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La Brea Season 2 Release: Will there be a season 2 for La Brea On NBC?

La Brea is an NBC drama television series that debuted on September 28, 2021. La Brea Season 2 is set to premiere in September 2022.  Everyone is looking forward to Season 2 of La Brea. The sitcom will be renewed for a second season by NBC. If you’re interested in finding out when La Brea Season 2 will be released, keep reading.

When will La Brea Season 2 be released? 

Season 1 of La Brea has come to an end, and we recently learned that the show has been renewed for a second season. The show’s renewal was announced during the first season’s airing. We predict that La Brea season 2 will air in the United States during the 2022/23 television season, with a September/October 2022 release date.

Given that season one premiered in September 2021, the second season will air the following year. Seasons of this level series, which consist of 10 episodes, often last six months or a year — with the exception of long-running shows that film while the current season is showing, such as The Walking Dead. With season 2 secured, it is believed that development on the second installment has already begun, implying that a late 2022 release is a possible possibility.

Overview of Season 2 of La Brea

The upcoming season of La Brea is the most anticipated yet. Those who prefer fiction want to know when the next season of La Brea will be released so they may watch it online. Continue reading to hear more about the upcoming season at La Brea.

Season 2 cast of La Brea

La Brea follows a survival mission after a major sinkhole at the La Brea Tar Pits along Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles displaces people and belongings into a mystery primeval realm set in 10,000 BC.

Eve Harris portrays Natalie Zea, Eoin Macken portrays Gavin Harris, Chiké Okonkwo portrays Ty Coleman, Zyra Gorecki portrays Izzy Harris, Jack Martin portrays Josh Harris, Chloe De Los Santos portrays Lilly Castillo, Veronica St. Clair portrays Riley Velez, and Mark Lee portrays Silas.


The final episode of the series depicted Gavin aka Isaiah successfully reaching the light portal, confirming the existence of Gavin and Eve’s children Josh and Izzy. However, the entrance of Isaiah into the light fissure and its expansion cause Lily, Josh, and Riley to vanish.

While the majority of the cast is expected to return, it is uncertain whether the actors who play Lily, Josh and Riley will return because their presence has not been established.

The plot of La Brea Season 2

At the La Brea Tar Pits and Wilshire Boulevard in the first round of the show, a sinkhole separates mother and son from father and daughter. When Eve and Josh venture into the bowels of the ground, Gavin and Izzy work together to acquire materials and bring them back.

Toward the end of the season, another opportunity for the Harris family to reconcile presents itself, but it comes with a big risk involving a portal. Eve, on the other hand, is willing to go to any length. In other news, Dr. Nathan, Izzy, and Gavin try one last rescue when it is projected that one more sinkhole would open.

Appelbaum hinted at what season 2 would be about at the online Comic-Con Reissue in late November 2021. “They’re [the Harris family] going to be divided into fresh and intriguing ways,” he said. In Season 2, we’ll be relocating characters.

“However,” he said, “we’re going to maintain a lot of what we saw in Season 1.” Characters will still be attempting to survive in the clearing. However, one of the program’s goals for future seasons is to widen the show’s scope.” To summarise, it appears that the Harris family’s problems are far from over!

What Happened in the Previous Season of La Brea?

La Brea Season 1 Episode 10 addressed the sinkhole issue while also leaving some cliffhangers for the upcoming season. They also included the shocking death of a renowned figure. Many characters have grown since La Brea Season 1 Episode 1, yet Silas has remained as obstinate as ever.

Silas was resolute about not adopting Isaiah, regardless matter what Eve said. Rather, she convinced herself that Josh was his great-grandson. Silas, understandably, does not want to lose Isaiah, but how much does he know about his abilities, and how is he tied to Rebecca?

Although Rebecca implied that she and Silas were also to blame for the sinkholes, this was never completely addressed. Paara appeared certain that Silas was a suspect, and she regretted having put her trust in him.

As a result, she sought to assist Isaiah in identifying his purpose. Paara took an alternate route to lead the group to these underground caves. To get to the top, they had to ascend a rope ladder, and if they dropped, they would fall into a tar pit. Josh and Isaiah made it up the ladder safely. The ladder, however, collapsed as Eve ascended.

How many episodes might be featured in La Brea Season 2?

If the showrunner decides to make the next season of La Brea, it may contain 10 or more episodes, as previous seasons have had 10 episodes. As a result, we may anticipate at least ten attacks in the forthcoming season.

Where was La Brea shot?

La Brea was shot throughout Australia, in cities such as Melbourne and Victoria. The filming took place between May and September of 2021. While many sequences may be filmed in these places again in the second season, additional locations may be conceivable depending on the season’s twists and turns.

La Brea Season 1 Ratings and Reviews

If you haven’t seen the series and are interested in its quality, I can promise you that it’s quite nice! 5.6/10 is a decent IMDb rating, while the show has a critics score of 38% on Rotten Tomatoes. So, without a doubt, this show is a keeper in my opinion. If you’re still on the fence about viewing it, read what others had to say about it after you.

I’m not sure why the reviews are negative. It had a similar mood to the show Lost, and despite the fact that half of the public was divided on the show’s rating, it lasted six seasons and is still talked about today.

I can’t predict whether or not this program will be as successful because I have no idea, but the pilot was certainly well-executed and showed a lot of promise. The concept is brilliant, the writing and acting are both excellent, and the picture is a joy to watch.

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