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August Alsina Net Worth In 2022! Did He Keep His Past Relationship Secret?

August Alsina is a top name among the music artists of America. The listeners accepted the wonderful voice of this young man within a very short time. Furthermore, August posted multiple song videos on his YouTube channel in the initial stage. Finally, it was 2007, and Alsina decided that his voice could be the most powerful weapon to win the hearts of so many people.

August Alsina Net Worth In 2022! Did She Keep Her Past Relationship Secret?

The official release of his first single took place in 2012. Moreover, the mixtape got the audience to sing them as soon as the tune went into their ears. He topped the Billboard charts many times, starting from the first album, Testimony.

The fans often become eager to know about August Alsina’s personal life and net worth. So, to cater to their demands, we have made a study of all the relevant information about the rockstar.

August Alsina Net Worth In 2022! Did He Keep His Past Relationship Secret?

Personal Life August Alsina

August Alsina is a YouTube sensation in the United States who does not fail to make the ambiance feel magical with his voice. After recording the first and the second mixtape in two consecutive years, people became crazy to hear more from this amazing artist. They sent lots of requests on social media to ensure that he gave more such beautiful numbers. The rank of his first album ranked 2 on the Top 200 Chart of Billboards. The 30-year-old started the musician journey in 2007.

Moreover, in 2015, he also managed to get a second-best position on the US R&B or Hip Hop Charts. This was indeed a great achievement for the singer. Many more certified tracks came from Alsina subsequently. However, his family suffered grief after the murder of his brother. Hence Alsina preferred to shift to a new location along with his family. But he never left music, and to date, it is the strongest reason to live a happy life.

Quick Facts About August Alsina

August Alsina became renowned with the release of his album This Thing Called Life. It occupied the 14th position on the Billboards Chart. After that, however, he faced lots of health crises, including liver disorders and others. He is 1.78 meters tall and weighs around 70 Kg.

How Much Does He Earn?

The estimated yearly income of this sensational artist of American Hip-Hop songs is $500 Thousand.

Age and Early Life Explored

Alsina’s birth year was 1992. He was born to Sheila Alsina and August Alsina Sr. His birthday falls on the 3rd of September. He is from New Orleans, Louisiana, but shifted to Houston later on. The young August’s childhood was not a very happy one. First, his biological father, then his stepfather, behaved very rudely and cruelly. In addition, both of them were under the influence of addiction. Therefore, his mother moved to Texas to save him from this terrific environment.

At 14 years, he started recording his music videos and uploaded them on Youtube. His efforts in music doubled with the death of his brother, Melvin. He has three siblings.

Wife/Girlfriends and Children August Alsina

The romantic life of August Alsina Jr. is always full of controversies. In 2014, he was dating Analicia Chaves. After that, Micki Minaj became his girlfriend. Moreover, in later times, many more actresses entered his life till 2018. He even dated the ex-wife of Will Smith, Jada Pinkett. This made him the hot topic of the headlines for quite some time. Presently, he is single.

August Alsina Net worth and Career

Besides singing, August is a marvelous songwriter too. XXL Freshman Class chose this excellent artist in 2014. Furthermore, his top singles include Make It Home, Ghetto, Hip Hop, Been Around the World, and others. The Product is one of his renowned mixtapes that was released in 2011. 2014 was a remarkable year with the launch of his popular album Testimony. The current Net Worth of this personality is estimated at $4 million.

He bagged several awards, like BET Awards for being the Best New Artist in 2014. Moreover, many more nominations came for his name for BET Awards in the subsequent years.

Health Facts

The fans felt quite tense after hearing about the sudden mishap with August, which occurred in 2014. The excessive inflammatory conditions affected his liver adversely. Moreover, he collapsed and was hospitalized during a stage show.


The incredible American singer cum songwriter is a prominent figure with his innovative style. Moreover, to date, more than one million sales of his albums are impressive indeed.

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