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‘Goodbye Horses’ Singer Q Lazzarus Net Worth, Cause Of Death, Family, Career, Bio/Wiki

Diane Luckey, The American former singer, better known by her family name Q Lazzarus had a net worth of $5 million at the time of her demise. Q Lazzarus’ 2022 net worth is unavailable as the provided net worth was estimated in 2021, a year ago. 

Q Lazzarus Net Worth, Cause Of Death, Family, Career, Bio/Wiki

Until Q Lazzarus died on July 19, 2022, her net worth kept staggering again until it reached its maximum of $5 million, which is considered today as Q Lazzarus net worth. 

Q Lazzarus Net Worth, Cause Of Death, Family, Career, BioWiki

Q was popular for her song Goodbye Horses, which was released in Jonathan Demme’s 1991 cinema titled The Silence of the Lambs. In addition, Q has sung several other songs for Demme’s 90s films ultimately bringing her prominence as a songstress.

Q Lazzarus Income

Q Lazzarus, who was ranked on the popular singers’ list has followed career pathways that often deviated from her domain.

However, Q’s major source of income was of course her successful singing profession, but apart from that, her upsurge net worth was a result of her peaked income from Yeezy sneakers, about which she was often seen exaggerating. 

Birth NameDiane Luckey
Also known asQ
DiedJuly 19, 2022 (aged 61)
Nationality/CountryUnited States of America

Q Lazzarus is one of the massive celebrity cashouts, who has managed to pull money from varied areas with which Q Lazzarus’s net worth rose to its finest during her end time. 

Furthermore, details about Q Lazzarus’s income or Q Lazzarus’s salary have not been obtained to date. 

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Q Lazzarus Career

Q Lazzarus stepped into the incredible world of singing in 1986 at an age of 21. Shortly after, she was capable of influencing a crowd and creating hordes of fans since her fame was unparalleled to the young singers of her generation.

Within a spur of a moment, Q turned out to be one of the most successful singers of the era with a high profile. Her triumph was not confined to the United States of America as Q was also popular among the audience of several other countries as well.

Q’s actual prominence as a result of her song Goodbye Horses, written and produced by William Harvey, which was released in the films like The Silence of the Lambs and Married to the Mob, which was helmed by Jonathan Demme in the early 90s. 

Q’s music was also featured in the movies Twisted and Something Wild, where her signature song actually debuted. Although the masterpiece was chosen for 4 different movies, Goodbye Horses were mostly remembered for The Silence of the Mob, since it made the song even more famous with its epic scene where a crossdressing monologue is performed by Buffalo Bill, gaining it the nickname “The Buffalo Bill Song”. 

Q Lazzarus Net Worth

The same was re-released with a longer duration in 1991, after which the song created its eternal journey to several other television shows, films, and video games including Nip Tuck, Grand Theft Auto IV, Clerks III, Family Guy, The Last Man on Earth, Maniac, and Fully Flared. 

In 1993 again, Q was invited to deliver a song for Demme’s film Philadelphia, in which she performed the song Heaven and a cover of Talking Heads

At her initial stage, she was often turned down by many record companies for her dreadlocks until she met the angel of her life, Demme.

The saga met Demme when he got in her taxi one day when Q was a taxi driver, and they eventually got into a conversation where she realized that he was a director. From the taxi, Q played a random song sung by herself for Demme, after hearing he was flabbergasted and immediately hired her for his upcoming movie songs.  She then sang “Candles Goes Away” for Demme’s 1986 film Something Wild

Q Lazzarus Songs

Although the diva’s masterpiece was her song Goodbye Horses, she has also given her vocals to a bunch of songs including Tera of Fear, White Lines, Love Dance, Transformation, Remix Pisnicek, Animals, Haluska, Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly, Rockstar, Savin Me, Fight For All the Wrong Reasons, Vampire Heart, Someone That You’re With, Photograph, Heaven, Killing Loneliness and many other cult hits. 

Q Lazzarus Biography

In the populous city of New Jersey, Q Lazzarus was born on December 12, 1965. The details of Q Lazzarus’s parents have so far not been revealed except that they were all based in the United States of America.

Q graduated from Neptune High School and eventually moved to pursue her singing passion and founded her band, Q Lazzarus, And The Resurrection. At the time, Q was serving as a taxi driver to meet the two ends.  According to Galicia, one of the band members, Q;’s vocals were often recorded from Swan’s residence in Chelsea, where she lived as a live-in housekeeper and au pair. For a living, Q opted for many such jobs at that time. She also reported that Q has moved to the UK in order to form an Aerosmith-style band. 

Q Lazzarus Band

During her active era, Q Lazzarus found a musical band named Q Lazzarus and the Resurrection with its initial members Howie Feldman, Glorianna Galicia, Mark Berrett, Yvette W, Ron Resigno, Denise, Liz, Garvey, and Janice. The band often performed at the SoHo gallery parties, Pyramid Club and Boy Bar. 

The Resurrection band was disbanded before 1996 right after Q disappeared from the public eye out of the blue.

Q Lazzarus Relationships

Until her demise, Q Lazzarus was single and had no children. As for Q’s dating interests, she was never spotted in a relationship or was engaged to any mystery man. 

Q Lazzarus Death 

The dynamite singer and social media star, Q Lazzarus died on July 19, 2022, at an age of 61. The demise of the popular singer was veiled until it was published in a little-noticed article very recently in a newspaper. 

Earlier before her actual demise, a flamboyant rumor claimed Q to have been long dead in 2018 which was proven otherwise when hew fans tracked her down. However, the outlets cannot be blamed as she was nowhere to be seen since 1996, until 2018 when her buffs found that the esteemed singer was serving as a bus driver on Staten Island. 

Q Lazzarus Documentary 

Right before her demise, she was into the closure of her documentary Goodbye horses: The Many Lives of Q Lazzarus, where she deeply discussed her life and career with her close friend Eva Aridjis. The movie will be posthumously released in 2023, where her fans would be answered to many such questions for which they have been longing.


The sensational singer Q Lazzarus was born in New Jersey on December 12, 1965. It was hard for her to get into her singing passion as she was highly rejected by a number of recording companies for wearing dreadlocks. 

Q served as a house assistant and a taxi driver before getting into her singing profession and she rose to prominence when the icon crossed her path with Jonathan Demme, who offered her multiple singing opportunities throughout his moves including  The Silence of the Lambs, Something Wild, and Married to the Mob.

After calling off her band Q Luzzarus and Resurrection in 1996, she eloped to a place where nobody could trace her until her fans found that she was a bus driver on Staten Island in 2018.

Woefully, Q Lazzarus left her worldly residence on July 19, 2022, after initiating her documentary titled Goodbye horses: The Many Lives of Q Lazzarus which would be released in 2023. 

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