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The Good House Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More Updates!

The Good House is a 2021 American film exploring the genres of comedy and drama. The movie is directed by Maya Forbes and Wally Wolodarsky. The screenplay was written by Wally Wolodarsky along with Thomas Bezucha.

The film is known to be based on the 2013 novel of the same name “The Good House” which was written by Ann Leary. The producers of the film are Jane Rosenthal, Berry Welsh, and Aaron Ryder. The good house streaming will be done in theatres in the United States on 30th September 2022.

The production companies involved are DreamWorks Pictures, Participant, Reliance Entertainment, FilmNation Entertainment, and Faliro House. With Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions being its original distributing partners. The United States is the country of origin with English as its original language. The movie’s main cast members include Sigourney Weaver, Kevin Kline, Morena Baccarin, and Rob Delaney.

The Good House Release Date, Cast, Plot

The good house streaming will be done in theatres in the United States on 30th September 2022.

The Good House

As of now, no information has been released about its streaming being done on the online streaming services, but it is expected that after the movie’s official theatrical release it will be available to stream online on JustWatch and Hulu as well. It has not yet been confirmed by the makers of the movie.

MovieThe Good House
CreatorJemaine Clement
StarsSigourney Weaver, Kevin Kline, Morena Baccarin
GenresComedy And Drama
Release date30th September 2022
Country of originUnited States
Production companiesAmblin partners,
Tribeca Productions, Dream Work Pictures
Filming locationsCanada
The Good House Release Date30th September 2022
Official siteGood house

The Good House Expected Release Date

The good house release date is 30th September 2022. The movie will be having a theatrical release in the United States. Soon after its release in theatres, the film will be available to stream on different online streaming services, it has not yet been disclosed by the makers of the show as to what all streaming services will be releasing the movie but according to a few sources it is expected to be released on Hulu, Just watch and a few other sites.

The Good House Plot

The good house plot revolves around Hildy Good (played by Sigourney Weaver), who happens to be a New England’s successful realtor and a descendant of the witches of Salem. She loves her wine and secrets also portrayed as a raging alcoholic. Her sectionalized life begins to unravel as she reignites an old flame of romance with her old high-school love interest named Frank Getchell (played by Kevin Kline).

The Good House Plot

Thus, on the path of reigniting old long-dead emotions and family secrets she gets tangled up in a reckless turn of events. She eventually gets driven towards a reckoning with the only one person that she had been trying to avoid for decades, which was only her own self.

Where To Watch The Good House?

The upcoming 2022 film The Good House will be released in theaters only. As of now, no information has been released by the makers of the movie as to where else apart from the cinema halls the movie will be released. Once its theatrical release is done, it will be soon released on online streaming platforms.

The Good House Cast

The good house cast includes Sigourney Weaver, who will be seen playing the role of Hildy Good. Hildy Good will be one of the main characters and will be portrayed as a humorous realtor in New England and successor of the Salem witches, who loves her secrets and her wine. Kevin Kline will be seen playing the role of Frank Getchell, who will be Hildy Good’s old high school flame.

The other important stars who will also be seen in the upcoming movie are Morena Baccarin(who will be playing the role of Rebecca McAllister),Rob Delaney(who will be playing the role of Peter Newbold),Beverly D’Angelo(who will be playing the role of Mamie Lang),David Rasche(who will be playing the role of  Scott Good),Rebecca Henderson (who will be playing the role of Tess Good),Molly Brown(who will be playing the role of  Emily Good),Kelly AuCoin(who will be playing the role of Brian McAllister) and Kathryn Erbe (who will be playing the role of  Wendy Heatherton.

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The Talk On Social Media About The Good House

Fans are readily excited about this upcoming movie. It is expected to be as good as the novel, with a remarkable team of actors the movie has created a buzz all over the internet. It will be exploring the various genres of love, work, and with a lot of Pinot-noir. The released trailer of the film is also very promising and appealing. 

What To Expect From The Good House?

The movie good house is going to be a hilarious movie about life, love, work, real estate and with a hint of Pinot-noir. The movie is expected to follow a similar storyline as that of the released novel where the main character Hildy Good will be portrayed as a successful real-estate broker, who also happens to be a good mother, grandmother, and neighbor.

Having descended from the witches of Salem. Hildy will also be described as a raging alcoholic who loves the company of her wine and her good old family secrets. The movie will be featuring a few comical scenes with a hint of drama and romance. Things happen to take a wrong turn when she reignites romance with her former high-school flame.

The Good House Episode guide

The episode guide for Good House is not there because it is not a series but a film. The movie is expected to have an average run length of about one hour and fifty minutes to one fifty-four minutes. The filming was primarily done in the English language but will be available in other dubbed versions as well.

The Good House Trailer In Detail

The good house trailer was released on 9th August 2022. The three-minute and nine seconds long trailer open with Hildy Good giving a description of his family and talking about how she was the top real-estate broker on the North Shore.

Displayed as a raging alcoholic Hildy was also seen making references to her ex-husband and re-igniting romance with one of her High-school flames named Frank.

There were several clips of the lovers enjoying themselves, having dinners, dancing, and going on ocean view dates. There were a few emotional scenes as well with tears building up in Hildy’s eyes. Hildy and her daughters seemed to be enjoying the company of Frank. The trailer had a very soothing and promising setting.

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