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Top 10 Best Alexandra Daddario Movies To Watch

Alexandra Daddario is one of the massive names of Hollywood, who has risen to her peak of success with her hell of an acting passion, over the decade. From Parenthood to Baywatch, the tycoon has had an incredible journey by grabbing a number of iconic titles under her belt. 

Alexandra Daddario, 36, has flared up her career, playing characters that have been embraced by her audience, wholeheartedly. With her best flicks along with the blockbuster making stars, she has stood hand in hand portraying remarkable roles in several sensational big movies.

We are glad that the legendary actress decided to ditch her graduation and chose acting as her full-time job, as the game-changer decision has paved the way for a list of colossal blockbusters in the entertainment industry. 

Check Out The 10 Best Alexandra Daddario Movies

Inviting the attention of Daddario fans, here is a list of the top 10 best Alexandra Daddario movies to binge with. Needless to say, the introduction to these Daddario leading roles and movies, would be the best choice for her budding fans, who are in the club after bingeing over The White Lotus as well.

1. The Choice-2016

Top 10 Best Alexandra Daddario Movies To Watch

The list of the top 10 best Alexandra Daddario movies is garnished by a 2016 Ross Catz film titled The Choice, at its number one bearings. Daddaerio’s highest rating film has peaked at the aforesaid position for her mind-blowing lead role opposite Benjamin Walker. Walker portrayed a character named Travis who was attracted to his next-door girl, Gabby Holland, between whom a girl Monica, the first-rate character role of Daddario plays a role of a cupid. 

Despite being the second main character, Daddario has managed to attract many eyeballs by playing the soothing role of Monica, a pretty girl, who helps Travis grow as a person, realizing his true potential as well as his true love, Gabby Holland. Walker the vet, experiences love at first with Holland, and the plot revolves around the pair with the constant intervention of our favorite character Monica. 

Daddario’s popular movie was given a 6.6 IMDb rating considering a unanimous opinion of the public.

2. When We First Met- 2018

Top 10 Best Alexandra Daddario Movies To Watch

With an IMDb rating of 6.4, which is quite an excellent one,  the movie When We First Met has peaked as second leading in the top 10 best Alexandra Daddario movies. 

The movie is all about a man, Adam DeVine, who gets an opportunity to spend a night with his crush, Avery Martin. Needless to say, the dream girl in the movie is none other than Daddario, who is beautiful inside out.

Initially, the pair spend a night together as friends but end up with Adam living the night again and again until Avery accepts his love.

In the iconic rom-com film, Adam travels back to his past time and after, following his rejection that occurred three years ago. The lover guy lives the moment each time in hope of correcting the end result which by the climax of the movie brings a twist. Although he manages to make Avery utter a Yes, Adam eventually learns a valuable lesson, which is one of the main reasons why the movie remains to be relatable to the majority of young lovers today. 

3. San Andreas- 2015

Top 10 Best Alexandra Daddario Movies To Watch

San Andreas is the third best film by Alexandra Daddario, which has handled its way to the top 3 best movies of Daddario with its unique and splendid disaster shots including pounding explosions and deadly earthquakes.

It is the survival story of Blake ( enacted by Alexandra Daddario), the daughter of a rescue Chopper pilot, Ray, played by Dwayne Johnson. Ray, along with his estranged wife, Emma, tries to plot and save their loving child, Blake, before another disaster strikes. 

The heart-pounding action scenes were enjoyed by the audience with big applause and ear-breaking roars. 

4. Night Hunter- 2018

Top 10 Best Alexandra Daddario Movies To Watch

Showcasing a strong woman power, this time Daddario amazed her buffs with a different attire than that of her other blockbusters, with her character named Rachel Night Hunter. In the mobile, Daddario stars along with Henry Cavill, who is playing the role titled, Walter Marshall.

The story is about a former female abduction case, in which a police lieutenant, his whole team, and a vigilante get hooked upon. The squad is longing to solve the long-time mystery of the kidnapper, with whom they find a noticeable similarity to a troubled man, who has been taken into custody by law enforcement recently.

The story has been scribbled in such a way that it has confused its audience with unexpected twists and turns and has finally made them baffled on deciding whether they like it or not.

The crime film has however embarked on an IMDb rating of 5.9 with its suspenseful journey that has left the audience feeling helpless in predicting the next move.

5. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief- 2010

Top 10 Best Alexandra Daddario Movies To Watch

Annabeth Chase, the character with beautiful hair, was Daddario’s role in the fifth best movie of herself, which was her career best for a long time. The movie has given a grand introduction to a large margin of the audience who barely recognized her until then, with an IMDb rating of 5.9

Although the plot mainly covers the character named Percy Jackson who was diagnosed with a disorder that involves difficulty in interpreting letters and symbols, without affecting his general intellect, commonly known as dyslexia. He is stunned to discover a self-truth that he was a demigod. However, he sat on a journey in finding Zeus’s lightning bolt, when everyone accused him of stealing it. One of Percy’s missions was to find his lost mother and he ends up also meddling in the fight between the Gods. 

Although his destination was simple, he becomes responsible to decide whether he needs to stop or escalate the fight between the Gods, to which he ultimately decides to settle it. 

Towards the climax, Percy also returns the lightning bolt to Zeus, although he was not the one who stole it.

6. Hall Pass- 2011

Top 10 Best Alexandra Daddario Movies To Watch

The 2011 rom-com, Hall Pass was a movie all about Rick and Fred, who are tired and frustrated with their married life. Their wives however grant them a week of freedom realizing their annoyance, in which the husbands are free to do anything and whatsoever they so wish. 

However, their freedom leads them to a pile of troubles, one after the other, which makes them even more exasperated than before. 

Our beauty queen, Daddario is seen doing a supportive role throughout the movie, a character that is a babysitter of Rick’s kids. Though she was seen covering a not-so-important role, her performance was amazing and captured many eyes, giving the movie a 5.8 rating on IMDb

7. Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters- 2013

Top 10 Best Alexandra Daddario Movies To Watch

The Prequel of the Percy Jackson series scored a similar 5.8 on IMDb, covering mythological happenings in their way of finding the Golden Fleece in the Sea of Monsters. The quest was joined by Percy’s stepbrother Tyson and his long-time pals, Grover and Annabeth. 

Though Annabeth is seen together with Percy throughout the movie, it was suspenseful when she turned out to be Athena’s daughter.

8. We Have Always Lived In The Castle- 2018

Top 10 Best Alexandra Daddario Movies To Watch

Depicting one of the main characters by Daddario, We Have Always Lived In The Castle is a wonderfully strange movie that illustrates the story of two sisters that are disrupted by the arrival of their cousin, who has an unforeseen ulterior motive.

Constance Blackwood, played by Daddario, is a character who is alleged to have killed her own father.

The drama focuses on the aforementioned motive of their cousin, who constantly tries to get his filthy hands over the family fortune.

The movie has gained mixed reviews from the audience which ultimately led to an IMDb rating of 5.6.

9. Baywatch- 2017

Top 10 Best Alexandra Daddario Movies To Watch

The comedy-action movie, Baywatch, has a bevy of top-notch actors other than Alexandra Daddario, who is seen in the role of Summer Quinn. Sprilling the young energies, Baywatch will forever be cherished by the buffs, and there are still a number of viewers who binge on Baywatch even after 5 years of its release. 

Apart from being comedy centric, the movie also focuses on its crime-solving element, showcasing the mystery hidden. Dwayne Johnson who plays the character of Lifeguard Mitch Buchannon happens to come across a dirty drug racket. He and his team confront the racket which involves the businesswoman, Victoria Leeds, who is played by an Indian actress, Priyanka Chopra Jonas. The troop decided to unveil the thugs and bring them before the law. 

The blue angel’s eye-catching performance coupled with the other established actor’s rendition gave the movie an IMDb rating of 5.5. However, this one is still considered a masterpiece with the presence of an all-star cast. 

It is unclear how such a blockbuster casting got marginalized to a comparatively narrowed rating, as the story put forward by the co-writers Jay Sherick, David Ronn, Thoma Lennon, and Robert Ben Garant also deserved much apprecitation than what they received. 

10. Burying The Ex- 2014

Top 10 Best Alexandra Daddario Movies To Watch

Last but not least, we are curtaining the top 10 best Alexandra Daddario movies with her iconic fame movie, Burying The Ex, which was released in 2014.

Just like the psychic name, the horror-comedy movie talks about a man named Max, played by Anton Yelchin, and his relationships. The character of the elegant Alexandra Daddario is that of a dream girl of Max, who finally gets into a romantic relationship with her. 

However, the plot is different from that, and it takes the audience to Max’s former love life, where his girlfriend gets into an ugly accident and loses her life. The twist is that the dead girlfriend, Evelyn, Portrayed by Ashley Greene, regains her life after death as a zombie and intervenes in the current relationship with her ex, Max. 

The reappearance of the haunted ex-girlfriend, makes things worse from tip-toe, tackling the current pair’s peace and happiness. 

The tenth movie of the top 10 best Alexandra Daddario movies has managed to score a 5.4 on IMDb, with its suspenseful background score and an amazing troop of casting. 

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