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The Mona Lisa Was Attacked! A Man Dressed As An Elderly Woman In A Wheelchair Smeared Cake On The Mona Lisa

In one of the most recent incidents that have followed, it is important to mention that a man disguised as an older woman in the weak sure has thrown a cake at Monalisa, one of the most famous paintings by Leonardo da Vinci Louvre in Paris. This incident has shaken the conscience of most people. It is nothing but disrespect of the art and culture that the people must not tolerate because it is an attack on the personality and history they have been proud of for so many years. 

Actual Incident 

The piece was not damaged due to this matching of the cake, but the white cream of the cake had spread to the entire surface of the protecting glass, thereby making it look very dirty. This particular incident has been able to bring a huge amount of reactions from the public at large. 

All the people standing there found the incident to be very disturbing in the first place. One of the witnesses was in the position to explain the entire incident to be jaw-dropping because it was very unusual for them to expect such disrespect for a famous painter’s painting. 

Ways To Look Forward 

It is important to mention that people have commented on the security system. They are technically Amazed at these kinds of people who dare to Smash cake on a famous painting in front of the whole media. It is nothing but a mockery of the security system because even the security guards could not do anything to protect the painting from getting damaged by the cake. 

Many people have been trying to pull down upon the prestige of the painting, saying that Leonardo The Vinci is not getting the respect from the public that he needed for having made such a Masterpiece for the generations to cherish. 

News Events 

After the incident, many reporters from the famous news channels went to the place to interview the people who saw and witnessed the incident. Most of the spectators were able to recall that there was an older woman who was sitting in a wheelchair. That lady was not old, basically, but she was dressing like one. First of all, she came in front of the painting and started punching it before she could smash the cake all over it. 

It is important to mention that the old lady has been in the position to understand the basic fact that if she did not smash the cake, she would be caught, and that is why she did that as soon as possible and decided to run away from that. But the worst part was the management of the security system because nobody could come forward to prevent that lady even when she was punching the painting in her face. This kind of behavior is not tolerable in a public display of art. It has expressed the lack of concern of the authorities and the people because no strict action is being taken against this kind of behavior.

Future Incidents 

But it is important to mention that the woman who smashed the cake on the face of the painting was a man. He was trying to disrespect the painting to create a controversy. At the same point of time, what became important to understand is that many people have been able to come forward in support of the artist talent who spent so many years developing a masterpiece like Monalisa. 

It was also something that the people wanted others like this older man to understand that it is a time to think of Earth. This man has been detained and sent to a police psychiatric unit. The public prosecution has been able to confirm this news on Monday. Even the investigation has begun to get to the actual truth due to which such a kind of incident was executed in a public place. 


It is important to understand that after this particular incident got concluded, the security system of the Museum was increased to the next level. The number of security guards has increased. An additional type of census has been installed near all the paintings so that no one could try to get near the painting and disrespect the painting in the way this older man did.


This is an important step that has been taken into consideration by the public authorities for public safety. This particular incident would have also got converted into a situation of panic. That is why in such a situation finding the right assistant for the person was very important so that such a kind of incident could be prevented in the future from taking place for the sake of public safety. 

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