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Georgia Holt Death- American Singer, Songwriter, And Cher’s Mother Georgia Holt Dies At 96

The American singer and actor Georgia Holt, also the mother of the musician Cher, passed away at 96.  

Cher announced the death of her beloved mother Georgia Holt on Twitter, writing her mom was gone. She made the post on Saturday; subsequently, her spokesperson Liz Rosenberg confirmed the devastating news on Sunday in the Washington Post.

Last September, Cher revealed that her mum was admitted to a hospital due to Pneumonia, therefore, she was sick for the past few months, hinting that the Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again star died due to her ailment. 

But, sometime in the middle, Cher professed that she was getting better. 

Georgia Holt Death

Ever since the global pandemic hit, the 76-year-old musician had declared that she was being extra careful so that nobody around her, including her mother, may contact COVID-19. She along with her mother, sister, brother, and their assistant used to wear masks regularly, and also they maintained a particular distance from each other. 

While she spoke about her mum’s deteriorating health in 2020, she said that they had a small bubble that they had all these while. And that Cher herself was an asthma patient, so she definitely had to take care of herself. 

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People have been pouring her daughter, Cher, with condolence messages, including Hillary Clinton, the former US presidential nominee, who penned, “I am so sorry for your loss.”

The singer was initially taught to play guitar by her father, Jackie Jean Crouch, who also supported his daughter throughout her singing career. Born in Arkansas, Holt was highly talented and even won a number of beauty competitions.

Georgia Holt stepped into her acting career in her 20s. Over her long career, she landed in flicks like Grounds for Marriage, A Life of Her Own, and shows like The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet as well as I Love Lucy. 

Georgia Holt’s romantic life was not something that could be admired. She married six times in total, including twice to Cher’s dad, Paul Sarkisian, who was also her first husband. The pair initially married in 1946 but divorced in 1947. Later, they decided to marry again and tied the knot in 1965.

However, they didn’t have a longer fate than a year to spend together, as Georgia Holt and Sarkisian split again in 1966. Following their first divorce, Georgia Holt struggled as a single mother and was forced to place her only daughter in a Catholic orphanage. After finding an income source she immediately took Cher with her. 

Georgia Holt

She later married John Southall, the American actor, with whom Georgia Holt had her second child, Georganne. But they ended up in a divorce. Following that, she married Gilbert Hartman LaPiere, a bank manager, who legally adopted both of her children, changing their surname to LaPiere.

But, neither worked out, Georgia Holt was reportedly in a happy relationship with her last husband Craig Spencer until she breathed her last. They married back in 1976 and were together for more than three decades. 

Holt was born to mother Lynda Inez Gulley, who was only 13 when she gave birth. Before her teens, she moved to LA, and shortly after, she landed in many television roles as well as a bunch of epic programs. 

Eventually, Georgia Holt went on to record an album titled, Honky Tonk Woman, back in the 80s, but sadly the album didn’t release immediately. It took decades, as it was released in 2013. 

In the same year, Cher said in an interview, that her mother was someone who never advised her or her sister, ‘maybe because she knew we would never take them,” she said. But in life, she said that she learned her lessons by observing her mother- the things that she did right and she did wrong. 

Cher also admitted that she did a few things like running away from home and hopping on a train in her childhood, which felt adventurous for her, and not disrespectful. But when she revealed, she also said that her mother had to put up with all of her actions. 

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Cher also disclosed that her mother had some problems with her former husband Sonny Bono and because of that, Cher herself was also in trouble. But, Cher said that Holt used to listen properly before making her judgment, and therefore they always used to talk about everything including Cher’s romance.

In 2013, she executive produced the documentary Dear Mom, With Love Cher, which featured the close relationship between the mother-daughter. 

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