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Who Is Toni Basil? Wiki, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Family, Age!!

The renowned American choreographer, singer, and actress, Toni Basil, is the favorite of hundreds of people around the world. Her career started in New York City as an ordinary dancer. However, with her talent, Basil proved that she can be a super actress as well. The actress gained stardom mainly from the superhit song Mickey. It was released in 1982 and gradually, she received global exposure in the music industry. 

Do you want to know everything about this talented personality? Here comes the information about Basil’s body measurements, biography, and career in this content. 

About Toni Basil

The fabulous singing sensation, Toni Basil, took birth on 22nd October 1943. The beautiful girl’s birthplace is America Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. The 79-year-old artist took great interest in dancing and gradually made a remarkable career in the music world.

Toni Basil

Their debut single was Mickey which got her immense recognition in the world. Following the success of this song, Toni took a step forward with the sequel of this song Hey Mickey. Currently, this fabulous artist has five successful albums to the tune of which the whole world is humming. To know more about this incredible personality, you have to keep an eye on this content. 

Quick Facts About Toni Basil

Toni Basic is a multi-talented artist who made the global music industry prosper a lot. Besides being a fabulous dancer and singer, Basil made a mark in the acting profession also. Furthermore, she even directed a film and ensured that people praise her choreography also. The average height of the famous artist is 5 feet 5 inches, but weight is not specifically known. Reviews are still going on about various information on Toni’s other physical statistics. As per the horoscope, she is born a Virgo. 

Toni Basil’s Age And Early Life Explored

Toni Basil came to an American family in 1943. Her full name is Antonia Christina Basilllota. However, no nickname has yet come into the picture. Jacqueline Jessica Anderson is the mother of this artist while her father is Louis Basilotta.

Louis earned a living by being a reputed orchestra leader of the Chicago Theater. Furthermore, her mother was also a famous comedienne in different acts like The Four Fays, and others. No news for her siblings is updated on the internet to date. The age of this artist is 78 years now. 

The details on the educational qualification and institutions are also not available. However, reviews are continuing to reveal such information also in front of the public. 

My professional career began in the 1980s with dancing. Later on, her outstanding performance in Mickey grabbed the attention of the whole world of these young artists. Gradually, she worked in different TV shows and movies as a choreographer and gained appreciation. Mickey, her solo single, came up in 1970, followed by the album Word of Mouth. Mickey remained in the Number 1 slot in America for many days. It did really well in the market and gave a great kick to her career. 

Toni Basil’s Net Worth And Career

It is, of course, not practical to know the salary of a celebrity with certainty. Only an estimate of the total assets and net worth can be made in this regard. Different reliable resources came up with the estimated asset amount. You can consider this figure to be the approximate amount of net worth also for the star. 2022 reports reveal that $5 million is the current net worth of Toni Basil. Films, movies, dance performances, stage shows, etc. are the major sources from which this personality earns her income. 

The worldwide hit Mickey became popular outside the United States too and attracted audiences of other countries like Australia and Canada. She also made various collaborations with some remarkable artists and bands for stupendous responses. Some names in this list are Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, Tom Hanks, The Muppets, and many more. 

Among the senior artists of the above 70 group of singers, Toni Basil’s name will always remain at the top. She is also an influential social media personality also in the present times. You can find her quite active on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Moreover, the songs are also enjoyable on the Spotify channel. 


As per the artist, it is very important to connect with their followers and so she keeps on interacting with her fans on social media. This also gives a sense of personal touch to the well-wishers of the legendary singer. 

Toni Basil Husband

Toni Basil felt very comfortable sharing her romantic and personal life with the public. However, no reports are there to prove that she is married or has children. On being asked, Toni also revealed that she dated many personalities mainly from the entertainment industry. Dean Stockwell, the actor, Pop and Taco, the dancer, Jay Sebring, and the hairstylist are some of them on the list. 


Toni Basil is still rocking on the stage in their old age of 78 years also. The beautiful lady’s voice is truly attractive and she is an inspiration for many. 

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