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‘Sister Wives’ Christine And Kody Brown Split After 25 Years Of Marriage

Sister Wives is a profoundly amazing reality American television series that came into people’s lives on September 26, 2010. This series was totally different from the other television series because of its plot. Usually, people won’t harbor the tendency to accept polygamic visual representations. But here this reality series is way too different in its treatment of the marital relationship status. 

This way too different series premiered in September 2010 and now it has reached its seventeenth season with much anticipation. But the saddest news that was disheartening to the viewers where their beloved couple Kody Brown and Christine Brown decided to part ways. 

Why Did Christine Brown Split From Kody?

This news was inexplicably disappointing to the viewers because a lot of them shipped their pairs. 

Its seventeenth season premiered on September 11, 2022, and the reason behind their separation became vivid. Christine spilled the beans to her viewers that both of them have lost their intimacy in their relationship.

Christine And Kody Brown Split

Love, affection, and intimacy all terms are related to each other and if one term’s definition is not applicable in their life, then everything falls apart. Their long 25 years of married life has now come to an end.

With mutual respect and after much deliberation they decided to bid adieu. Without intimacy, a relationship would be nondescript. There is no good reason on this earth to take that sort of relationship forward because of its nugatory and opaque situations. 

Christine shared her opinion that there is no point in staying in a relationship where there is no intimacy or love and it would be so trite and frivolous.

His other wife Robyn confessed her statement regarding this separation as

“Sometimes you just can’t sleep in the same bed with your spouse because you are struggling. Maybe she just needs a break. He doesn’t need to be there. In fact, it should be the other way around. He should be there, present”.

With this statement, Robyn made her stance that she stood up for Christine. Kody behaved in a way that Christine never anticipated and this made her fall out of love after 25 years of being together. 

The central aim behind this series was to destabilize societal prejudices and to make aware of the polygamist families. Monogamy is the prevailing set of norms and this reality series throws light on the much controversial topic which could invite lots of criticism.

Being a monogamous patriarch or matriarch is the pre-conceived notion in the society and their volition to portray such a hot potato topic in front of the world is worth mentioning. 

This series gave its way around when Kody Brown pissed off with the Utah’s criminal polygamy law, filed a legal case in the United States. But to their anticipation, the U.S court dismissed the case on standing grounds. 

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This reality show revolved around the lives of the Brown Family, Kody Brown and his wives, Meri, Janelle, Chritsine and Robyn. Kody is not a perfidious husband but a loving one and he has well managed his families under one roof with four wives and eighteen children.

Season one of this show portrayed the courtships and marriages of Kody Brown and Robyn was the last wife that he married. 

The departure of Christine from the family devastated it whole and now Kody is leading a life with Robyn, a monogamous life indeed, as his other wives Janelle lives in an RV quite separated from the atmosphere where she find solace during warm months and Meri also rents and home at Flagstaff too. 

Christine And Kody Brown

The background of this highly appreciated reality series happened when two independent producers, Timothy Gibbons and Christopher Poole brought an idea about making this reality into an amazing series, and they approached Figure 8 Films with this concept.

With much intrigued by this selcouth idea, the president of Figure 8 Films Bill Hayes concurred to the idea and this was the point where the Brown Family was introduced to the world. 

This series got tremendous national media attention and got mixed reviews. For some sections of society this concept of marriage would be a bitter pill to swallow. 

Some may find it intriguing, but some may find it demeaning the marriage institution. Mary McNamara, the vociferous critic of Los Angeles Times accentuated she found this very appealing and intriguing especially the matriarchal nature of this polygamist family. 

Salon writer Schuyler Velasco stated his views regarding this show as “ Considering its sensational subject matter, TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’  has been refreshingly modest. The stars have a natural, honest presence in a genre fabled for the camera-hogging antics of Jersey Shore.

Rather than merely emphasising what’s different about the Brown family- most obviously, their “Plural Marriage”- Sister Wives shows us how normal they seem : loving and good-natured around their children, occasionally prone to envy and feelings of betrayal”. 

Though they garnered mixed reviews some reviews were filled with vehement criticism and often some audiences were not content with the portrayal of such demeaning topics and they claimed that this show could affect their people in its bad way.  Their unabashedness has no room for their lives as many of the critics vehemently asserted. And now the separation of Kody and Christine has inadvertently invited a set of prejudices.

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