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RHOA star Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill are Divorcing

Shortly before their second wedding anniversary, Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill decided to break the knot. The two have been planning for a split up for a few months now.

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill Decided to Break the Knot

On Wednesday, the estranged pair told several social media channels that they mutually came to the decision after realizing that their marriage was falling apart.

“LOVE is a wonderful thing. While we both will maintain our love for each other, we have decided to part ways,” the duo proclaimed. “We are thankful that we remain friends, and will always cherish the memories that we made together as husband and wife.”

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill Decided to Break the Knot.

“From the very beginning, many of you have been with us. We also appreciate our family, friends, and fans who will continue to support us throughout and while we start new chapters. Thank you for your good wishes and prayers!”

The news broke shortly after Bailey changed her last name and removed many of their photos together from her Instagram handle. However, in the most recent photos, the model has confidently worn her 5-carat wedding ring. But they did not acknowledge the occasion of their anniversary which was on Monday.

The now-former couple first met in 2018 on Steve Harvey’s talk show and their romance budded live on camera. Shortly after 2 years, they went to tie the knot in magnificent nuptials in Atlantia, Georgia. The ceremony was featured on the Bravo reality show season 13. Fans also received a glimpse of their proposal in the 12th season of RHOA.

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill Decided to Break the Knot.

Merely six months after the ceremony, Bailey disclosed their married life on the podcast.

“I must say after we are finally married, my focus is on staying married,” Bailey told host Janine Rubenstein. “I am trying to create a balance between working.”

At the time, Bailey’s first priority was marriage, saying, “If you get a man, then you got to keep him. You got to keep him happy. So, I am just re-adjusting to how everything has already changed, but I am still taking some ‘me time’ because I did a lot of that during the pandemic.” Not only that, but also, “wife and husband time.”

“But Mike and I are great.”

It was the second marriage for both Bailey and Hill.

Certainly, Bailey and Hill have been through many ups and downs including the 2021 incident where Hill was blamed for sharing flirtatious texts and his penis picture. Although the accusation of the anonymous Twitter user was vehemently denied by the pair, with the model, 55, calling them “annoying” and Hill, 52 threatening her about handing over the case to the legal administrations.

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill Decided to Break the Knot.

In order to protect her marriage, Bailey left the sets of the hit ‘Bravo’ series after 11 successful seasons, right two months before the scam.

“After my divorce from ex [Peter Thomas], I am very much protective of my second marriage, because I really want it to work out, and I want to do everything to protect Mike,” she said.

The collapse of Bailey’s former marriage was podcasted on the show. The pair were married from 2010 to 2010 to 2017. She also has a daughter, Noelle with ex Leon Robinson.

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Bailey recently made a statement with PEOPLE, where she said, “God doesn’t commit mistakes! I truly believe that it was destiny that Mike came into my life,” she said. “Although this journey has come to the end, I am grateful that we will continue to be friends,” she continued.

“God willing, I will find love again and whatever is destined to happen will happen. I could not be any more excited for my new chapter!”

On the other hand, Hill spoke to PEOPLE, where he said, “I love Cynthia and always will because she is a beautiful person and phenomenal woman.”

He continued, “Even though our relationship is falling apart, our friendship will remain and I am grateful for that. Honestly, we’ve been thinking about going separately for a few months.”

Basically, Hill is happy for having time to proceed with it “privately” and he is at peace from realizing that “she will always be there for me and I will always be there for her.”

It was the jasmine brand was the first to report the news of the split.

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