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All About Laverne Cox!! Age, Net Worth, Kids, Wife, Weight

Are you already familiar with Laverne Cox? If not, please read this article and get all the information that you want. The actress is new in Hollywood and is already in the race of creating a robust place in the industry. However, the sexual orientation of the talented artist made many people frown in the beginning.

All The Related Details About Her Life Are Portrayed Over Here In Brief

She is transgender and does not feel ashamed of that. Just like any other hero or heroine, a transgender actor should also get equal respect and prosperity.

Laverne Cox

Therefore, Laverne is a living example of fulfilling the dreams amidst all the impossibilities. All the related details about her life are portrayed over here in brief. We bring the biography of this talented personality and how anyone can taste the fruits of success by showing the skills. 

About Laverne Cox

The notable actress Laverne Cox is a common figure on Netflix. The regular viewers of this popular OTT platform must have seen the exciting episodes of Orange Is the New Black. Furthermore, the actress came to the limelight in 2014 after playing the role of a transgender principal. In later times, the audience also saw her in Doubt under the CBS banner. The star is equally famous for being part of multiple music videos also. 

Quick Facts About Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox is considered mainly a female artist in the Hollywood industry. Moreover, the American actress is comfortable speaking many other languages like German, Spanish, etc. The approximate height of Cox is between the range of 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 11 inches.

But the exact measurement is not available till now. The researchers are still continuing to review of all the facts about the budding artist. However, some recent reports say that the exact height is 5 feet 10 inches. 76 Kg is the approximate weight of Laverne. Gemini is the zodiac sign and the personality is now 49 years old. 

She looks highly attractive with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Moreover, she completed primary education at Alabama School and became a graduate of Marymount Manhattan College, and also studied at Indiana University Bloomington. 

Laverne Cox Age And Early Life Explored

In 1972, Laverne Cox came to this planet, in Mobile, Alabama. Her birth date is 29th May. It was a lovely Monday. The LGBT advocate is the child of Gloria Cox who raised both her children as single mothers. M Lamar is the sibling of this star. No further knowledge is there about her father.

From childhood, Laverne was different from others. But gradually, she learned how to deal with complex situations and did not lose hope. Presently, the age of the artists is 49 years. Being a transgender woman, Cox always seems to be very open in public and never hesitate about her sexual orientation. 

Although the early life of this girl was full of struggles, good days came in 2000. She took acting as her profession and slowly succeeded through various projects. The first work Cox was I Want to Work for Diddy.

After this, VH1 approached her and Laverne became a popular face in the American Television industry. Interestingly, she also became the first transgender woman to produce a TV show under her own banner. This was indeed a moment of rejoicing. However, people started appreciating the star more with her character of Sophia Burset in the 2013 show. 

Laverne Cox Net Worth And Career

The career of Laverne Cox suffered from various ups and downs. The actress even revealed in one of the interviews that there was a time when she was not even able to pay off the house rent. But things change and finally, the transgender woman got all the respect and prosperity she deserves.

Presently, the reports say that her $5 million is her estimated net worth. Being one of the famous TV personalities and movie stars, Cox has brought a new ray of hope for transgenders. She even became the first artist in this category to win so many prestigious awards for her mind-blowing roles.

Apart from this, Laverne is a social activist also and arranges for multiple campaigns to make society aware of transgenders and their abilities. She faced lots of criticisms in her early life but took them all as a pillar to climb up. Moreover, her focus was always fixed and thus she became an iconic figure for many. 


Laverne Cox’s Husband/Boyfriend and Children

In 2017, the name Cox came up on social media as she confirmed her relationship with Kyle Draper. However, the two broke up in 2019. To date, no news of her affairs is coming. Hence, it is considered that she is single at present. 


Laverne Cox, one of the most powerful transgender personalities in Hollywood is sending a new message to society. She made the audience believe that everyone should accept people like her just like they accept the work of other boys and girls. 

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