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Is 2nd season of My Dress-Up Darling Coming Anytime Soon? Latest Update!

My Dress-Up Darling fans are now asking if a season 2 will be possible.

The first season’s episode count has been confirmed to be twelve. My Dress-Up Darling fans are now asking if a season 2 will be possible.

Shinichi Fukuda wrote and drew the series, which began serialization in Young Gangan on January 19, 2018. [9] Square Enix collects and publishes the various chapters, with nine tankbon volumes scheduled for release by March 2022.

Square Enix announced the English translation of the series, titled My Dress-Up Darling, at the Anime Expo in July 2019 and published it under its new publishing banner Square Enix Manga & Books.

Will there be a My Dress-Up Darling Season 2? 

Because episode 12 is the season finale, season 2 does not immediately follow. Indeed, it is not known if a second season is under development. If the makers really intend to continue the show, an announcement is expected to come shortly.

If and when season 2 is released, subscribers to Crunchyroll or Funimation should be able to watch it on those platforms. Those who have a premium membership will be able to view it immediately when it is available, while those who have a free account will have to wait the standard seven days.

What could be My Dress-Up Darling Season 2 plot?

To grasp the series’s fundamental framework, one must first grasp the plot, which is a wonderfully entertaining yet romantic romance. This is mostly between the two major protagonists, Wakana Gojo and Marin Kitagawa.

The male character, Wakana Gojo, is a first-year high school student with a weakness for Hina dolls. He admires the dolls’ beauty and takes pleasure in designing their attire.

His completely imaginary existence began when his popular classmate Marin watched him designing one of those outfits for a Hina doll.

Marin was astounded that a boy was interested in sewing and girls’ clothing. Marin contacted Wakana as a cosplayer who takes great pleasure in impersonating anime characters.

She asked him to design an outfit for her next cosplay. Wakana was taken aback, as he had never previously constructed a costume for a full-size human.

He expressed hesitancy, but after witnessing Marin’s resolve, he consented.

As a result, they began meeting on a more regular basis and their friendship got stronger, providing us with the romance we needed. So, if the anime is renewd for a second season, then we shall expect the story to be about the hot romance and the uncertain future of the newly formed pair.

Which characters are supposed to return?

That is a no-doubt question as we can assure you about all the primary characters ti return for the second installment of resurrected.

Wakana Gojo

A freshman in high school. As an orphan, he was nurtured by his grandfather, a Hina doll craftsman who motivated him to become a kashira-shi (), a craftsman who crafts the head of a Hina doll. Wakana has a huge body and stands over 180 cm tall, yet he suffers from low self-esteem and is reclusive as a result of a terrible recollection of being chastised by a childhood friend for playing with lady dolls. Similarly, he concealed his doll-making interests and lacked genuine pals until he met Marin. He has a crush on Marin and their relationship develops stronger as they collaborate.

Shinju Inui 

The younger sister of Sajuna. Shinju is a junior high school student, but she is so large in comparison to her sister’s diminutive stature that she could almost fit into Wakana’s uniform. She is 178 cm tall and has sensuous curves, which occasionally lead to her being mistaken for an adult. Despite her formidable stature, she is surprisingly timid. Shinju is a close confidant and holds her sister in high regard. When Sajuna cosplays, Shinju dresses up as a photographer, borrowing a camera from their father. Additionally, she is adept at using a computer, processing and posting the photographs she captures. While Shinju secretly hopes she could cosplay, she is fearful of failing to live up to her sister’s high standards.

Sajuna Inui

A cosplayer who goes under the moniker “Juju” . She is a sophomore at a private, all-girls high school. Despite being a year older than Wakana and Marin, Sajuna was mistaken for a junior high or primary student due to her youthful appearance. On the other side, she, like Marin, is an opinionated and proactive individual who will go to tremendous measures to accomplish her goals. Sajuna adores her younger sister Shinju and goes to great lengths to ensure her happiness.

Marin Kitagawa

A stunning young lady with the appearance of a gyaru, who is outgoing and in the same class as Wakana. She is highly vivacious and proactive, yet sloppy with details and lacking in needlework ability. She is a self-proclaimed otaku with various interests, ranging from magical girl anime to otome games to adult video games. After a successful debut cosplay, Marin becomes closer to Wakana and finally falls in love with him. Her mother passed away while she was a child, and her father is currently employed.


When can we expect the official trailer for My Dress-Up Darling Season 2?

Just like what we said earlier, we are still unsure about the upcoming season 2, which is why it has become equally hard for us to give an exact date for a trailer release too. However, for the time being, you can enjoy watching the Season 1 trailer.


It garnered an 8.3/10 rating from IMDB and an 8.23/10 from MyAnimeList. There are around 100,000 reviews from anime enthusiasts worldwide. Indeed, My Dress-Up Darling is a beloved anime among fans for its innovative approach to cosplaying and its purpose of shattering gender stereotypes.

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