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Who Is Tamara Falco? Inigo Onieva Video Controversy Explained

Tamara Falco Preysler, the only child of aristocrat Carlos Falco is a stupendous Spanish television host with a wide range of fans across the barriers of language. Tamara Falco is one of the prominent figures in the model and fashion industry. The internet is crammed with the breakup news controversy with Tamara Falco and her ex-boyfriend Inigo Onieva. 

Inigo Onieva Video Controversy

The controversy commenced when Tamara Falco recently spellbound by the proposal of Inigo Onieva, deliberately flaunts her big diamond-studded ring. The intention behind Tamara Falco’s flaunting her big ring was to publicly announce her engagement with the business magnet Inigo Onieva. 

Who Is Tamara Falco Inigo Onieva Video Controversy Explained

Though being a compelling and appealing model and public personality Tamara Falco was enamored by the alluring charm of Inigo Onieva, which is hard for any woman to resist. But things turned into pretty vile as it took a deep bend from what everyone expected. 

Soon after this great happy news, everyone who is too fond of Tamara Falco’s tender soul was rooting for them both but within a snap of a finger, everything was devastated to the soil forever. Soon after their big announcement Onieva’s indiscretions surfaced over the internet which left their well-wishers and family in an inexplicable doleful state. 

Soon after Tamara Falco announced the huge news of taking their dating life into another phase, a video of Inigo Onieva being intimate with Marina Theiss was over the internet and this transgression of Onieva made her heart broken into umpteen pieces. This unapologetic infidelity caused his life to turn upside down. Without any tinge of shame, he chose to break the implicit faith of Tamara Falco without being aware of its ramifications. 

Tamara Falco was deeply in love with him and this despicable behavior was way too difficult to put up with. With deep contrition, Inigo Onieva acknowledged his infidelity and vehemently posted on Instagram in a long note. The English translation of a small portion of his note read:

“In the videos broadcast I appear in an unacceptable attitude, for which I am absolutely sorry and devastated for it…. I apologize for not having been honest and I apologize to Tamara Falco and her family publicly”. 

These words show how much guilty he is for his irrefutable infidelity and thereby he has proved that he is not worth enough to be trusted. After this uncanny predicament, the apparent ex-couple made amendments to their life by unfollowing each other on all social media platforms. From this we could infer that they have decided to bid adieu, confirming the breakup. 

With a cataclysmic hole in her heart, Tamara Falco gathering immense strength deleted the so-called engagement picture from her profile. Before all these lackadaisical nasty events Tamara Falco was absolutely smitten by this business magnet and she often posted pictures with him on Instagram.

In one of the posts where she kisses Inigo Onieva and flaunts her ring she captioned the pic as

“Thank you, for proposing to be your partner for life. I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet and I will repeat it to you and I will leave it in writing so you never forget it”.

She would have never anticipated that one day she had to remove these pictures because of a reason like this which is indeed mind-writhing and soul-crushing. With an immeasurable love she had penned down her thoughts about being the would-be of Inigo Onieva but everything bounced back and she had to face the harsh reality with a leaden heart and eyes. 

But the controversy behind the pictures and videos is released and when after their breakup, Tamara Falco and Inigo Onieva attended a wedding and the media covered him with poignant questions that whether he would be so kind to forgive infidelity. He without any delay strongly said that “ I love Tamara madly and the wedding goes on no matter who weighs. I have never been disloyal to Tamara. These images are old. Festival outfits are repeated every year”. 

This statement by Inigo Onieva has left everyone in a labyrinth of instability. With his statement, he is trying to prove that he has not done anything indiscretion which he has been accused of. The pictures which were crammed over the internet were very old and it has nothing to do with his present life with Tamara Falco because he was been completely, truly faithful to her by all means. The cute couple became cohorts in the late 2020s and decided to take their relationship forward. 

In spite of everything that is happening rapidly on the internet, Tamara Falco has not spoken about anything yet. She has been keeping her silent for quite a long.

But Onieva was utterly befuddled with the speculations and the photos being disseminated widely with a shivering voice he apologized strongly to Tamara Falco for not being clearly honest about these new sudden revelations. He stated that

“ I am completely in love with Tamara and she is the woman of my life, so it hurts me enormously to have hurt her. To avoid further damage to Tamara and our families, I ask that images that may affect our right to privacy not continue to be disseminated and that they refrain from publishing information that is affecting our privacy”. 

Following this Marina Theiss Brazillian’s model came up with her statement. She is the other staple one in this circle who definitely had a say in all these. She said that “ I have had to take my time to digest this magical experience. For me, it was like walking through a portal. It’s deeper than a party. I had to surrender to the unknown, to the flow of life. I was open to the forces of the universe, trusting the power of my intuition. Everything happens for a reason”. 

These words are quite sharp and it is open to interpretations. But till now Tamara Falco has never given any response to these controversies. We could infer that she might has choose to remain silent for a period of time to comprehend the selcouth incidents that surrounded her. Neither Tamara Falco nor her family has opened their mouth and nor they have said nor posted any personal comments regarding this irrefutable and unforgivable accusation. 

Tamara Falco is an immensely amazing Spanish aristocrat and an astounding reality television participant. She was born into a massive aristocratic family on November 20, 1981, in Madrid, Spain. Her massive step toward the entertainment industry was through her own reality television series.

After that, with her undeniable talents, she got several opportunities and now with her scintillating acuity and shrewdness, Tamara Falco is an enthralling model and television personality with a net worth estimated at $5 Million.

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