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BTS’ RM With Pharrell Williams Gives Advice To New K-pop Trainees

RM who is one of the leading members of BTS has recently joined with  Pharrel Williams in an event and gave special duly noticeable advice to all the K-pop trainees in the whole industry. The advice that he shared has been the most important to him and he always sticks to that piece of advice throughout his life. 

It was recently known that RM  who is one of the popular and highly acknowledged rappers of BTS would be coming to this solo debut soon. So RM is strictly been working on his new album which we could expect to release on coming November 25, 2022.

So Pharrell Williams was the RM’s idol and now he had decided to collaborate with him for his RM3 video which would be a great scrumptious visual feast. 

The advice is given by RM when he and his stan Pharrell Williams opened up about music, the whole industry, and several other topics, and the Korean Idol Kim Naam-Joon who is professionally known by the name RM expressed his concerns “Wow, I mean thank you firstly for such consideration. And actually, I am not a representative of all those in the industry. I am just one of the parts.

BTS’ RM With Pharrell Williams

So, it really, for me, feels like dangerous too, you know, mention something about like the whole system about the pros and cons, lights and shadows and I think if there is one good, there is always one bad.

I always want to tell all the, you know, trainees in the industry, please don’t forget you are human, you have a job in this industry and please be who you are and the fact that what we can do can influence the people can charge each other’s batteries, you know, give, take love back and forth. That is what I think has always been important for me”.

This was the super cool advice that was given BTS’s Rm who has been following this piece throughout in his life. 

RM Confirms BTS’ Collaboration With Pharrell Williams

It is confirmed that RM and Pharrell Williams would be joining hands for their new video album. RM and Pharrell Williams recently chatted at the event of Rolling Stone’s special edition and they discussed fervently creative arts and the overwhelming mutual admiration they have for each other.

So during their conversation, the duo whom people across the globe stan finally confirmed their collaboration. Nevertheless, they both have been very keen to not spill the beans about their upcoming project. 

So after this official confirmation, people are thrilled to welcome the new solo album of RM. As we know so far through RM’s Instagram stories people and the ARMY were expecting something big to come also in several posts RM tagged Pharrel Williams and people were avidly waiting for news to be announced and waiting for it was more beautifully excruciating. 

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Who Is BTS’ RM?

RM aka Kim Naam-Joom is the leader of BTS and has a plethora of records to his credit. His upcoming album would be the most-awaited album of his fans across the globe which is releasing on November 25, 2022. 

Who Is BTS’ RM

Kim Naam-Joom is a South Korean singer, songwriter and record producer who has garnered a massive number of fans across the globe and who is the leader of the group of BTS.

He managed to release his first single mixtape named RM in the late 2015s and following its success he released his second one named Mono in 2018.

This mono, which was his second mix tape surprisingly peaked at number 26 on the US Billboard 200. This garnered him a wide range of recognition and acknowledgment. 

During the time of his training as an idol trainee, RM selected the name as the abbreviated form of Rap Monster. Following that he formally stage his name to RM and he made it his official stage name in early 2017. 

Also, RM had undergone surgery that is septoplasty for his nasal septum deviation and he is an ardent philanthropist by all means. RM has received several awards including the Patron of the Arts award in 2020 and the Blooloop 50 influencer award in 2022. 

Who Is Pharrell Williams?

Pharrell Lanscilo Williams is one of the astounding and highly remarkable American rappers who has carved out his own space in the realm with his unswerving enthusiasm. This highly acknowledged rapper was born on April 5 1973 and other than being a singer he is also a songwriter and record producer. 

Who Is Pharrell Williams?

In the early 1990s, alongside his affable colleague Chad Hugo, Pharrell Williams together formed the hip-hop and R&B Production duo. So with his scintillating acuity in music, he became one of the lead vocalists of the band named N E R D which Pharrell Willimas and Chad Hugo founded alongside Shay Haley who was the drummer.

Because of having strong foundation in the musical industry Pharrell Williams is highly considered as one of the most influential and successful music producers of this twenty-first century. 

2006, was the year where Pharrells Williams made his debut solo album entitled In My Mind which was the greatest success and highly remarkable. Pharrel Willams has been the recipient of umpteen accolades for his undeniable works including, thirteen Grammy awards, nominated for Academy awards twice.

And he is married to his longtime partner named Helen Lasichanh and they both share four children. So having a great successful career in his hands now he would be alongside RM in his solo debut album and people across the globe are utterly waiting for November 25. 

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