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Chris Evans Talks About Playing Buzz At ‘Lightyear’ Red Carpet Premiere And ‘Big Shoes To Fill’

The character of Buzz in Lightyear truly proved to be a close to the heart role for Chris Evans. His excitement was clearly visible at the red carpet of the premiere show. The occasion took place this Wednesday at EI Capitan Theatre. Christ is 40 now and quite enthusiastic about his latest role. Moreover, the dialogue of the character To infinity and Beyond became iconic immediately after the release. The trailers already gave a glimpse of the power-packed performances of all the actors. In the words of the famous actor, this has been one of the dream projects that he has always wished for. 

This content will deal with the recent interview of Chris Evans as he expresses about the Big Shoes To Fill. The brilliant track made Evans enjoy every scene that he did on screen. Hence, the actor always hopes that the response from the audience is also favorable for the movie. 

Chris Evans To Open An Interview So That Others Can Interpretation Of The Iconic Dialogue

Chris opined in an interview that people can interpret his dialogues in a variety of ways. Furthermore, there is something hidden in every layer of its words of Buzz. Hence, they are big shoes to fill. However, he also cautioned the audience by telling them that they need to remember only one thing while understanding the inner meaning of Tim Allen’s words. 

While explaining the real essence of his character in Lightyear, Chris declared that it would be wrong to consider this movie like any other Toy Story film. Although the banner is the same, the story proceeds with a different flow. Hence, you need to acknowledge this fact while celebrating the brilliant consequences presented in the movie. 

Buzz is basically one of the most significant characters of the Toy Story series so far. Moreover, it is actually the foundation of the entire series. Pixar Animator Angus MacLane crafted this story a long time back and understood that he can play with the character of the hero a lot. Additionally, there were several things that remained to be explored. 

For Chris Evans also, this role has a special place in his heart. He said that there will not be any comparison of any role with this particular character. It is like a dream becoming true for him. Of course, the director planned the new version of the Toy Series differently, but absolute fresh tracks were not possible. He expects that the viewers will keep this fact in mind while enjoying the show. The unique concept and amazing speech will definitely succeed in making a permanent place in the minds and hearts of the people. 

Awesome PunchLines Of Toy Story

Toy Story has remained a very interesting and memorable movie for the spectators. Starting from the first part, it never lost its essence and true flavors even for a minute. Lightyear is another spectacle from the director to make you relive the masterpiece again. However, this time, the style is totally out-of-the-box and does not really match with other Toy Story films. 

Last year, MacLane told one of the repeated media that he joined the team of Toy Story as an animator from the second part. He expressed his curiosity and interest in learning the specifics of Buzz. Furthermore, it was evident from his words how inclined he was towards this fantastic character. The punchlines of the earlier movies are still in the mouths of the fans. So, the makers and actors are suggesting that Buzz’s lines will be famous this time also. 

Some Tales About The New Movie

Although previously, Toy Story took place as any normal Sci-Fi movie, the twists and turns drew the attention of millions to give it a special privilege. The Star Command or Space Rangers are the marvelous worlds of Buzz that display the real adventures of different characters. Chris Evans mentioned that this story belongs to the franchise of Toy Story but is not fully a sequel. Toy Story 2 opened a new genre for the kids and adapted the TV show of 1950 called Woody’s Roundup. In the movie, the name of the character inspired by that show was Woody Cowboy Doll. 

Similarly, Lightyear is one part of the Toy Story series with several changes of events. Buzz got the inspiration from the separate world of Toy Story. You will get to see a fabulous version of Andy, whose youth times were present in the first part of the series. 


Chris is expecting a lot from this movie and he announced it in a bold voice during the premiere of the movie. The response was already overwhelming as soon as the trailer hit the screens. Moreover, with so many new characters and complex scenes in the new film, the cast is sure that the children will love the movie immensely. 

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