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Juvenile Justice Season 2: Everything We Know About This Legal Drama In 2022!

Juvenile Justice is a new Korean television series. Hong Jong-chan directed the South Korean TV series. The show will also be available on Netflix. The show is a courtroom drama. A judge is essential to the plot. The judge is well-known for his antipathy toward youngsters.

Juvenile Justice Season 2 Everything We Know About This Legal Drama In 2022!

As a judge in a juvenile court is appointed, the plot progresses. Witnessing the judge manage his obligations and disdain makes for an intriguing idea. The judge’s personal prejudices and hardness lend richness to her character.

Juvenile Justice Season 2 Overview

On February 25, 2022, the whole first season of ‘Juvenile Justice’ was released on Netflix. The first season consists of ten episodes, ranging in duration from 54 to 69 minutes. Let’s take a look at the chances of a repeat season.

A second season is possible, and it is not ruled out. After the inaugural season was launched on Netflix, the series garnered a great reception from both fans and critics. Highlights were the series’ realistic representation of judicial processes and the full ensemble’s outstanding performance.

Even though the first season neatly summarises events, the story’s episodic format may inspire its continuation. Netflix usually takes two to three months to acquire comprehensive viewing statistics, and a potential renewal may take even longer.

Juvenile Justice Season 2 Release Date 

If the series is revived by 2022, it might premiere in the fall of 2024 or later. However, at the moment, the series has not been renewed.

Juvenile Justice Season 2 Cast 

With the unmatched popularity, the crowd wished their favorite cast to return once again to perform their individual parts.

Kim Hye-soo, who plays Shim Eun-Seok in Juvenile Justice, is among the cast members of the primary season. Soo has previously appeared in the films Signal, Hyena, and The Queen of Office. Cha Tae-Joo is portrayed by Kim Mu-yeol. He previously appeared in My Beautiful Bride. Kang Won-joong was played by Lee Sung-min.

Lee has previously appeared in the films Money Game and Memory. Song Duk-ho was played by Lee Jung-eun, while Na Geun-hee was played by Song Duk-ho. Park Ji-Yeon was portraying Woo Soo-mi. Park Jong-hwan portrayed Go Gang-sik, Shin Jae-hwi portrayed Seo-bum, Kim Chan-Hyung portrays Ji-biological hoo’s father, Park Bo-Kyung, Lee Bom, Kim Do-geon, and Jang Dae-Woong.

Juvenile Justice Season Plot 

The decision in the Yeonhwa Gang Rape Case brings the first season to an end amid heightened emotions. Kang Seon-A is involved in the case, which is tied to Shim Eun-murder. kid’s Seok’s When Na Geun-Hee discovers this, he dismisses Eun-Seok from both the protection and criminal cases.

Although Seon-father A’s audiotape is incriminating evidence against Hwang In-jun, it cannot be utilized in court. When one of the racket’s girls chooses to disclose the truth about Baek Do-Hyeon, the story takes an unexpected turn.

The girl says that the rape cartel’s chief is In-accomplice jun from the brick murder case, Baek Do-Hyeon. Shim Eun-Seok investigates the Daeho Inn, where he encounters Baek Do-Hyeon. Judge Shim is injured as a consequence of the battle, but Na Geun-Hee changes her mind at the last minute. She sends the case back to the prosecution, allowing Seon-A to speak.

Shim Eun-Seok goes to the Disciplinary Committee after paying a visit to her son’s grave. The anticipated second season might pick up where the previous one left off. Judge Shim Eun-Seok may be more tolerant of juvenile offenders.

Despite this, as she acknowledged in front of the Disciplinary Committee, her hatred for these children will never go away. Na Geun Hee-proceedings hee’s, on the other hand, maybe more detailed. We’ll see if Shim Eun-Seok eventually moves on and if Sim Eun-Seok and Cha Tae-Ju have a case of ‘opposites attract.’ That, though, maybe going too far.

We haven’t taken a close look into Cha Tae’s life as a former jun. The potential of a second season might allow the show to dive deeper into his life. He has some terrible secrets from his past, which are exposed in the first season.

In the second season, the Pureun Home of Girls Case may be revisited. It’ll be interesting to observe how O Seon’s daughter Ja interacts with the other females. There will undoubtedly be more fascinating cases to study in a potential Juvenile Justice second season.

