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Another Life’ Season 3: Renewed or Canceled By Netflix in 2022?

Another Life clearly sets the stage for a third season, but recent developments and statistics make a third season extremely unlikely.

Another Life returned for a second season in 2021, but does the future look promising for a third? Viewing figures may indicate that the show is in trouble, and a tweet from Katee Sackhoff may indicate that the show has been canceled. Here’s all we know about the third season of Another Life.

Aaron Martin created the Netflix original sci-fi series Another Life. Katie Sackhoff from Battlestar Galactica and Selma Blair from Hellboy feature in the series.

Niko Breckinridge, an astronaut, leads a team of astronauts into space in a quest for sentient life. Their aim is to track down the origins of a mysterious alien item that has appeared on Earth. The group faces unprecedented peril during their expedition, which could be a one-way trip.

Renewal Status of Another Life Season 3 on Netflix

We got an indication that the show might have been terminated in December 2021. In response to a viral Tweet, Katee appears to imply that the original poster’s claim that Netflix does not allow any show to receive three seasons was correct.

Is this as close to a cancellation confirmation as we can get? We’ll have to wait and see what happens.
Another Life season 2 did appear in the Netflix top ten, but it had little influence. It was among the top ten hourly data charts from October 17th to October 24th, with 15.76 million hours viewed.


The show did not appear in any of Netflix US’s TV top ten lists.

Another Life Cast

If the program is renewed for a third season, we should expect most of the main cast from season two to return. Here’s a list of the cast members who are most likely to return.

  • Niko Breckinridge is played by Katee Sackhoff.
  • Erik Wallace is played by Justin Chatwin.
  • William Alexander Eling as Javier Almanzar is played by Samuel Anderson.
  • Bernie Martinez is played by A.J Rivera.
  • Zayn Petrossian is played by JayR Tinaco.
  • Jana Breckinridge-Wallace is played by Lina Renna.
  • Harper Glass is played by Selma Blair.
  • Cas Isakovic is played by Elizabeth Ludlow.
  • Richard Ncube is played by Tongayi Chirisa.

Another Life Story

The conclusion of Another Life’s second season opens up a slew of new options for the human race.

Just when Earth was on the verge of devastation at the hands of the Achaians, the crew of Salvare 2 discovered a flaw in the mysterious extraterrestrial race’s armor. After determining that the Achaians are a highly sophisticated Alien A.I. rather than the ancient Achaian race, the crew was able to beat them by planting a human DNA-based computer virus.

When the Achaian oppressors left the solar system, many more wormholes to our solar system unexpectedly emerged as a significant number of other alien races in the universe couldn’t wait to express their gratitude for killing the Achaian oppressors and greeting the human race for the first time.

When can we expect another season of Another Life on Netflix?

We would have seen the second season on Netflix many months before October 2021 if it hadn’t been for the global pandemic. However, significant production delays required the filming to be postponed by several months.

With the world in a better place now than it was in Spring 2020, the production of Another Life season 3 would most likely proceed without interruption.

Season 3 trailer for ‘Another Life’: When can I see it?

Season 3 of ‘Another Life’ has yet to be officially renewed as of this writing. As a result, the trailer is still unavailable. We’re still not sure if Netflix would even consider renewing the show.

Seasons 1 and 2 are currently available on Netflix. You can count on us to update this section as soon as more information becomes available. While you wait, we’ll leave you with the season two trailer.

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