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Orange is The New Black Season 8: Is it Returning or Just a Hoax?

Let us begin with a simple inquiry. How many of you have given any thought to living in prison? We frequently shout to let the rest of humanity know how wrongdoers should be judged and deserve the most severe of punishments. Do we ever wonder what happens after the show? Orange Is The New Black Season 8 is a must-see for all.

Orange Is the New Black is here to make you think, which is precisely what it does. We have carefully nurtured many preconceptions about prison inmates. When the people on the bottom feed on each other, we look down at them with our judgemental scowl.

Despite the fact that the courts have the authority to punish them for breaking the law, and that the official procedure comes to an end following a court ruling, What comes next? It is difficult for the average person to understand how such egregious acts of torture and violence, as well as continued assaults on basic human rights, can go unnoticed by international organizations. This impunity further emphasizes the disconnect between those who commit such crimes and those who are tasked with bringing them to justice. These individuals are no longer regarded as persons; they have no identity

Orange is The New Black

The court case draws to a close, but the battle in society has just begun. In the meantime, there is nothing but prison in the middle of it.

According to Netflix, the series has 105 million viewers. Take a look at this website to learn more about the critically and commercially successful series. Read on to find out why the drama has become one of the most-watched programs.


Orange Is the New Black: Storyline

Piper Kerman’s autobiography provided the basis for this series, which follows the story of a woman who is sentenced to 15 months in an all-women jail.

The series follows the lives of the characters inside Litchfield Penitentiary. The story is told from the perspective of Piper Chapman, a young woman who is incarcerated for a minor crime.

She felt at peace with her decision for the first time in years, until she entered the prison’s imposing gray walls.

We learn about how terrible life in prison may be as the narrative advances, giving us a clear picture of how harsh it is to live there.

That’s not the only reason criminals are treated as such, of course. But it’s still a significant one, and I’ll go through some more reasons why in a moment. They’re disgusting and repulsive beyond imagination; they deserve to be killed and eaten by dogs. These individuals are The rehabilitation that the offenders get is extremely disturbing. There is no justice in this prison because it is the final stop; all sorts of abuses and crimes occur on the inside, and there is no remedy.

It’s critical to highlight the show’s name at this point. The phrase “black” refers to the black community in the United States (worldwide). Imagine the condition of a black convict when he/she is released.

The past comes back to haunt you.

The opening sequence begins with flashbacks of the convicts’ pre-jail existence. Several of the individuals turn out to be just passive victims of their circumstances. Some of them, like Piper, are forced to pay for one stupid mistake.

The Inmates

Piper is afraid to encounter the whole group of prisoners. She is also made aware of her presence upon entering the prison, where she encounters her ex-love interest. Later on, they’re seen getting closer once more.

Piper Chapman of Orange Is the New Black Season 8

Piper is petrified to see the entire ensemble of criminals. She is still dealing with the loss of her husband, as well as an ex-love interest who was incarcerated at the same facility. Finally, we see that they reconnect after a while.

Chapman has no clue how to get by in prison at first. But over time, she reveals her actual personality. She learns to stop putting herself on a pedestal above other women. She starts out by insulting the Kitchen Matriarch, then apologizes.

She starts a prison consulting company and takes hardened criminals hostage to provide them with direction. But, surprisingly, she only becomes a major character rather than the protagonist as we go forward.

Alex Vause

Ex-girlfriend of Piper, who gave the real name of Piper to the authorities.


The Prison Matriarch, Red, is one of the most powerful prisoners in the world. Red rules over all other females in the prison. Throughout the series, Red’s one of the more complex personalities.

Despite her harsh demeanor, she reveals a maternal side. She manages to get Mendez dismissed and helps Daya start over.

Suzzane Crazy Eyes Warren

Uzo Adobe is the star of the film, as she is the most unique character. The exceptional acting by the actor, the brilliant writing of the script, and his wonderful portrayal of Piper- everything about this character have been flawlessly accomplished.


She’s a bright, happy woman. We see another Taystee in an intense scene with Caputo. She has given up on herself and on justice.

If no one else cares, why should you?

