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Anne Heche Net Worth – Losing Movie Career & Millions!

The renowned American actress, director, writer, and producer, Anne Heche has a net worth of $4 million as of 2022.  Rising to prominence with her iconic role on ABC’s Men In Trees, Anne Heche holds acting credits for more than 80 roles that are varied and lie both in the cinematic field and on television. 

The esteemed actress is cash-rich as Anne Hache net worth at the moment has been estimated as $4 million, which still has time to skyrocket as the star is hoping for a speedy recovery to furthermore cherish her future and fortune.

What Happened to Anne Heche?

On August 5, Friday, while the legendary actress was driving her blue Mini-Cooper, she crashed twice, ending up in an awful accident. Heche was initially slammed into an apartment complex later where she collided again into a massive house after which the car exploded, giving major injuries and burns throughout her body. 

The occurrence leads to the tragedy where Anne Heche is currently hospitalized as she had lost her consciousness right after the slam. As to the reports shared by Anne’s rep, it was found that she was slowly entering into a stable condition, although Anne Heche is still in a coma. 

Following the fiery car crash, Anne Heche had to spend around 30 more minutes in the heated seat waiting for the rescue team, who hurried in admitting her to the intensive care unit as soon as possible. 

To date, the grounds of the collision have been investigated but a number of speculations are spreading around stating that The Brave star was intoxicated as she was spotted driving like a maniac in a video taken within the period gap between the two crashes. Above that, a bottle that looked like a bottle of booze was also caught sight of at the exploit spot. Initially, her Mini Cooper was only hit into the garage, but skeptical the vehicle rushed to another lash soon after the first one, igniting the fire. 

Anne Heche Net Worth

To CNN, the Los Angeles Fire Department reported directly that they were indulged in a long hour of flame extinguishing process as the stubborn fire was out of control. 

In the appalling incident, none other than Anne Heche was injured as a man named David Manpearl, one of the neighbors of the locality, dared to rescue the homeowner and their pet, when Anne’s car hit their house out of the blue. The heroic Manpearl had even attempted to save Anen from the burning fire, at which unfortunately he failed as the fire had taken control of the vehicle with much aggression even before Manpearl could do his best. 

ManPearl described the situation by elucidating that he crowded half of the way into the car to reach Anne Heche who was stuck in the front seat but could not move any further even after Anne Heche told him that she was not okay. ManPearl testified that he was initially convinced that the beloved entertainer was completely burnt up, considering the amount of flame which was building out of the vehicle. 

However, Anne’s ex-husband, Thomas Jane entered the scene, sharing positive news about his ex-wife stating that she is expecting to pull through the horrendous position she is put in. 

Anne Heche Movies 

Anne Heche, 53, is a name accompanied by an unparalleled talent as the fascinating star has proved herself by starring in a slew of movies as well as series. Anne Heche came into recognition after her twins’ role in the soap opera Another World as Vicky Hudson and Marley Love won Soap Opera Digest Award and Daytime Emmy Award. 

Anne’s fortune was blessed in the 90s as everything she touched turned into gold including the variety of roles in Mike Newell’s crime drama Donnie Brasco, Kevin’s I know What You Did Last Summer, Mick Jackson’s disaster film Volcano, Ivan Reitman’s action-adventure comedy Six Days Seven Nights, and Joseph Ruben’s thriller Return to Paradise

Her massive roles in the movies like Birth, Spread, Cedar Rapids, Rampart, and Catfight were followed by her success in portraying Marion Crane in Psycho

Keeping aside the phenomenal characters done by the star, Anne Heche has gone on to play a number of massive and tiny roles in television series such as Hung, Men In Trees, Aftermath, Save Me, and The Brave

Other than acting, Anne Heche was also acclaimed for doing voice-over for the character named Suyin Beifong in the animation series, The Legend of Korra which was released in 2014. Anne Heche had also participated as a contestant in ABC’s dancing competition Dancing With Stars season 29. 

Who Was Anne Heche Married To?

The prolific actress Anne Heche was married to the real estate broker Coleman Laffoon, 48, during the period of 2001 to 2009. The former couple who led a healthier life together had a son, Homer Laffoon. Although The Six Days Seven Nights actress had dated multiple times, Anne Heche only married Laffoon, which is still a mystery. 

Ellen DeGeneras and Anne Heche

Ellen DeGeneras and Anne Heche

The Volcano actress was linked to the entertainment legend Ellen DeGeneres as the pair was in a fleeting relationship for less than three years from 1997. The high-profile romantic relationship of the gay couple was crashed which was nothing but a routine in Holywood. 

The show business power couple was so in love at the initial stages and in fact, life in the spotlight, holding hands was literally a celebration to them. In a segment in the HBO movie, Anne Heche was entitled to direct DeGeneres and her co-actress Sharon Stone, where they were playing the role of a lesbian couple who was preparing to have a baby. The movie scene evoked the then-pair in deciding that they should also have a baby, which Anne Heche revealed in an exclusive interview. In the discussion, she revealed that she was looking forward to becoming the one to carry the baby. 

The hot romance of the pair was at its peak and it was nearly impossible for them to even think of sep[arartion at any point in life. Focusing on Princess Diana’s death, DeGeneres was once told that she cannot live in a world where Anna was not present. 

Around 3 years later, Anne Heche on the Oprah show revealed that they were calling quits however the aftermath was not unveiled. After a while, the burgeoning actress shared that they would request privacy at the time as the pair had parted since the relationship was not working. 

However, the former pair got the title of Hollywood’s preeminent lesbian duo soon after their love story was revealed but unfortunately the lesbians were thrown out of major hits after revealing their identity. 

Anne Heche Other Relationships

Anne Heche Net Worth

After revealing Anne’s interest in women, she was back to dating guys including Thomas Jane and James Tupper. 

The incredible star crossed her path with Tupper in 2006 while they both were starring in Men in Trees. At the time, Anne Heche was already married to Coleman Laffoon with whom she had a son, Homer. 

The couple was deeply connected for more than ten years but not once did they consider a wedding to assure their love. When asked, Anne Heche in an interview revealed that she had already said ‘yes’ a million times and that Tupper had given her rings every year. Their relationship was not bound to any agreement for they willingly loved each other for a long time and had a son Atlas who is 8 now. The pair commenced their live-in relationship in 2007 and announced her pregnancy the next year. Anne Heche was eternally engaged to Tupper which unfortunately didn’t last as they expected as they got split in September 2018.

The very next year, she was said to be in a relationship with The Mist star Thomas Jane after working along with him in the HBO series titled Hung. The sweethearts had to split their paths in 2002 itself. 

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