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DJ Mighty Mouse Dead: Matthew Ward Died Of Aortic Aneurysm While Sleeping

House/disco producer Mathew Ward also known as DJ Mighty Mouse died on Oct. 20 at the age of 48. 

“We are devastated to confirm that Mathew Ward, better known as Mighty Mouse, suddenly died on Thursday at his home in Spain.” Matthew’s record label Defected Records announced. 

DJ Mighty Mouse Dead

“Matthew died in sleep from an aortic aneurysm. We are completely lost without his presence and talent.”

The statement continued, “Our thoughts are with Ellen, his partner, Judy, his Mum, and his entire family and many friends and fans. At this terrible time, we would request you respect the family’s privacy.”

The statement mentioned by Detected Records revealed that DJ Mighty Mouse died after suffering from an aortic aneurysm which ultimately led to his death. Since it is said that he was at his residence while breathing his last, it means that he wasn’t admitted to any hospital.

An aortic aneurysm refers to an expanded content that grows in the walls of blood vessels that pumps blood from the heart to the body.  An aortic aneurysm is mainly of two types- thoracic aortic aneurysm and abdominal aortic aneurysm.

The former occurs in the areas of the aorta passing through the chest cavity and the other surfaces in the part of the aorta passing through the aorta wall.

If you pay proper attention to cholesterol levels, and blood pressure and abstain from smoking, then the danger can be reduced to a great extent. 

At the moment, DJ Might Mouse’s health history is unavailable and it cannot be confirmed how long he was suffering from the aforesaid disease. 

Per DJ Mighty Mouse’s Instagram bio, he is a musician. He had more than 8000 followers on his Instagram and the majority of his posts featured glimpses from the events he used to perform. 

The popular DJ has collaborated with many other DJs like Pete Tong, Craig Charles, Groove Armada, Andrew Weatherall, and more and was often featured on BBC Radio 1’s dance shows. Prior to his death, Matthew was slated to perform on Oct. 29,  at a Halloween Party. 

Just 2 days before his death, DJ Mighty Mouse launched his new music in a video and captioned:

“I got a new remix. Lots of ace support and it goes down ready in the club.” it was a remix of Inaya Day and Ridney’s song “Like You.”

Following the revelation of the death news, many friends and fans have flooded different social media platforms to send condolences and tributes to his family.

“Disappointed to learn that our incredibly talented pal has passed. I have had great pleasure working with Matt both as a remixer and DJ. I have personally had the honor and I am grateful for his wisdom, support, and generosity. Our prayers with his friends and family.”

Meanwhile, Day noted, “Though we never met face to face, we texted on social media and found him very kind. Maybe, experiences like these teach us that in reality, relationships are worth the extra step,” she continued, “Thank you for blessing Ridney and me with the production of our last released song.”

Whereas a fan added, “We were enthralled by the new song. You will be missed forever and can’t be replaced at any cost.”

Although Matthew was active for more than a decade in the industry as a DJ/producer, his breakthrough came with the song, “The Spirit.” The 2019 song was released on Defected Glitterbox and it was also dubbed the Hottest Record in the world by BBC Radio 1. His revised version of ABBA’s “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” also reached cult status after a famous French DJ played that version during his set at the FLY Open Air Festival in 2019. 

Popular DJ Mighty Mouse Died At 48 Of Aortic Aneurysm

“Rest In Peace Mighty Mouse.” Defected Records wrote on Twitter. “Everyone at Glitterbox and Defected are devastated to share the news about losing Matthew on Thursday- a wonderful human being.”

Singer Rovetta penned, “Such sad news. Another big loss. RIP Might Mouse,” and Simon Dunmore said, “Sending love and condolences to  Matthew Ward’s family and friends. RIP Mighty Mouse.”

Mighty Mouse’s career kickstarted more than 20 years ago and he gained traction mainly through Disco Circus projects. However, he wasn’t too popular until 2019- thanks to his song “The Spirit,” which was later featured on BBC Radio 1. 

Very recently, Matthew experienced an underground viral moment, and ever after, his several other songs were praised in abundance by BBC Radio host Craig Charles. For a short period of time until 2020, Matthew was also the host of the show, The Mighty Wonky Disco Show.

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