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Sailor Moon Anime Watch Order Guide | Complete Information

The Sailor Moon anime is the most renowned Shoujo anime of all time. If you haven’t heard of Sailor Moon in the anime community, what kind of isolated rock are you living under?

Sailor Moon, an anime with a complicated plot that will leave you nostalgic, has no boring episode throughout the series. Every person has a crucial part to play in the larger scheme of things.

Sailor Moon’s popularity increased as the years went on, and it never lost its appeal. We may still connect with the 14-year-old quirky Usagi and wish to encounter a mysterious Tuxedo Mask in our own lives. Sailor Moon is still one of the most popular anime series to date, and it has been a part of anime culture for decades!


Sailor Moon Original Series

I. TV Series

  • Season 1- Sailor Moon (1992-93)
  • Season 2 of Sailor Moon R aired in 1993-94.
  • [[Season 4- Sailor Moon Super S (1995-96)]]
  • Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (1996-1997)

II. Movies

  • R-The Movie (1993) is the first feature film in which Sailor Moon appears.
  • The Moon Returns (1999)
  • The Movie (1995)

Sailor Moon Crystal

I. TV Series

  • [[Season 1- Dark Kingdom (2014-15)]]
  • Season 2- Black Moon (2015)
  • The third season of the anime series is called Death Busters (2016).

II. Movies

  • Eternal Movie 1 (2021) is the first in a proposed series of live-action Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon movies.
  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal Movie 2 (Feb 11, 2021)

Anime Arcs

Sailor Moon Original Series

  • Dark Kingdom Arc
  • Black Moon Arc
  • Mugen/Infinity Arc
  • Yume/Dream Arc
  • Stars Arc
  • Dark Kingdom Arc
  • Black Moon Arc
  • Mugen/Infinity Arc
  • Yume/Dream Arc
  • Stars Arc

II. Sailor Moon Crystal

  • Dark Kingdom arc
  • Black Moon arc
  • Infinity arc
  • Yume/Dream Arc
  • Dark Kingdom arc
  • Black Moon arc
  • Infinity arc
  • Yume/Dream Arc

Which version should you watch?

The choice between the two Sailor Moon series is difficult.


The original anime has a lot of fluff in it. You can go right ahead and skip them if you like, but it isn’t advised. On the other side, Sailor Moon Crystal has no fillers and is more fast-paced.

[[Season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal does a better job of executing the infinity arc .]]

II. Characters

The bulk of the antagonists in the original anime are inadequately developed, but the show does a wonderful job fleshing out its main characters. The bad guys in Crystal aren’t as well-realized or interesting, but the main cast didn’t develop as it should have.

III. Animation

The first Sailor Moon has a wonderful animation that no other cartoon or series can match! Furthermore, the first two seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal have bad CGI, which is a disappointment.

IV. Soundtrack

The soundtrack of the original anime has become so well-known that any other music would seem out of place. The soundtrack in Crystal isn’t nearly as memorable as it is catchy, even though the music isn’t quite terrible.

You may choose the version of Sailor Moon to watch based on your own preferences. However, it is suggested that you watch Sailor Moon R (original anime) and Death Busters (crystal) in whichever version you choose.

Fillers: Watch or Skip?

There are many fillers in the original Sailor Moon. They may appear to be unneeded, but they allow us to spend more time with the characters. As a consequence, the series’ character development is deeply gratifying.

After these events, the stories become more intriguing to watch. If you want to see the original anime, avoid skipping filler episodes at least in the first three!


The order in which Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal were published is the recommended order to watch them.

If you don’t think the original anime’s fillers are necessary, you may skip them. After every season, movies should be viewed.

About Sailor Moon

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a manga series created by Naoko Takeuchi. It follows the adventures of Usagi Tsukino, a pre-teen girl with an inner strength and hypnosis powers who transforms into Princess Senshi when she gets angry or happy. The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon franchise was inspired by the anime of the same name.

The narrative follows a 14-year-old girl named Usagi Tsukino, who is poor in academics and mischievous. She is a fourteen-year-old girl who, one day, meets a talking cat named Luna who bestows upon her the power to become her magical alter ego, Sailor Moon.

Usagi is hesitant towards this enormous change, but she eventually submits to her fate as she searches for the Legendary Silver Crystal in order to destroy the Dark Kingdom’s evil. She meets new people, forms relationships, and fights evil as a result of this experience. Though she’s now a teenager, Teona doesn’t waste any time between fights. Her adventures continue as the planet continues to face numerous dangers throughout the series.

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