Juvenile Justice Season 1: Recap 

Following Kang Won-resignation, Joong’s drama is heightened by the appointment of Na Geung-hee as chief justice. Na Geun Hee-casual hee’s attitude toward juvenile cases astounds the ever-persuasive Sim Eun-Seok. Furthermore, Sim Eun-Seok recalls Na Geung-hee from the five-year-ago case, which severely impacted her life.

To put things in context, Kang Won-Joong resigns from his position to run for office as a Liberty Party candidate. However, his life takes a detour following the Moonkwang High School paper leak event. Shin-u, his son, is a member of the Descartes group, which is responsible for the leak.

Kang Won-Joong discourages Shin-u from disclosing his crimes to the police. Kang attempts to brush the event under the rug, but Sim Eun-whistleblowing Seok causes Kang to lose everything. Kwak Do-Seok, a previous criminal close to Cha Tae-Ju, falls into a coma as a result of the vehicle accident. They are unable to punish the children harshly due to a lack of evidence.


Finally, we get to the Yeonhwa Gang Rape Case, which is linked to the previous case that transformed Sim Eun-life. seok’s Sim Eun-Seok runs across her ex-husband, Namgung I-hwan, on her way home.

Sim Eun-Seok collapses in her office after reading the case file in the morning, and Cha Tae-Ju rushes her to the hospital. He searches through her contact information, and when he discovers that they are all blank, he registers to be Sim Eun-guardian. seok’s Cha Tae-Ju returns Eun-Seok to her flat and puts a bag of water bottles outside her door.

The next morning, Na Geung-hee briefs them on the cases, one of which is a juvenile criminal case and the other a protection case. Kang Seon-A, 17, was discovered injured and unconscious by construction workers at a building site.

Kang Seon-A admits in her statement that three males got her intoxicated and raped her. Fortunately, Kang Seon-A was brought to the hospital quickly after his discovery. As a result, the authorities discovered two distinct DNA traces, and Seo Dong-Gyun and Gyeong-su were apprehended. They also confessed to their crimes after being apprehended.

Hwang In-jun, the third suspect, was present at the scene, although there is no proof linking him to the crime. As a result, his case is classified as a juvenile protection matter. His only evident offenses are obtaining alcohol illegally and forcing the victim to consume the booze.

Kang Seon-A later reveals that a fourth individual may have been involved. Sim Eun-Seok persuades the chief judge to let her handle both cases systematically despite her poor health, although Na Geung-hee dislikes nasty judges. Sim Eun-Seok, meantime, has gotten a recording from the police.

Seon-father A’s confronted Hwang In-jun, who said laughingly that he couldn’t rape Seon-A because he couldn’t get erect. However, because the confession was coerced, they are unable to do anything with it.

Hwang In-jun appears contrite in front of the jury, and his counsel portrays the other guys as coercing him to do it. However, Ko Gang-Sik, a local police officer, has recovered dashcam footage from a neighboring automobile. The video shows In-jun at the crime site, and with the proof against him, he is sent to a juvenile classification facility for three weeks.

Juvenile Justice Season 1 Overview

Sim Eun-tough Seok’s exterior is the product of a five-year-old tragedy. Looking through Hwang’s In-file, jun’s we discover that he has been tried for six previous instances, one of which was an unintentional homicide.

Sim Eun-toddler Seok’s son was killed in the incident. Sim Eun-Seok and Namgung I-hwan divorced as a result of their death. Sim Eun-Seok despises young criminals because of this occurrence. Hwang In-Jun and Baek Do-Hyeon murdered the infant by tossing a brick from the roof. They were arrested, but the matter was being handled by Judge Na Geung-hee. She wouldn’t even let Sim Eun-Seok.

The deceased’s mother, was inside the courtroom since it was a juvenile protection matter. The trial was over in less than five minutes, and the criminals walked free since they were not under the age of 14. Sim Eun-life Seok was shattered by the child’s untimely death, which prompted her to pursue a position in the juvenile justice department.

When Na Geung-Hee learns about the previous occurrence, he removes Sim Eun-Seok from the investigation. Sim Eun-Seok, on the other hand, must break orders to pursue a clue.

Juvenile Justice Season 1 Trailer 

Since Juvenile Justice Season 2 is expected to be released in the fall of 2024, the official trailer might stream sometime in 2024. But as of now, let us have a look at the trailer for the debut of Juvenile Justice Season 1.

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