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Who Is Aubrey Plaza? She Knows What Happened Between Harper And Cameron In ‘White Lotus’

The White Lotus is one of the highly intriguing series that recently emerged as one of the sophisticated and enlightening series that entails a sheer introspection of privilege and power differentials. The series was released on July 11, 2021, and was created by Mike White which streams on HBO.

The finale of the much-awaited second season was on December 11, 2022, and it really had a stunning finale that ended and left up to the imagination of the viewers. So after the finale, the audiences frantically ran to know more about what really happened between Harper and Cameron in the series.

So let us dive into it and explore more about it. 

Who is Aubrey Plaza?

Aubrey Christina Plaza is one of the exquisite and boisterous American actresses, comedians, and producers who have hordes of fans across the globe for each of the roles that she had pulled off until now. Her much-acknowledged recent role was as Harper in the American television anthology titled The White Lotus. 

Who is Aubrey Plaza

The kick-start of Aubrey Plaza was in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation as April Ludgate from 2009 to 2015. This role really gave Aubrey Plaza many more opportunities including her next shot in the FX drama series Legion further extended her exposure as a resounding actress in the industry.

Aubrey Plaza received her first nomination for Golden Globe Award for inexplicably pulling off the role of Harper in the second season of The White Lotus.  

This beautiful and effulgent rising star is at age of thirty-eight and more opportunities are waiting for her to explore. She has made a strong base in the industry with the roles that she had pulled off and now it is just a matter of time.

Some of the remarkable films that she starred in include Mystery Team, Funny People, Scott Pilgrim vs, the World, The To Do List, Life After Beth, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Child’s Play, and Happiest Season. 

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What happened between Harper and Cameron in the finale of The White Lotus?

Aubrey Plaza recently in one of the talk shows, Late Night With Seth Meyers said that she knows what really happened between Harper and Cameron in the finale episode of season two, which was left up to the imagination of the viewers. 

The audience was running like headless chickens to know more about what really happened between Harper and Cameron who was the cynosure of the anthological series. So Aubrey Plaza recently left the cat out of the bag which was really satisfying to the audiences because they were sensing the finitude of their forbearance to know more about the finale. 

Aubrey Plaza

So when we dig deeper into the penultimate episode of White Lotus, Harper the role pulled off by Aubrey Plaza vanishes into a hotel room with Cameron who would be her husband Ethan’s friend.

Amidst the chaos that is happening with the foursome group, who is Harper, Ethan, Cameron, and his wife Daphne, the idea about Cameron and Harper hooking up was envisaged by the audience and so it does not deem to be completely out of the equation. 

In the episode, Harper vehemently denies that nothing happened between her and Cameron and she portrayed herself as an innocent girl who only evaded herself from a makeout when she happened to be in the same hotel room with hot and handsome Cameron pulled off by Theo James. 

After that scene, the episode ends and the audience who was keenly waiting for some sort of revelation were disappointed the finale somewhat seems it just ended for the sake of easy closure.

So the audiences were really skeptical about the easy closure of the series and they were overtly dissatisfied and doubtful because of how Ethan despite their differences and his oblivious and skeptical nature reconciled the differences and got together with Harper. 

The intricate mystery behind what happened in the hotel room with Cameron and Harper was something unresolved and how the way it ended was seemingly unfit to the series. So when Aubrey Plaza in her recent chat show finally gave away the answer to the highly-detailed question that viewers still had across the globe. 

The riveting and enrapturing actress teased and said that “What happened is, we did some stuff. And I hated every minute of it. It was disgusting. And there was no penetration”. Thye actress’ response was not so shocking to the viewers because they were sure that something was fishy and that what Harper said to her husband would be a lie covered in truth. 

Finally,  after spilling the beans, the host of the show Seth Meyers shared that she believes Harper and it would be just a kiss and nothing more should have happened. Maybe each one of them would have grabbed the other one’s butt when they got slightly carried away. But Aubrey Plaza added more to what Meyers said which was a little bit shocking “I think I grabbed a little more than that”. 

Now, the viewers can relax now as Aubrey Plaza revealed the twist that everyone was waiting to hear. So the finale episode which was left totally to the imagination of the audiences really had a great impact and as the actress answered, the audiences’ imagination was not wrong and it was in fact true.

Harper lied to her husband and what happened between Cam and Harper was not that just ended with a kiss but more than that. Moreover, in the show, the actress frankly admitted that she hadn’t watched the finale at that time, and added if Aubrey had it the way she would have changed it into where Cameron would die and Harper would divorce the toxic husband and grab all his wealth and make her way out the door happily and content. 

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