the streaming giant’s newest South Korean horror-thriller Hellbound may be renewed for a second season.

While Netflix hasn’t officially renewed Hellbound, the first season ended on such a cliffhanger that a continuation of the tale is almost certain.

Hellbound has swiftly developed a reputation for its graphic gore and horror, which was previously popular with Squid Game enthusiasts.

Hellbound has now eclipsed Squid Game in more than 80 countries within 24 hours of its premiere, becoming the most viewed Netflix show globally on November 20 and continuing to hold that position today.

Here’s what we’d expect if season two was in the works.

What Is the Purpose of Hellbound?

Spoilers for Season 1 are included.

The series, directed by Yeon Sang-ho of Train to Busan, is set in a dystopian society and follows a group of demons who hunt down sinners and consign them to hell.

The citizens are notified of the date and hour of their death before being tracked down by enormous hairy monsters that deliver their awful destiny in the horror series.

The terrible monsters then incinerate their victims and cast them to damnation, causing a public outpouring of rage and religious fanaticism.

The burnt bones of Park Jeong-Ja (Kim Shin-rok) were reanimated at the end of Season 1, which was broadcast on Netflix on November 19, 2021.

She died earlier in the series, and her death was aired by the New Truth Society in order to instill dread in the world so that they would support their cause.


What will happen in Hellbound Season 2?

There’s no definitive indication of what’s in store for the next series without a trailer or confirmation from Netflix, but season 2 would almost certainly answer issues raised by the horrible season 1 ending.

Park Jeong-resurrection JA’s in the finale raises the topic that fans want to be answered in season 2: is death from monsters truly permanent?

It also implies that there may be a means to bring individuals back to life, giving citizens the strength to combat these monsters.

When will Season 2 of Hellbound be released?

Netflix has not officially confirmed Season 2 of Hellbound, but due to the success of the first season, it is expected that the streaming service will pick it up in the near future.

The next season is expected to be released in winter 2022, around November or December, similar to how the first series was.

What does the Hellbound Season 2 cast look like?

Hellbound on Netflix will almost certainly have a diverse group of individuals. Jin Kyeong-hoon (Yang Ik-june), Bae Young-jae (Park Jeong-min), Song So-hyun (Won Jin-ah), Min Hye-jin (Kim Hyun-joo), and Jeong Jin-soo are all likely to appear in a second season of the drama (Yoo Ah-in).

It’s also expected that there will be enough of fresh flesh to satiate the demons’ appetites, so we may expect a slew of new characters in Hellbound Season 2.

Trailer for Hellbound Season 2:

Because Season 1 was only recently released on Netflix and Season 2 has yet to be confirmed, it’s too early for a teaser. Let’s watch official trailer of season 1:

Keep checking back, though, because we’ll post one right here as soon as it’s available.