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What’s Myth Behind Teresa Fidalgo Story? Decoding The Fake Ghost Story

Social media is now a bunch of lies and fake news. Therefore, it isn’t easy to decide which one to believe and which one to not. The misinformation of these stories often forces you to believe something which is not true.

One such case of conspiracy is the story of Teresa Fidalgo. To understand the adverse effects of misleading information on the internet, you must learn the details of this case. The story will surely stir you with a compelling impact on your mind.

Is Teresa Fidalgo Story A Myth? Is It Real Or Fake?

Sharing certain content to get good news or bad news for the year is now a trend on social media. Teresa Fidalgo was a viral story that continued to come on social media frequently.

The post read that the viewer has to share the post immediately; otherwise, unfavorable consequences can occur. Of course, this myth is not the only one that has become a common talk among the public. However, this article will provide a detailed description of the story and its meaning.

History Of Fidalgo Story

Teresa Fidalgo is one of the ghost stories that left a deep impression for several years on the viewers’ minds. The myth says that in 1983, a lady was killed in a road accident in Portugal. However, after 2 decades, the ghostly video of this incident went viral over the internet.

It is human nature to believe in such hyped stories and react immediately. Therefore, the Teresa Fidalgo story was also not an exception. As soon as the video came on the social platform, the viewers feared the “consequences.” Hence, everyone started sharing it on their pages. Consequently, it became a social media sensation within a short time.

History Of Fidalgo Story

What Was In The Video?

You can see a car driving along the roads of the mountains. Some friends inside the car gave a lift to a lady asking for help. The beautiful maiden stayed quiet throughout the journey until the car reached that same “spot.” This was where the previous accident had occurred, killing the innocent girl. Now, the digicam focused on the face of the concerned White Lady, and the sound of another accident became prominent.

As per various reports of Portugal, a similar incident occurred in 2003. and the two riders in that same car died on the spot. However, only one of them, David, managed to survive and was rescued. But it was not possible for him to narrate the actual events in front of the police in that shocked state of mind.

The story impacted the youngsters, and they feared going by that lane in Portugal. It is not a concluded fact whether the video is true or not. But the accident of 1983, which killed a lady named Teresa Fidalgo, was true as per the Portuguese reports.

A Portuguese content writer, David Rebordao, was behind this viral post. It was an accidental shooting on the video camera when the group of the youngsters, including David, started shooting for a film called “Virus.”

Several Versions of Teresa Fidalgo Story

The version of Teresa Fidalgo’s story is not the same in every post. Some other posts showed that a girl lost her mother within 20 days for not sharing the post instantly. Moreover, it also read that you can search for her on Google.

The circulation of the story went on at lightning speed beyond the boundaries of Portugal. Undoubtedly, a viewer will be scared after seeing such a post, and he or she will share it to save the beloved ones. But is it genuine? That is a big question.

Facts Behind The Reality

Although the story of Teresa Fidalgo seemed so real to hundreds of people reading the posts, there was no truth in it. Furthermore, it was like any other fake myth to create hype on social media for some time.

It is a scene from the short film “A Curva.” Hence, it is clear that the footage was a well-choreographed video and did not contain any true facts. The producer of the film, David, whose name you can find in the video also as the only survivor, accepted that the plot was scripted.

However, after this announcement also, people are still afraid of such posts. It is better to ignore such posts on social media, which read that non-sharing of the news will bring bad luck for years.

It is true that believing a story or not depends on a person’s perception and personal attitude. But the main motive of these posts is only to raise panic among the audience and be a popular topic for quite a while on social media.

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