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Scott Disick Reacts To Not Being Invited To Kris And Kendall’s Birthday Parties!

Scott Disick reacted prominently to his absence from Kris and Kendall’s birthday ceremonies. The actor discussed this topic in the latest episode of The Kardashians. After the engagement of Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian, Scott was disheartened for not being invited to the family function.

Scott Disick Made A Big Deal Over Missing Kris And Kendall’s Birthday Parties

The post-engagement conversation began with this story in the latest episode of the Kardashian show. Kourtney finally expressed her sympathy for Scott and stated the reason for not inviting him to the birthday party of Kendall and Kris.

The reason for this non-invitation is clearly explained in the following content. Moreover, the plans of Kourtney were something else. Hence, it is essential to understand the actual scenario which led to the non-invitation of Disick to the concerned birthday parties.

Confession Of Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney stated in the family show The Kardashians that her life does not have any connection with Scott. However, she feels pity for the artist but cannot help it. She is now delighted with the new life and making unforgettable memories. Therefore, there is no place for Scott in her life today. So, it is better to keep him away from all her personal and special moments.

Scott knew that Kris was only throwing a casual lunch and didn’t mind having a meal with his daughter’s ex-boyfriend. However, it was shocking news to digest that the lunch was in honor of Kris’Kris’ birthday. Scott was taken aback after knowing it and questioned Kris for such secrecy.

Initially, he just casually asked Kourtney about the birthday plans. But he found that his ex was acting weird and wanted to hide something.

In reality, the birthday plan included a grand party where her would-be husband was naturally invited. On the other hand, they did not invite Scott for the primary occasion.

However, Kris is very fond of Scott and considers him like his son. So, it was not easy for Scott to believe that Kris hid such a big truth from him.

Reply Of Kris To Scott

On being asked, Kris told Scott that revealing the truth behind calling him for lunch would have amounted to cheating on his daughter. But according to Scott, since Kris considered him to be his blood-related son, there was no awkwardness in attending the party.

At first, Kourtney said it was only a casual lunch as her daughters were coming. However, when the truth came out finally, Scott became very cross about not being invited. Furthermore, he even used several unpleasant words while speaking with Kris.

According to Kourtney, this was a very unfair and illogical behavior on the part of Scott. Hence, the actress revealed that Scott must act mature now in the show. Of course, her family understood that he would feel disappointed for missing from Kris’Kris’ party, but they never thought that the reaction would be so strong.

Eventually, Kris finally invited Scott to the party, which the actor considered a mean action. In turn, Kris was also not happy with such an unexpected reaction from Scott.

So, it is pretty evident that the duo is undergoing massive emotional turmoil while dealing with this situation. Although Kris loved Scott a lot, he had a duty toward his daughter. Moreover, as a father, he will never want her girl to get upset and disturb her present life.

For Kris, Scott is now a shady character and does not know what he is doing. Before obtaining permission from her daughter to call Scott, Kris ensured that Travis felt comfortable about the whole thing. After all, within a few days, he is going to become the son-in-law of Kris.

The break-up between Scott and Kourtney should not hamper the future life of both of them. Hence, it becomes crucial to eliminate the name Scott from the guest list on some occasions. Kourtney strongly believes this, and she thinks that not calling her ex to her father’s birthday was perfectly alright.

The Reaction of Kendall On The Issue

Kendall always showed her affection toward Scott and stated in several interviews that no occasion of their family is complete without his presence of him.

So, naturally, after this significant issue, everybody was eager to hear the version of Kendall. At the time of the incident, Kendall was not in town.

After she returned from Miami to celebrate her birthday, which she shared with her father Kris, the scenario opened up before her. Immediately, she tried to convince Scott by telling him that the dinner was only an intimate occasion. To this statement, Scott only had one question: why would he be left out of the occasion when everyone considered him a family member?

Scott was not ready to listen to Kendall during the show itself and was accusing them badly. Ultimately, Kendall could not keep calm and said that there was no point discussing anything when Scott was not allowing her to speak. This offended her, and she stormed out of the show.

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