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American Comedian David A. Arnold Passed Away At 54!

One of the most versatile actors, showrunner, and astounding stand-up comedian David A. Arnold took a heavenly residence on Wednesday, September 7. His family, inexplicably devastated by this massive loss,  has said that he was only 54 when he died and is vehemently trying to acclimate to their unexpected predicament.  

David A. Arnold was born on March 15, 1968, in Ohio, the US and he hails from an African- American Ancestry.  David Arnold’s net worth at the time of his death was estimated at $2 million to $4 million. 

Who Is David A. Arnold? What Is The Cause Of His Death?

With his riveting talents, David Arnold has managed to make his career steep. With his irrefutable and outstanding abilities, David was a writer and producer of ‘Fuller House. This Netflix revival series played a huge role in molding his career intact. 

 Being an unapologetic screenwriter David has penned episodes of miscellaneous shows including, ‘Bigger’, ‘Meet the Browns’, ‘The Rickey Smiley Show, ‘OWN’s Raising Whitely’, ‘Tyler Perry’s House’ and ‘Tony Rock Project’. 

David A. Arnold Death

The Nickelodeon show ‘That Girl Lay Lay’ in 2021 was his major work which can be attributed as a golden feather to his crown. David A. Arnold commenced his performance as a stand-up comedian in 1997. His performance at Canadian Montreal Comedy Festival was a milestone in his career and with this opportunity, David rose to prominence in the field of a stand-up comedian

David A. Arnold is popularly known for his best two Netflix specials and this ‘Fuller House’ and ‘That Girl Lay Lay’ paved the way for David to concrete his career and with his irrefutable talents he was way too different from his contemporaries. Becoming a well-accomplished comedian, his other Netflix special was ‘It Ain’t for the weak. This was released on July 19 and this just gained worldwide recognition. 

David A. Arnold is happily married to Julie Harkness. Julie is an amazing dancer and vociferous reporter who became the first black woman to dance at Radio City Music Hall. Julie is now famous for being the owner of The Dance Visionary Company. The couple shares two daughters together named Anna-Grace and Ashlyn. the couple met in 2001 and they got blithely engaged in 2003. 

Though David’s family details are pretty much unknown and the paucity of this is quite odd. According to several sources, David Arnold was raised by Barbara Massey and Bobby Massey. He also has siblings named Devaki Youngblood and Tammi Carson. So David hails from a respectable family and this legacy has been reflected in his unimpeachable character. 

His impoverished family said to the world that “ it is with great sadness that we confirm, the untimely passing of our husband, father, brother and friend, David A Arnold.  David Arnold Passed away peacefully in his home and doctors have ruled the cause of death due to natural causes. Please keep our family in prayer and respect our privacy at this time as we are all shocked and devastated by this loss”. 

Arnold’s unexpected death has left his family in deep debilitating shock and they will need time to recuperate from this loss. His family is coping with this loss with a leaden heart. Arnold is popularly known for his stereotypical and hilarious takes on family ties, and marriages. Apart from these two, his dubbed “the best-kept secret in the comedy” also sketches of raising teenage daughters. With his unwavering sunshine and being a stickler in his profession, David has managed to acquire hordes of fans across the globe. His unfathomable passion for his career has made him what he is and his death has left a massive lacuna that is abstruse. 

Arnold’s profoundly wonderful works were ‘Fat Ballerina’ and ‘It Ain’t For The Weak’ demonstrates his undeniable performance which was enthralling to the audiences. 

His retreat into the heavenly abode left his fans and family in a deep dilapidating situation. His top-notch career and talents were mesmerising to the fans across the world and bidding adieu to Arnold were indeed soul-crushing. 

Horde of his fans is in a deep doleful state, and the cause of his death is due to natural causes. Arnold was in the middle of another stand-up-tour ‘Pace Ya Self’. He died during this tour. Having no other health issues, David A. Arnold was not diagnosed with any serious issues that were fatal. 

David Arnold’s influence on social media was mainly centered upon his different riveting perspectives of family, marriages, etc. Arnold just destabilized the conventional notions of family and marriages he sketched a totally different selcouth approach to it which was a greater success.

“I started putting it on the phone one minute at a time, and I started posting videos with my wife and my kids”, he stated this on September 1. 

David A. Arnold has won several awards and nominations for his undeniable exquisite talents. 

He was nominated for Outstanding Music Composition For a Limited Series, Movie, or Special in 2019.

Another nomination was for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music in 2019

David A. Arnold won the Outstanding Music Composition for A Miniseries, Movie or A special in 2014

He was again nominated for Outstanding Cinematography for A Reality Program in 2019. 

David A. Arnold has been the recipient of a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Composition Written for a Motion Picture. 

He has won Ivor Novello Awards for Best International Film Score.

David Arnold was nominated for BAFTA Award for Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music. 

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