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US First Lady ‘Jill Biden’ Under Covid-19 Attack!

On Tuesday, the White House announced that the United States First Lady Jill Biden, 71, has tested positive for Covid-19 after being vaccinated twice with the Covid-19 vaccine Pfizer. 

Like President Joe Biden, 79, her husband, Jill Biden was also precautious of the virus that the power couple had previously done their part by boosting their immunity in the light of the heightening Covid cases, which has already abrupt the normalcy throughout almost two and half years.

First Lady Of US ‘Jill Biden’ Tests Covid Positive!

As per the Tuesday revelation, Jill Biden was experiencing mild symptoms which are said to be normal as of now. On the other hand, Dr. Biden tested positive for CoronaVirus very recently, from which he has reportedly recovered.

First Lady Of US ‘Jill Biden’ Under Covid-19 Attack!

However, Biden would be taking further safeguards, wearing a protective mask for the next 10 days even at home as per the strict guidelines of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. 

The Biden duo has been in the process of vaccination since Wednesday, August 10, and the wife Jill Biden started to show symptoms by Monday. She developed cold-like mere signs during the evening and a rapid test was completed as soon as possible. 

Since Jill Biden was already twice-boosted, she has been prescribed a higher dose of the antiviral drug Paxlovid and has been recommended to follow five days in isolation at their vacation home. However, it was unlikely for the Bidens to test positive as they were, from the very first wave till the new variants, highly conscious of its challenges and capacity.

Although the First Lady tested positive in the antigen test, she tested negative in the PCR test which was taken shortly after. 

Elizabeth Alexander, Jill’s close contact and her communication editor, has updated on the topic where she said that Jill has been taken to their South Carolina residence for several days to follow her quarantine procedures and that she would return once her Covid-19 tests show negative twice in a row. 

Jill Biden, who had plans for this week to join in the Thursday and Friday event to showcase her support to the military families as part of the initiative of the Joining Force has been reportedly canceled and she no longer would be traveling to Florida any sooner. 

However, the President has a busy schedule since he tested negative on Tuesday according to the White House. Although he has recovered thoroughly, his plans were further postponed since it was suggested for the president to wear a mask indoors as well.

Coming Tuesday, he would be returning to Washington to sign on the papers and bills of Democrats’ landmark climate change before he makes his way to the Wilmington residence in Delaware. 

Joe Biden tested positive in the near past and only got rid of the virus on August 7, Sunday, but he will further have to undergo the testing procedures since he was one among the close contacts of Jill Biden. The White House declared that the president also abstained from maintaining proximity with others. 

First Lady Of US ‘Jill Biden’ Under Covid-19 Attack!

On August 7, Biden closed his quarantine days which compelled him to leave the White House for the very first time as a result of being infected with the virus in July, and the president, while leaving from the isolation, planned to reunite with his wife at their Delaware estate. 

The isolation period was extended since he tested positive twice. At the time, Dr. Kevin O’ Connor, the White House Physician reported that Mr. Biden was following the caution measures and was longing for the second round of the test to come out as negative. 

Biden, who literally spent day and night with himself was entirely relieved and he even cited his feeling of greatness on the way to the White House after a short hiatus. primarily, Biden observed his quarantine at the White House where he maintained contact with the members and staff through phones. His work was thus not disrupted at the time since Biden was fully open to Zoom calls as well. 

The previous wave of the contagious virus infected the political group including Vice President Kamala Haris, other Cabinet members, lawyers, and White House staffers. The situation was fully made use of by the government to inform the general public of the fact that the virus would only slip by through the bodies of anyone who accessed the necessary treatment and precautions and followed it up to date. 

The efficiency of Paxlovid, in reducing the severe effects of the virus was also displayed which heightened the confidence in facing the pandemic. 

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