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Is August Alsina Assaulted By Tory Lanez? Truth Revealed!!

The Internet is inexplicably buzzing with the news of a physical unapologetically clash between the two rap crooners, August Alsina and Tory Lanez. In order to prove his statement, August is flaunting the wounds that have occurred during the alleged fight between the both.

The fight took place a few days before when August shared a series of pictures on September 18th night. August said that these pictures show the repugnant behaviors of Tory Lanez, as he mercilessly punched him in Chicago. 

The four pictures that August has posted show the gravity of the situation as it follows the heinous deeds of Tory Lanez. First picture in which August has posted shows a hole in his upper lip, the second picture follows with a dark gash on his forearm.

The other two pictures that follow are the most amazingly awful ones which show the multiple scabs on the knees and broken nose and blood oozing out from the mouth. 

After this series of posts accusing Tory Lanez of being the perpetrator, Lanez replied his stance that “ I don’t even know what the kid is talking about. I don’t know if he is doing promo, I don’t know what that nigga is talking about”. 

This statement can seem a bit derogatory as he used the word ‘nigga’ as a demeaning word. 

Actually, this news was speculation that surfaced on the internet when August was knocked out by Lanez, and they did not exchange hands and hellos when they ran into each other. 

From this scene, tensions flared over the internet and the posting of these pictures further accentuated the speculation people across the globe and the social media inferred that Lanez and August had been into a fight and it resulted in the animosity between the two. 

But the comment below his post accentuates that things turned pretty nasty and what he is accusing of Lanez is true to an extent.

As though Lanez denied these allegations it is still evident that there is a speck of truth in what August is raving about. And moreover, Tory was further accused of leaking this news and about their fight to the media.

Though Lanez failed to keep this incident discreet, August has demanded to release the footage of this repugnant incident. Also August stated that if they don’t release then he has the footage that proves his point. 

August vehemently described the situation and how Lanez relentlessly sucker-punched him. “Never any disrespectful words were exchanged, so I was bit confused at how somehow he turned himself up with anger… and he snuck me when I turned my head to move to the side amongst all his antsy moving and to keep an eye on the endless n***as that was with him surrounding me… there was never a ‘fight’! Simply an assault. Dude has no real friends, and is on a crash-out mission”. 

These were the words that came out from August’s side and this is a legitimate statement but Lanez who brought another side of this story this ‘fight’ or ‘assault’ is a bit selcouth and this has been befuddling the audiences.

They both were never cohorts and this sudden physical altercation has turned the situation pretty diabolical. 

Some of the other reports state that Lanez was a fan of August and he was trying desperately to show him his love and admiration but August took that wrong and wanted to take it to a vile negative place to blow it out of proportion. Social media platforms have taken this news and it is now buzzing all over the internet.

Plethora of speculations and assumptions regarding this incident have been flooded on the internet and some show their support towards August and some believe what Lanez has said. 

August Anthony Alsina is an amazing ferocious American singer and was born on September 3, 1992. He is a profoundly amazing singer from New Orleans and with his spectacular talents he has managed to achieve umpteen lauds from the public and has garnered a plethora of fans across the globe. His debut studio album was ‘Testimony’ and it was released in 2014. This album garnered tremendous success from the Platinum-selling singles named I Luv This shit and No Love. 

His most acknowledged first mixtape was released in 2012 named The Product. This mixtape subsequently followed by the other one named The Product 2. 

Moreover August’s debut Extended Play in 2013  was Downtown: Life Under the Gun. 

Is August Alsina Assaulted By Tory Lanez

After attending middle school from New Orleans he stepped out of his comfort zone and decided to pursue a musical career. Though none of the members from his family were inclined into music he was always inspired to sing by Lauyrn Hill who has sung in Sister Act 2. He gradually started uploading videos to YouTube when he was 14 years of old and in 2007. His video started with an amazing cover of ‘Hypothetically’ by Lyfe Jennings. 

Moreover, apart from this musical career, August has revealed that he inexplicably suffers from an autoimmune disease that would adversely attack the liver. This uncanny predicament has led him to even collapse on stage. So if the assault that he has been raving about is true to an extent, there is a high chance of deteriorating  his physical condition. 

Tory Lanez is the professional name of Canadian rapper, singer and record producer Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson. The outrageously staple figure of the Canadian musical industry, he was born on July 27, 1992.

He is also known by other names in his profession, such as Argentina Fargo, Swavey Fargo. Lanez always was inspired by the musical effects and he rigorously practised and refined his rapping skills.

His childhood was filled with these tremendous efforts to become a well talented person in the rap singing field. His nickname ‘Lanez’ was given  by his friend Hakeem who was a janitor. His career began when he released his debut mixtape T.L 2 T.O.

After that he also attempted to direct some of his music videos too.  He initially garnered wide recognition after releasing his mixtape in August 2013 named Conflicts of my Soul: The 416 Story. After umpteen releases of the songs Lanez decided to release a different song which entailed his tour announcement named The Mission. 

In 2015, his debut album titled Say it garnered a wide range of applause and appreciation. 

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