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When is Halloween Day 2022? Everything You Should Know About Halloween Day

What is Halloween Day?

Halloween Day, also known as All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints’ eve, is known as a holiday in the month of October. It is celebrated on 31st October every year and is acknowledged or known to be the evening celebrated before All Saints’ Day, it is worldwide known as Halloween Day. The primary indication that Halloween has with the religion Christianity is that this Holiday indicates the start of the season of Allhallowtide primarily a day before the Western Christian feast of all saints.

When is Halloween in 2022

Allhallowtide is known to last for three consecutive days, and it ends with All Souls’ Day which is usually celebrated on the fourth day. However, the start and end of Halloween Day have some indication to the Christian calendar yet in various parts of Europe and in most of North American parts Halloween Day is celebrated without having any religious connotations or beliefs. It is every year celebrated on 31st October. 

When is Halloween Day in 2022?

Halloween Day in 2022 will be celebrated on 31st October (Monday). 

What is The History of Halloween Day?

When is Halloween in 2022

It also marked the start of the winter season and the cattle and herds used to come back from pasture and land tenure contracts were renewed, it basically started the mark of new beginnings. It was also believed that during this festival, the souls of the dead used to visit the land of the living.

The dead people used to visit their homes and families and all the livings who had died all over the year were known to be on their journey to the land of the ghosts also known as the other world. The ancient people during this festival lit bonfires to ignite their hearth fires for the approaching colder season and primarily to scare away the dark and malicious spirits and souls. They also wore masks and ghostly attire in the attempts to be unrecognized by those evil spirits, apart from the bonfires other festivities also used to happen.

Meals were prepared and gatherings were done, the day was associated with every ghostly creature and magic including witches, goblins, demons, Satan, fairies, and whatnot. It was also believed that this day had some divination connotations and connections as well and because of these notable events such as marriages, health-related incidents, and deaths were given prime focus. 

In roman culture, the same holiday had other indications but on a similar base. The Romans, after taking over the Celts in the 1st Century CE, started considering and treating Samhain as their own festival known as Feralia which was known to be recalling and showing respect to the spirits and souls of the dead, the people who had passed away. Not just this, like the celts they also had references to their festival with the harvesting season and worshipped the goddess of Harvest (which was known as Pomona).

As such the now-known holiday, Halloween Day has partial roots to the ancient holiday Samhain (which was celebrated before the rise of Christianity). However, Samhain was celebrated on 1st November in the regions of Ireland. Halloween is known to have originated from the Christian feasts which were celebrated in the Middle Ages regarding the dead souls and spirits.

The holiday was followed by two other events known as all All-Saints’ Day (which was celebrated on November 1) and All Souls’ Day (which was celebrated on November 2). Then October 31 was celebrated as All Hallows’ Eve and was later given the name Halloween and ever since has been celebrated throughout the western Christendom culture.

Why Do We Celebrate Halloween Day Today?

When symbolically taken, Halloween is known to be the day when the spirits of the dead return to the land of the living. It has several other connotations as well. Tracing back to the ancient years, this same holiday was celebrated under a different name and marked the start of the harvesting season but with the advancement of time, it has been just considered as a day when the dead souls and spirits are celebrated and addressed to. People dress up as ghosts, witches, fairies, and other ghostly creatures just to get involved in the festivities and become a part of the dead.

The true origins of this holiday known as Halloween can be traced back thousands of years. The occasion was then known as Samhain (which is known to be an ancient Celtic festival that was celebrated before the rise of Christianity).

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Since Samhain was much before the Christian eras that is the reason people do not consider Halloween Day to be having any ties with the Christian Religion. Back then the known festival Samhain used to be celebrated on November 1 which marked the start of a new year. The ancient people used to light bonfires and sit around them. In the coming years, the holiday was given a name called Halloween Day and has ever since been celebrated all throughout western culture. 

