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Zenonzard the Animation: Cast, Spoilers & where to watch!

How many of you like anime? I’m sure many of you are. Why wouldn’t you be? There is no other art form that so perfectly mixes animation with realism. Anime is the foundation of every other adolescent’s fandom in Japan, taking its seeds from old Manga comic books. And we wholeheartedly back it up. If you don’t watch anime, you’re really losing out. We strongly suggest you give this unique and elegant art form a try. Have you heard of Zenonzard the Animation, a YouTube channel dedicated to Zanki Zero Kenzan? It’s guaranteed to be a hit.

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We’re not going to discuss any of the anime series you’ve undoubtedly heard about before today. Instead, we’ll speak about a brand-new anime that just came out of the oven and has the potential to be one of 2020-2021’s greatest animated films. It was originally intended to be a sci-fi animation that has yet to complete production owing to the continuing covid pandemic restrictions. We are, nevertheless, hopeful to witness more of this sci-fi anime’s potential in the future.


What We Know So Far

We don’t know much about anime at this time. You’ll spend hours and hours searching for even the most basic information about it on the internet, and you won’t turn up much in the way of useful knowledge. It isn’t one of the blockbuster hits like Death Note or Naruto. It’s simply a low-budget anime that is on hiatus for the moment, or at least that’s what we’re thinking. There’s not much to go on, so there isn’t a lot we can say about the anime.

However, according to what we know, the show’s creators Eight-bit launched Episode 0 of the anime in 2019. They published three distinct episodes for the first season of the program after that. However, given the current situation, our usage of the term year may be obsolete. Apart from these three episodes, there is nothing else the creator Eight-bit has given us. On the basis of three episodes, it’s really tough to comment. So we’re going to take a different approach and avoid giving any thoughts on the program.

Another notable fact about the anime is that it is inspired by the Bandai smartphone game of the same name.

What is the Purpose of What The Show Is All About?

From what we could discover, the series is situated in a distant future where AI is prevalent and humans and AIs live in harmony. The humans are referred to as Concords, and they are joined by a hyper-efficient AI called Codeman. The game is based on Zenonzard, which features these two pals as contestants.

Zenonzard is a copyrighted video game. Meanwhile, the general public is obsessed with the game. Zenon, the world championship of card games, has millions of people going bonkers and everyone wanting to be a part. It’s all just a big mess. The Zenon is the most popular game. Everyone loves it.

In Shigurui, Souta’s life changes drastically after the death of his father. The series begins in a snowy environment, depicting the arrival of Azuma and the others in the Human World. Before they meet Eriela Lash, who claims to be able to guide them home by offering Zenon duels against her, there is a lot of tension between Azuma and Kairi.

Eilienna later reveals that she is one of the AI codes and asks Azuma to collaborate with her. She says why she ran into Azuma in the woods. Milla wants to compete with her in the Zenon tournament. She isn’t in it for the money. She would have none other than Azuma, and she needs her for that.

Azuma agrees to collaborate with Eilienna after hearing her proposal. Things don’t always go as planned, however. The first adversary they encounter is Shion, a renowned player of the game and one of its top players.

Zenonzard the Animation’s concept is extremely exciting, given everything I’ve stated thus far. It has a similar feel to Beyblades. We are, however, holding out hope.

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The Story- 

The anime doesn’t have a large number of credited voice actors. And from what we could find, the voice actors for the show are as follows-

  • Eilienna Lash as played by Seori Hayami
  • Azuma Souta is voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki.
  • Umehara Yuichiro as Ash ClaudeSerena Kline as Elle Renee Acier as Kit Acieras Alix DuBois as Madeline Suwannarat as Vivian Benjamin as Benjamin Oren as Max

Unfortunately, we’re lacking some further information about the present cast members of the show. Given the show’s modest budget, however, these actors and actresses are most likely not.

What the viewers think:

Unfortunately, because the viewership is relatively small, there isn’t much to read about the anime; we were able to observe a restricted number of audience reactions.

The initial reaction we’ve seen thus far, however, suggests that the ratings are mostly positive, with critics commending the program for its carefully handled mix of supernatural and science fiction elements.

However, considering that these reviews are based on episodes 1 through 12, we believe it’s best to take them with a grain of salt and form your own opinion as you go along.

What The Future Holds

Given the lack of information about the program on the internet and the way the show’s creators are silent about it, we’re not sure what to think about this. It’s difficult to offer a comment at this time. Nonetheless, given the intriguing concept of the program, we are hoping for a proper conclusion as well as more seasons to come.

ZenonZard is a popular online anime streaming platform established in late 2016. If you want to watch the Anime, you may do so on Zenonzard’s official Youtube channel right now. The streaming is completely free and may be viewed at any time and from anywhere without the need to pay additional costs.

What are your thoughts on anime? Did you have a chance to see it? Have you ever wondered why certain individuals are so successful? Have you ever thought about it or have you just blown right past it? Do you like anime in general? What are your thoughts on whether it will be renewed? Please let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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