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Netflix ‘Fakes’- Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, And Latest Updates!!

Fakes is an American drama television Netflix series, directed by Jasmin Mozaffari a Toronto-based director known for his work “Fireworks” along with David Turko and Tabia Lau as the screenwriters.

The creator of this series David Turko was also the mastermind behind another famous show the Warrior Nun. Simon Barry, Stephen Hegyes, Lilly Burns, and Tony Hernandez are the executive producers of the show. The show explores the themes of drama and comedy.

What Netflix ‘Fakes’ All About?

The main cast of the show involves Baranac who is also very well known for playing Genevieve in another Netflix film named the to all the Boys and as Midge Klump on the famous CW series Riverdale.

Whereas another lead cast member is known for portraying Inez Martin on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Su on Grand Army and not to forget Richard Harmon from the 100.

Netflix Fakes

Fakes episodes will be having an average runtime of about thirty to forty minutes, the show has been shot in Vancouver, Canada. 

Fakes streaming will be done on the online streaming platform Netflix on 2nd September 2022.

Name Fakes
Genre Comedy
Language English
Official site Netflix Site
Release date September 2, 2022

Fakes Release Date

The fakes plot revolves around two best friends teenagers, who build one of the biggest fake ID empires in the regions of North America.

The two best friends Zoe (played by Emilija Baranac) and Rebecca (played by Jennifer ton) even before graduating high school move into a sick penthouse, and start earning an insane amount of money than they know what to even do with it, and then eventually get raided by the feds.

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The story is about their betrayal and is told from the point of view of each other while competing for the last word. Fakes release date is 2nd September 2022.

Fakes Cast

Fakes cast comprises of:

  • Emilija Baranac as Zoe Christensen
  • Jennifer Tong as Becca Li
  • Richard Harmon  as Tryst

Fakes Talk On Social Media

Fakes spoilers have stated the best friend duo will be witnessing some high-voltage drama from the feds as well as the bad guys that they will be crossing their path with while printing fake IDs.


The fans are eagerly excited to see this crime and drama series. It is expected to be full of thrill, excitement, and drama.

As seen and heard in the recently released trailer of fakes stating that all good things “come to an end,” gave the fans a hint that whatever bad choices the befriends were making during their adrenaline high might eventually end.

But then it was also stated that by good things the person meant a sick, penthouse, matching supercars, stupidly hot guys, and of course vodka that also too much vodka.

Thus again, gave fans the impression that whatever good life the girls must be living because of their bad choices might eventually come face to face with an end.

What To Expect From Fakes?

This upcoming series will be exploring all the realms of being a teenager. As we know being a teenager is not so easy, it comes with all the high school drama, embarrassing families, and friends, and not forgetting puberty.

The urge to fit in absolutely comes crashing down and seems to be so consuming and difficult to deal with, which in turn makes the teenagers make some not-so-good questionable choices and decisions.

This is what is going to be highlighted in this series “Fakes. It will be dealing with all the teenage drama, bad choices, and the consequences that would come along with it.

Showes us a glimpse as to how far two teenagers are willing to go, what all chances and decisions they are willing to make just to be the top dogs at their High School, just to realize the consequences of their grave mistakes and all the irrational actions.

The fans of the heist-centered projects will surely be enjoying this upcoming mixture of young friendship, bad choices, and crime.

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Fakes Episode Guide

The episode guide for this upcoming series is not yet provided by Netflix. The show is expected to have 10 episodes with each episode having an average run time of about thirty to forty minutes.

Fakes Trailer

Fakes trailer shows us a glimpse as to how far two teenagers are willing to go, what all chances and decisions they are willing to make just to be the top dogs at their High School, just to realize the consequences of their grave mistakes and all the irrational actions.

The trailer started with tong narrating some lines saying that  “All good things come to an end. And by good things, I mean a sick penthouse, matching supercars, stupidly hot guys, and vodka way too much vodka,” 

The trailer then introduces two childhood best friends named Zoe (played by Emilija Baranac) and Rebecca (played by Jennifer ton) who are trying to navigate their way through High school.

The best friends were seen sharing their rise to the top because they made some grave and bold decisions but then eventually crashed down to the bottom.

With everything starting with just an attempt to get some alcohol for a weekend party, the duo starts scanning IDs for themselves and then for several of their friends.

Getting a taste of the success they ventured out to launch their fake ID printing business on a larger scale without realizing the danger they will be putting themselves into.

Crossing paths with some dangerous personalities all along the way. Eventually, things started to get serious and heated up when they came to know that the feds were not the only ones after them.

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