How Halloween Day is Celebrated

Halloween is known as the time to bring about spooky fun. The holidays are associated with several popular activities such as trick-or-treating, dressing up in spooky and scary costumes, pulling pranks, apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, lighting bonfires, decorating houses and public places with a touch of spookiness, telling scary and dark stories, and last but not least watching scary horror films and shows. It includes tasty candies that kids go asking for door-to-door dressed up as ghosts, witches, superheroes, and many other famous characters. It is like a costume party and is known as one of the most important parts of the Halloween Day celebration, called Trick-or-treating. Halloween Day is all about funky costumes, Spooky and scary decor, tasty candies, bloody Drinks, exciting games, bonfires, and storytelling. 

Pumpkin carving is also incredibly significant, and people start with this activity days before Halloween, they carve pumpkins into Jack-o’-lanterns, and they are often used as decor and are seen outside and inside houses days before the Holiday. It just is considered an additive scary element to the entire vibe. On the day of Halloween, many Christians refrain from consuming meat. Thus, a wide range of vegetarian dishes is consumed on this day.

When is Halloween in 2022

The most common Halloween treats are candy apples. Halloween Day comes around the start of the apple harvest season which is why apple candies are famous during this time. They are made by pouring sweetened sugary syrup all over the apple which is handled by a stick. They were given to the children who used to come asking for trick-or-treating on Halloween Day but due to certain health-related issues and rumors, this went out of practice. Still, this famous Halloween candy is still sold around this season in stores, and fairs, and is used as one of the famous dishes provided at different Halloween Day parties.

The other list of food items that relate to Halloween is Caramel apples, Halloween Candies and cake, pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted sweet corn, soul cakes, sweets, candies, chocolates, caramel pie, candy corn, candy pumpkin, candy apples, toffee apples, bonfire toffee, barmbrack, and monkey nuts.

All the food and drink items presented are given a spooky touch with hints of edible blood, funky shapes such as that of a spider web, skeletons, spiders, frogs, and many more. The prepared drinks and cocktails are presented in a very scary manner. All this makes everything perfect for the spooky season and vibes.

Is The Date The Same Year Every Year?

Yes, Halloween Day is celebrated every year on the same date, which is 31st October. Halloween has been considered to be one of the spookiest and most fun holidays that is celebrated in western culture. It marks the setting of the fall season and the approaching winter, with the freezing weather setting in and dark and gloomy long nights, the holiday is just the best. The vibes are totally different. Halloween Day in 2022 will be celebrated on 31st October just like every year.

Best Halloween Day Costumes Ideas

Halloween also comes with the tradition of dressing up in spooky costumes. It takes a lot of imagination and creativity to master the art of producing an amazing Halloween costumes. The costumes are usually referring to famous characters from films and television series, objects, and items having a scary or spooky indication, animals, and fantasy creatures like unicorns, witches, fairies, goblins, and many more.

Some of the famous Halloween costumes ideas and inspirations are taken from the marvel characters such as Iron man, Captain America, the hulk, Loki, Thor, and so many more. Katniss Everdeen (from the Hunger games) is also quite famous among the kids. Some of the classy scary and crazy costumes famous among the girls are that of Harley Quinn, Rosie the Riveter, Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Leia, black widow, Cat woman, and the list goes on and on.

All about Halloween

People who are not so much into Halloween festivities but always adore this holiday are seen watching scary and haunted films and television series wrapped up in cozy blankets inside their houses. During this time of the year, various horror movies and shows are released every year. It is the perfect treat for all the horror heads out there.

Some of the best and classic Halloween films are The Halloween town, Hocus-pocus, The nightmare before Christmas, The exorcist, Scream, The witches, it’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown, and many more. Some of the latest television series that have been trending for the upcoming Halloween season are the chilling adventures of Sabrina, Midnight Mass, The Midnight club, stranger things, The haunting of Bly manor, American Horror Story, True Blood, and many more.

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