Borderlands 3: The Comparison Between The Updated And The Original Weapons


Each manufacturer of weapons in Borderlands 3 is trying to win customers. As a result, the game has been updated in various ways. Furthermore, new weapons and manufacturers have been introduced to the game. The game has a wide range of weapons, but the majority are from pre-existing manufacturers. Players can select weapons from between new and old companies. Continue reading to learn more about it.


Manufacturers Borderlands

In the Borderlands, there are nine prominent gun manufacturers. The Atlas is the first. A tracker tag will be attached to the weapon. Furthermore, the bullets will concentrate on two of them at a time.

The COV is the second. The gun has an infinite magazine capacity. However, if it is continuously fired, it will overheat. The third one is Dahl. The gun can be used in two modes, full auto, and burst.

The Hyperian is the fourth. It’s a shield-mounted weapon. It also improves accuracy as time goes on, and it’s much easier to aim when you’re getting used to the different kinds of guns. Furthermore, because it adds distance with each shot, accuracy increases over time. The fourth one is Jakobs. The Crit ricochets toward other foes. It has the most durability, and it does the most damage of all.

The last is Maliwan. It allows players to freely switch between two elements. The Tediore is the seventh. When reloading for extra damage, players must discard their weapons. The weapon is seen once again in Borderlands as the pirate continues to reload.

Torgue is the eighth. The weapons have a special sticky firing mode. As a result, players can simply heal from DMG s. The ninth is VLADOF. The weapons are highly effective. However, the magazine capacity for weapons is rather small.

Weapon Rarities

In Borderlands 3, there are five different weapon tiers. The first six cards in a booster pack are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary. Weapons with legendary effects have special purposes.

Weapon Stats Borderlands

Every weapon in Borderlands has six basic attributes. The first is Damage. This insight shows you how much harm you do with each shot. The second aspect to consider is accuracy. It describes the level of accuracy your weapon has. The kill rate is better as the accuracy improves.

The third is Handling. It describes how well the weapon is wielded. The way the weapon is handled has an impact on the recoil. Furthermore, your weapon will run at peak efficiency. Reload Time is the fourth. It displays how long it takes to reload your weapon.

The fifth is Fire Rate, which refers to the number of rounds fired per second. It tells how many shots your weapon fires per second. The final item to consider is Magazine Size. The weapon’s M203 (M16A2 and earlier) or MK19 (AR15 and earlier) is a portion of the main magazine that can be used as a stand-alone magazine. It describes how many shots the player can fire before needing to reload their weapon.

As a result, I feel that this comparison has assisted you in distinguishing between the original and enhanced weapons in Borderlands 3. The Roborovskis are now ready for action, and they’re armed with brand-new functions! And also their activities, which will provide you with a fresh gaming experience!

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