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When Is Amazon Prime Day 2022? Top Amazon Prime Day Deals Revealed!

The Amazon Prime Day extravaganza is here again!

Starting from Tuesday, 12 July 2022 to Wednesday 13 July 2022, Amazon is celebrating its prime day and anyone can avail of the benefit of the lowest price ever on specific selected Amazon products on these 2 days.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 Best Deals, Offers, And Tips For Saving Big

Americans who were saving the bit pocket from purchasing any necessities, are already ready now to cover their cart with an exclusive special price that can be claimed since Amazon Prime Day 2022 is already around the corner.

Prime Day 2022

According to the survey taken, around 15 % of the people have been waiting for Prime Day to come by in order to purchase the high-priced products as they can buy the items for a maximum cheaper price on the dates of 12 and 13 July, which are the most awaited dates of the Amazon Prime Day 2022 event.

However, there are still 7% of people who are not at all aiming to participate in the two-day Amazon Prime Day sale, due to a varied range of reasons such as inflation, money-saving concerns, and a group of people who are very unfortunate as they did not see the Prime Day coming and have not spared their cash for the vent.

Cheers to those who are actually going to miss the best chance as a customer, to gain the desired products at even more desirable prices.

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Amid soaring inflation, Amazon Prime Day 2022 is going to take a hit this year in the United States, since the inhabitants are keen to have such a wonderful offer knock on their doors.

What Is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is the event in which Amazon celebrates the annual savings occasion by giving extra discounts on selected amazon products, including smart TVs.

When Is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Amazon Prime Day 2022 starts at 3 am ET on Tuesday, 12 June and the vent ends on Wednesday, 13 June.

What Is The Specialty Of Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Amazon’s Prime Day is actually celebrated in July, which is exclusively for the Prime members who subscribe and make payments either monthly or yearly to the Amazon franchise.

Amazon services include Prime Videos, Amazon Pictures, Prime Gaming, and all. 

In 2015, the company began celebrating its 20th birthday by giving special offers and discounts on its products and marking a huge sale of more than 35 million orders within 24 hours. 

Following this, the giant online retailer decided to conduct a sale event exclusively for the subscribers of Amazon Prime which marked the maximum in the history of Amazon orders, which covered around 250 million purchases in 24 hours, in 2021.

The site will be going live with the online sale on the occasion of Amazon Prime Day 2022, from 3 am on Tuesday to the full day of Wednesday.

On What Items Are The Amazon Prime Day 2022 Discounts Applicable?

Discounts are made available from TVs to laptops, and from diapers to literally almost everything that is solely owned by Amazon.

Amazon also brings another timely offer that the product shall be checked out within fifteen minutes after moving them to the carts. Those are the lightning Deals of Amazon. 

Last year Amazon disclosed that they had given offers for almost 2 million products on the website and this year, with no exception, but in addition, Amazon is advertising for the best-ever huge discounts in the history of the market mogul.

The Amazon Prime Day deals are, 

  • On smart TVs – 79% off
  • On Amazon fashion- 80%
  • On Home and Kitchen- 70%
  • On Echo devices- 60% off
  • On Amazon Halo devices- up to 55% off
  • On Fire Tablets- 50% off
  • Toys Gaming and more- 40%
  • Daily essentials- 60%
  • On Blink devices- 50% off 
  • On Ring devices – 40% off 
  • On Baby apparel- 40%
  • On Diapers- 30%
  • On bikes- 30%
  • On Segways and scooters- 45%

The higher deals are as usual on the Amazon-owned products, this year as well.

Is Amazon Prime Day Only For Prime Members?

Unfortunately, Yes. Amazon Prime Day is exclusively for Prime subscribers who have already spent $14.99 per month or $139 a year.

However, Amazon still offers the chance to sign up as a new member of the Prime service, and even get the deal of a 30-day free trial. In order to avail of such big day offers, taking a membership is not rocket science.

Amazon Prime Day Tips And Tricks

Take maximum advantage of the tools provided on the Amazon website, such as enabling the notification for the carted items, especially for the products that are in lightning deals, which will roll over within 15 minutes after moving into the cart.

It is a piece of cake for the Alexa owners that they can easily let Amazon notify them through the assistance of Alexa, when the amazon wish list, Amazon cart, or Amazon save for later products will roll over.

Or even, setting a notification right away with Alexa on the commencing of the Amazon Prime DAY 2022 would be more precise. However, these tips and tricks must be carefully observed so no deals are missed.

Amazon Prime Day And Black Friday

There are a number of reasons why Black Friday opted over Amazon Prime Day, the number one grounds being the presence of many other retail brands participating other than Amazon itself the second, that no membership boundaries are followed on Black Friday and third, that the offer dates often fall just a couple of days before the holiday season, where people are rushing to buy gifts for their loved ones.

Last year, the Black Friday event was expanded to more than a day and the customers seemed to enjoy the offers they were provided with.

Even the retailers published the trailer of the sale weeks prior to the event that notified the potential customers of savings for grabbing their whole cart.

However, Amazon Prime Day emphasizes more Amazon products, well that does not indicate that no competent retailers exist, for the fact is that Jeffrey Bezos will surpass every other dealer with his mind-blowing sales strategies.

Must Check:

Card Preferences For Availing Offers 

As usual, on ICICI Bank Credit card/ Debit card and SBI Bank Credit card/ Debit card, and EMI transactions, an extra 10% discount is available for the customers, and for the Prime members,  5% cash back is also available in case if they have purchased with ICICI credit card.

For the new subscribers who are signing up with ICICI Bank details, they are welcomed with a bonanza welcoming deal of Rs.2200 in reward. 

The Amazon extravaganza is going to blow out the minds of the Prime members as the giant retailers are also introducing 3000 plus new launches from the top brands of India including, Adidas, Fast Track, Lenovo, Samsung, Whirlpool, Puma, Sony, Bajaj, Intel, BoAt, Xiaomi, Mamearth, Tresemme, Max, Puma and more on the occasion of the event.

The members shall also purchase from the SMBs and avail of a 10% cashback. 

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