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Britney Spears’ Mom Comments After Not Being Invited On Wedding!!

The wedding ceremony of Britney Spears with Sam Asghari took place very secretly without inviting families or friends also. However, it seems strange that the estranged daughter did not invite her daughter also.

But Lynne Spears, her mother, certainly had something to share with the public regarding this. Are you curious to know about her reaction? Is she angry or sad or okay with the thing? You will get to know everything from this content. So, read it now to learn all the comments of Mrs. Spears. 

Big Day Celebrated Differently: Lynne Commented On A Post-Britney Shared On Instagram After Not Being Invited On Wedding

Britney shared several interesting pictures of the wedding day on 9th June. Along with these pictures on her Instagram handle, you can also find several interesting comments too. One of the most striking comments for one of the stunning pictures was that of the artist’s mom.

Lynne praised her daughter’s wedding looks and stated that she looked happy and gorgeous. Moreover, she also expressed her joy to see her daughter in these looks, that too, in the style which her girl preferred. It was indeed a special occasion for the couple and the private in-house party was perfect for the two. 

A lovely post on the Instagram page of Fay Asghari, sister of Sam, also made Lynne very happy. She at once liked it which read that her brother’s marriage was one of the most memorable days she has ever had. Furthermore, stating his excitement, she congratulated and expressed her love for the beautiful couple. 

No Invitation For The Family Members

Although the family members of Sam Asghari were present at the wedding nuptials for his marriage to Spears, the bride did not invite any of her family members. However, that could not stop any of her parents from wishing the couple online through Instagram posts only. 

Just like Britney Spears‘s mother Lynne Spears, her father, Jamie Spears, also did not receive an invitation to their daughter’s marriage. Observing the old disturbances of Britney with her family, it was quite obvious on the part of the celebrity to avoid their presence on her biggest day. Her ignorance was prominent on social media also. It is the reason why she did not respond to any of the wishes of her family members. Jamie Lynn Spears, the singer’s sister also gave an appreciative comment on her post. 

It has been more than a year since the Circus singer cut off all the ties with her family. Of course, there were enough reasons to do so. Moreover, it took around 13 years to end the legal conservatorship and move forward with her own life. All her fans supported the brilliant songwriter in every way in this decision. 

This time, after Lynne commented on Britney’s post, many of the fans criticized it a lot. 

James Spears, Britney’s father was her co-conservator also. However, finally, the singer wanted a permanent end to this legal conservatorship. But surprisingly none of her family members were there to support her. Instead, they opposed her decision and made it pretty difficult for the star to live her life freely. 

Wedding Looks Were Incredible

According to the mother of Britney, it was a Dream Wedding for the favorite singer of millions. Thus, it was absolutely correct for the bride to celebrate the day as per her wishes. However, it seems that her family is willing to make things normal with their daughter. Their efforts were clearly visible through their best wishes for the newlyweds on a post of Spears. 

The perfect white wedding dress of the bride showed that she preferred a traditional and hassle-free wedding. Moreover, the groom also complimented her in his amazing suit.

The singer prepared three dresses of different styles for her special day. So, the D-day definitely became a memorable one as the couple fulfilled all their dreams just as they imagined before. The absence of the Spears family did not bother the bride much. Of course, she is still unable to overcome the memories of the incidents she faced for her family. 


Even after not getting the invitation to her daughter’s wedding, Lynne Spears is now not upset at all. Rather, she feels very happy that her daughter is entering a new life with her love. It is indeed very special for any girl and so she is also happy after watching the smile on her girl’s face. These feelings were evident from her comments on the Instagram post.

Not only her but Britney’s father and sister also did not miss out on the post. They gave heartfelt congratulations to the couple and wished them a very happy life ahead. Although the singer did not react immediately, it will be interesting to see how she takes these reactions from her family members. Is she going to reunite? All the answers will be given by the upcoming time only.