This topic has to be addressed promptly because it cannot be ignored. It may cause you to consider your post-prison future if there is one.


He is the most corrupt prison guard who uses women to fulfill anything needed. He doesn’t see them as individuals. He is characterized as having sociopathic tendencies and deviant practices.


From the start, the show’s power was evident.

The series has since become Netflix’s longest-running original program. In addition, Netflix has called the program “the most-watched and best-loved.” 10 billion fans were created and 565 million people became converts.

All seven episodes of Orange Is The New Black will be available for viewing.

The cast of Orange Is the New Black has done an amazing job. The ensemble of the cast provides much-needed diversity, and thus they may provide various views on the system of injustice and prejudice that they endure almost continually.

Season 7: A Quick Recap

Piper is now free and back to her normal life in New York. Because she has difficulty adjusting to society, she feels lonely. She can’t help but wonder how she’ll be judged now. Because of her criminal history, she applies for many jobs but is unable to obtain any. She is also featured in the background of each chapter, which highlights her character’s isolation.

Back in Litchfield, a new warden comes to take charge. The other piece of the season is the theme of rehabilitation, which this portion reminds us of. Rehabilitation isn’t about turning people into real animals in cages; it’s about changing them into decent human beings.

The history of the prison system and the abolition of solitary confinement are two highly discussed subjects in this book.

Orange Is the New Black Season 8: Release Date 

Orange Is the New Black Season 8 Release Date:  It appears like it will be declared soon, but on October 17, 2018, Netflix announced that the seventh season will be the last and final sequel to the series.

Many fans anticipate that the Season 8 of Orange Is the New Black will premiere in 2022. And the eighth season of Orange Is the New Black is not yet confirmed.

If you have a Netflix account, you can watch Orange Is the New Black on the streaming service. If the eighth season of the television series Orange Is the New Black is confirmed, all episodes of Orange Is the New Black Season 8 will be released on the same day as previous seasons.

The first season of the series Orange Is the New Black premiered on July 11, 2013, while the second season premiered on June 6, 2014.

On June 11th, 2015, the third season of Orange Is the New Black was released, and on June 17th, 2016, the fourth season of Orange Is the New Black was published.

The fifth season of the Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black premiered on June 9, 2017, and the sixth season premiered on July 27, 2018.

On July 26th, 2019, the seventh and final season of Orange Is the New Black was released. We’ll update this page if we learn anything new about the updates on the eighth season of Orange Is the New Black. As a result, make it a habit to visit this website on a frequent basis.

Let’s speak about the seventh season of Orange Is the New Black and its review.

Season 7 of Orange Is the New Black has garnered a positive response from the audience.

We saw Nicky become a new mother figure to a few convicts at the end of the seventh season of the show Orange Is the New Black.

Flaca provides assistance to ICE inmates. Gloria, on the other hand, is released and reunited with her children. In visitation, Maria gets to see her baby daughter.

Blanca wins her lawsuit, and she and Diablo reconcile in Honduras. Mendez, on the other hand, was recently released from prison and is now raising Daya’s child.

Taystee starts the Poussey Washinton Fund with Suzanne’s support and a little help from Judy King.

Piper has chosen to stay with Alex and has relocated to Ohio in order to start a fresh life and see Alex in prison more readily. Let’s have a look at what occurs next. We’ll update this page with any fresh information or updates about the plot of Orange Is the New Black’s eighth season.

Let’s chat about the new trailer for Orange Is the New Black’s eighth season.

Season 8 Trailer for Orange Is the New Black

The official trailer for Season 8 is not released as there is no report given out regarding the sequel renewal. If you are new to the sequel, check out the official trailer for the series and make yourself familiar.

We’ll update this post with any new information concerning the trailer for the eighth season of Orange Is the New Black.

When will it premiere in the UK and worldwide?

The series is now available to watch on Netflix.


It’s one of the few shows out there that captures real life as accurately as possible. Life is not a destination to be reached in one step.

Despite what might occur, we must continue and that is the show’s primary message. The most potent motivational force is hope, which allows you to cling on even when you are behind bars.

It’s true that life is unpredictable at times, but watching it all the way through can be fascinating.
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