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Who Is Melia Kreiling? All About Sofia Sideris From Emily In Paris Season 3

The much-awaited Netflix show is back with a bang, Emily in Paris season 3 premiered on December 21, 2022, and people across the globe were thrilled to bits to welcome their favorite show to see Emily Cooper and how she is surviving in Paris, a country which is irrefutably famous for its intriguing and imposing monuments. In season three a new character was introduced and as we watch the series we could comprehend that she plays a major role in the life of Camile and Gabriel. So let us have a glance at this new beautiful lady Melia Keriling aka our Sofia Sideris. 

Who Is Melia Kreiling?

As we all know the central plot of the series revolves around Emily Cooper, a role pulled off by Lily Collins as she is juggling her personal and professional life, and in the most romantic country where she is oscillating between her love life. 

When we come to who is Melia Kreiling, is a beautiful actress by profession who was born in the year 1990 in Geneva, Switzerland. She was born to Randall A.Kreiling and Katia Dimopoulou. Since her accurate date of birth is not available she is now at her vibrant and dynamic age of thirty-two. As per reports, Melia Kreiling spent most of her tender childhood in Athens, Greece. 

Melia Kreiling

She bears two ancestries, half American and Half Greek and at a very early age, she showcased her inclination towards arts and the various prospects it carries. When we have a glance at her early life after she moved to Great Britain and attended the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. She was always intrigued and found art enlightening to her soul, and enrolled at the London School of Dramatic Art and pursued acting. 

The acting debut of Melia Kreiling was with a short film named Room To Forget that was released in 2011. Furthermore, her role as Bianca in four episodes of the drama show, The Borgias, a German historical period drama, was a noteworthy shot in her career as she received many positive responses. 

She has also played a remarkable role in the MCU as Bereet in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy and garnered a plethora of attention from people across the globe. The well-known role in the career history of Melia Kreiling is in the television series Tyrant and The Last Tycoon, and Salvation, a CBS summer series. In the series Salvation, she pulled off the role of Alycia Vrettou, a brilliant computer scientist. 

In December 2012, Melia Kreiling appeared in the television show The Other Wife, and her role in another mini-series The Bible also garnered tremendous recognition. Some of the major films that she worked on include The Healer, Suspension of Disbelief, Company of Heroes, Leopard, Committed, X Moor, MindGamers, and The Last Note. 

Her role in the Fox television series named Filthy Riches was highly remarkable in her career. Before she got the chance to star in Emily in Paris, Melia appeared in Mammals and it was highly acclaimed. Melia has 58.1K followers on her Instagram and her profile holds around two thousand posts. And when we have a glance at her Instagram feed, she had shared many snaps with casts of Emily in Paris. 

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Role of Melia Kreiling as Sofia Sideris in Emily In Paris Season 3

As our lovable and ravishing Emily Cooper is finally finding it difficult with juggling jobs she had to choose between one. In season three, Melia Kreiling portrays Sofia Sideris a Greek artist who came all the way from Greece to perform at a gallery in Paris. 

Sofia Sideris would definitely play a pivotal role in season three as she would have an indelible effect on the newly reconciled love relationship of Gabriel and Camile. As the story unfolds, Camile and Sofia became unexpectedly close and during a party, they make out on the terrace, and Emily happened to witness this. From the first encounter between Camile and Sofia, we could see the undeniable connection and the urge between them. 

As Camile is happy with Gabriel after deciding to give him another chance because of his indiscretions, she is now knowingly taking a diversion from her serene love life. So without any doubt, we could say that Sofia would definitely have a pivotal role in Camile and Gabriel’s life. As it alludes to spoiler alerts, what is waiting for the viewers is yet to be identified as the series is avidly waiting for all of us on Netflix

The Recurring Characters In Emily In Paris Season 3

  • Lily collins as Emily Cooper
  • Lucas Bravo as Gabriel
  • Camille Razat as Camille
  • Lucian Laviscount as Alfie
  • Ashely Park as Mindy
  • William Abadie as Antonie
  • Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie
  • Samuel Arnold as Julian
  • Bruno Gouery as Luc
  • Kate Welsh as Madeline
Melia Kreiling Emily In Paris Season 3

Other than Melia Kreiling as Sofia, the important characters in the show from the first season recur in the third season three. These characters are now evolved in a way that is suitable to the lifestyle they are in, but our central characters Emily, and Gabriel are leading a life with their loved ones, but indeed when we probe into their feelings for each other, it becomes quite the conundrum. 

In the most romantic country in the world, Emily and her love life is kind of fluctuating. It seems that Emily is living the dream of her life with Alfie, but as we all know deep inside she still harbors feelings for Gabriel, whether she admits it or not. So having this befuddling feeling, when Sofia Sideris enters, things turn pretty upside down. So without any delay, let us go and binge-watch the series’ season three which entails ten episodes. 

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