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Marva Hicks Death, The Lion King, And Babylon 5 Star Dies At 47- Cause Of Death

Multi-talented and most promising American singer Marva Hicks passed away on September 16, 2022. She was one of the bounteous effulgent singers and actresses and her death news shook the world and this news is quite a bitter pill to swallow.

The Internet is flooded with news of Marva Hicks’s death and her fans across the globe couldn’t believe their eyes and ears. 

Marva Hicks Death

Marva Hicks Cause Of Death

Marva Hicks Cause of death has not been disclosed yet by her friends or family and we cannot infer anything related to that now. Marva was at the age of 47 as per records at the time of her death. Marva wasn’t affected with any serious fatal diseases and her sudden defeat in the life battle is quite shocking because of these undisclosed causes. 

This soul-crushing mind writhing news was announced by her beloved husband, Akwasi Taha and he said to Ebony magazine that

“The love she had for her husband, family, friends, and entertainment community knew no bounds. We have been deeply touched by the incredible outpouring of love. Thank you for your compassion and prayers”.

This was the statement given by her mourning husband to the media and her family, friends and relatives are deeply mourning of her unexpected death. 

Her other fellow companions who deeply loved Hicks have paid homage on their social media and the tweet she shared on Twitter is indeed impeccable with her love towards Marva.

Some of her truly intimate friends even tweeted as ‘True Legend’ and these all show how much she garnered love and respect from the world through her songs. 

Marva Hicks Early Life

Marva Denise  Hick was born on May 5, 1975, and she was a deadly talented soul singer, actress, and composer. She was a girl from Petersburg, Virginia and she was into jazz and musical theatres. 

Marva Hicks is the most outrageous and highly enthusiastic R&B singer and actress and she was the person in the late 1980s to sign with Polydor. Her debut album was self-titled as Marva Hicks and it was in late 1991. This self-titled album was a hit and this marked her career into major shifts. 

Marva Hicks has managed to score a massive chart hit with the single album named ‘Never Been in Love Before. This was a great hit and it peaked at number seven on the R&B charts.

This massive hit was produced and written by Jimmy Scott and along with this her another single album also garnered great recognition world wide. 

Marva Hicks Career

Marva Hicks major career breakthrough was when she got the golden opportunity to be the background singer for Michael Jackson. This was a free concert and with this opportunity, she very well garnered attention in 1996.

This stupendous concert was held in the celebration of Hassanal Bolkiah for his fiftieth birthday and he was the sultan of the baronial Brunei family. Marva got the chance to sing the female version of the song ‘I just can’t stop loving you’ a duet with Michael Jackson.

Marva Hicks

This concert can be the golden feather in her crown as she managed to swoop into the lives of her audiences with her soothing and delicate voice. 

Another golden chance was her performance in The Lion King as the leading actress and the role was Rafiki, a significant character in that movie. Apart from these she acted in the ‘Star Trek: Voyager’. In this series she appeared in three episodes and played the character T’Pel and this was an outstanding performance by her. 

Marva Hicks also had sung some of the gospel songs titled ‘There’s no Hiding Place Down Here’, ‘And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding place’. Although she has not sung in numerous playlists, her few songs would suffice to portray her mesmerising talent as a singer.

‘Mosquito’ an album by Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ and Marva became part of Inspirational voices and she gained much wider accolades and exposure as an astounding singer. 

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Marva’s major films that she committed and gave her a concrete base in the field of acting were, Enemy Territory, Bodies, Rest and Motion, Virtuosity, Alien Nation: Body and soul, For the Future: The Irvine Fertility Scandal, The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars, Labor day, In a Blue Mood. 

Marva Hicks Awards And Honours

She also has acted in several television series and has garnered much love and recognition from there too. 

Marva has won several awards and nominations

  •  Helen Hayes Awards for Outstanding supporting actress in 2011
  •  Helen Hayes Awards for Outstanding lead Actress in 2008
  •  Helen Hayes Awards for outstanding lead actress in 1999

Marva Hicks Net worth

The most stupendous American R&B singer-actress died on September 16, 2022, and her net worth is estimated at $1.5 Million at the time of her death. With her impeccable talents she has managed to garner a hefty wealth and the fame and recognition that she possesses has managed her reputation to date. 

Her sudden departure from this earth has left a massive lacuna and her family and friends are really trying hard to cope with this uncanny predicament they are in now. With her departure her husband Akwasi Taha vehemently stated his thoughts to the media.

Marva Hicks

Her charismatic personality has managed to give her a wide range of appreciation and love. Her sudden death has questioned everything and her family is quite in a befuddled state. 

Marva Hicks’s penchant for singing and acting gave way to a perpetual twinkle in the entertainment industry. With her astonishing death news the whole world which loved her is in a perplexed state as her cause of death is still an undisclosed cause.

Till date the reason behind her sudden death is obscure and people around the world are eagerly waiting for the news report to come. As she wasn’t diagnosed with any fatal diseases her sudden death  is quite a selcouth incident.

To her fans this news would be indeed excruciating and they are in pursuit of discerning the unknown facts related to her death. 

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