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Ocean’s Eleven And Johnny Cool Actor Henry Silva Net Worth, Career, Salary, Bio

For his generation, Henry Silva was a sensational and prolific actor who has a bevy of top-notch films under his belt. He was profound on both television and big screen, often playing criminal and gangster characters. The massive social media star, Henry Silva has amassed a net worth of $5 million to $10 million

Henry Silva

He has been a regular staple of international genre cinema, leaving a negative impression, only because of the absurd characters he portrayed. When we take Silva’s name, we cannot exclude the films like Johnny Cool, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, Ocean’s 11, Sharky’s Machine, and The Manchurian Candidate. 

Full NameHenry Silva
Sources of IncomeMovie Actor
Date of BirthSeptember 23, 1926
Marital StatusMarried
EducationHe quit school when he was 13
years old to attend drama classes
Spouse NameMary Ramus
​(m. 1949; div. 1955)​
Cindy Conroy
​(m. 1959, divorced)​
Ruth Earl
​(m. 1966; div. 1987)
DiedSeptember 14, 2022
Net Worth$5 Million

Woefully, Henry Silva is no more, for he left the worldly residence for the best on September 14, 2022. Disappointingly, Silva surrendered before death a day prior to his 96th birthday at his Motion Picture & Television Fund home in Los Angeles. 

Henry Silva’s Net Worth 

The massive social media star, Henry Silva has amassed a net worth of $5 million to $10 million, according to IMDb, Google, Forbes, and Wikipedia.

Well, we can assume from where the opulent made this cash as he earned a fortune after exaggerating over the years in the Yeezy Sneakers apart from being a successful actor.

With that being said, we can conclude the fact that Silva has pulled in enough to rank as one of the biggest cashout celebrities ever. 

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Henry Silva Early Life 

Born on September 15, 1928, in Brooklyn, Henry Silva was a person of Spanish descent. From a young age, he supported himself by doing several chores like a dishwasher, and a waiter at a Manhattan hotel after quitting school solely to focus on drama classes. 

Interestingly, Silva was shown a green light for his foremost audition that he presented for Actors Studio in 1955.

Michael V. Gazzo’s play titled, A Hatful of Rain was released on Broadway, with Silva along with other students, Shelley Winters, Richards, Franciosa, Ben Gazzara, and Harry Guardino in key roles. Silva was then later cast in the 1957 movie version of the play. 

Henry Silva Early Career

During the 80s, Silva was mainly cast as the arrogant characters like the hunter Colonel Brock in Alligator, prison warder sum enforcer in Escape from the Bronx, drug addict in Burt Reynolds Sharky’s Machine, a comic gangster in Cannonball Run II, and many more. 

By the 90s, he was officially the face of a monster as Silva was eventually chosen for such kinds of movies and such roles. His other credits include The New Batman Adventures, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, Dick Tracey, and Silva has voiced the ruthless supervillain Bane in the New Batman Adventures and the original, Batman: The Animated Series in 1998 and 1994 respectively. 

In 1987, Silva played himself and starred in the spoof of In Search of…type shows titled, Henry Silva’s Bullshit, or Not! In Amazon Women on the Moon. He has also mesmerized the viewers by playing a spectator at a boxing contest in Ocean’s Eleven opposite Brad Pitt, which was published in 2001. 

Henry Silva Film Career

Hollywood has seen Henry Silva reigning an era thoroughly with his hell of acting, playing a succession of villains throughout decades. His masterpieces include his powerful roles in The Law and Jake Wade, The Bravados, and more.

While talking about the dark characters ever presented by Silva, his character, Kuako, a forest-dwelling Venezuela native in Green Mansions, cannot be kept aside. In fact, the movie can be considered one of his masterpieces as he made the role incredibly the finest.

Henry Silva Film Career

In the early 60s, Silva worked multiple times with Sinatra, in the 1960s Ocean’s 11, in the original Manchurian Candidate, and in the Rat Pack Western Sergeants 3. In Ocean’s 11, Silva was chosen as one of the eleven casino robbers, elevating his reach at the time 

Eventually, Silva became typecast playing criminals, robbers, and mobsters. In Alfred Hitchcock’s Better Bargain, Silva appeared as a hitman in one of the episodes. In 1963, Silva went to star as a mobster in Alfred Hitchcock’s anthology series’ episode titled, An Out for Oscar.

In 1960 Silva tried a comic character on himself that he played in the movie, Cinderfella, a parody of Cinderella as one of the stepbrothers. The role was entirely different from the niche for which he was accepted by the audience in its entirety.

It was in the middle of the 1960s that Silva received a golden offer from an Italian film producer to star as a hero, which turned out to be one of the major landmark deals he ever received. Followed by the Italian contract, Silva along with his family moved overseas, after which the success didn’t stop knocking on his doors.

Henry Silva

Silva’s groundbreaking film emerged in 1996 titled, Spaghetti Western, The Hills Run Red, which turned Silva into a hot box-office item not only in Italy but also in Spain, Germany, and France.

The next decade was an era of Silva with more than 25 films being released from which the majority of films were Poliziotteschi, where Silva played either a dark hero or a hitman or a combination of both, which was not rocket science for the superstar.

Among the Poliziotteschi films, II Boss, Manhunt, and Human are the best to ever cherish for. 

Against his typecast roles, Silva in 1970 played an Apache in the film Five Savage Men, prior to which he had given a try on the role of a detective named, Mr. Moto in 1965, in the murder mystery film, Five Savage Men. 

After a while, Silva returned to the United States of America from Italy and starred with Charles Bronson in Love and Bullets and once again with Frank Sinatra in Contract on Cherry Street in 1979 and 1977 respectively.

Henry Silva In The Film, Johnny Cool

In Johnny Cool, produced by Chrislaw and the United Artists, Silva came up with the lead role, which flabbergasted his fans as a whole and the movie has left a footprint ever since its release.

Needless to mention about the genre of the film or the type of role he was entitled to. But what made the difference here was the acceptance and the approval from the sides of viewers.

Henry Silva In The Film, Johnny Cool

Salvatore, Johnny Cool’s Salvatore, the character played by Silva, was sent on a mission by Johnny Collini, the exiled mobster, to diminish the kingdom of the underworld figures, who were plotting against Colini. 

The film had both box-office success and critical acclaim after its release on October 19, 1963. However, the critics also praised Silva for his role, which was literally the backbone of the film. Beauce of John F.Kennedy’s death, Johnny Cool’s box office receipts declined after a month from its publication.  

Television Career Of Henry Silva

Keeping aside his films, he has a bevy of television series to count on like Rod Serling’s Night Gallery, Mission impossible, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, a few episodes of The Untouchables, and The Outer Limits. Apart from this, the majority consider Silva’s role in Boris Karloff’s suspense series titled Thriller as of his best television works. 

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Henry Silva Marriages

Mary Rumus was the foremost lady he married but unfortunately, the relationship only lasted from 1949 to 1955. Later, Silva tied the knot with Cindy Conroy in 1959 and then got divorced. Ruth Earl was his wife from the third marriage which again ended up in vain in 1987 after their marriage in 1966. 

Henry Silva tied the knot with Cindy Conroy

Lastly, until his death on September 14, 2022, Silva was married to Wendy Christenfeld. The pair have been together since 1990 until his last breath.

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