Revealed!!! Who Is The Father Of Amber Heard’s Daughter? When Did She Welcome Her Daughter?


Aquaman actress Amber Heard is presently facing off against her ex-husband Johnny Depp in a Fairfax, Virginia Court over a USD 50 million offense case filed by the latter. Heard had published an op-ed in 2018 in The Washington Post calling herself a domestic exploitation victim and survivor. Depp appeared after this article was published he lost the rewarding role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and allegations have also cast a doubt over his Hollywood career.

Who Is The Father Of Amber Heard’s Daughter?

As the ex-couple battle it out in Court in a series of accusations and counter-allegations, their personal lives have also taken the center stage. Heard has broadcasted back in July 2021 that she has greeted a daughter into her family. She named her Oonagh Paige Heard. Heard also said that the daughter was born on April 8. However, she made no reference to the father of her baby or whether her baby was born via a surrogate or not.

Although, Amber Heard publicized that she secretly welcomed baby girl Oonagh Paige via surrogate in July 2021 — maintaining she is both “the mom and dad” to the child.

Oonagh was born on April 8 with the support of a surrogate after Heard was told she would never be able to carry her own child, friends discovered. Heard established the news via Instagram, where she shared an image of herself with the infant. She has never revealed the uniqueness of the child’s father or sperm donor.

However, Radar Online says fans aren’t the only individuals interested in learning who is the father of Amber’s child. Throughout the forthcoming trial, Johnny Depp will reportedly question whether the tech billionaire Elon Musk is the father of Amber’s child. Elon will be present at the trial as a character spectator for Amber.

Johnny also suspects Amber of having affairs with the Musk and actor James Franco throughout their marriage.

After Amber and Johnny’s split, she supposedly dated the Tesla founder on and off between 2016 and 2018. Whether the suspected affair or her child’s father will be brought up throughout the trial is yet to be seen.

When Did She Welcome Her Daughter?

Amber Heard has greeted her first child, Oonagh Paige Heard. “I’m so delighted to share this news with you,” she wrote on Instagram after proclaiming the birth of her baby. I made the choice to have a child 4 years back. It was significant to me to do it on my own terms. I comprehend now how revolutionary it is for us as women to consider one of the most indispensable aspects of our lives in this manner. I hope we reach a stage where not wanting a ring in order to have a crib is measured normally.

Apart from me wants to preserve that my personal life is private and uninteresting to others. I also understand that the nature of my profession demands me to take command of this situation. On 8th April 2021, my baby girl was born. Her name is Oonagh Paige Heard. She marks the beginning of the remainder of my life.” Her one-year-old kid presently celebrated her first birthday.

Amber, who divorced Depp in early 2017, went on to prompt her happiness at having a child separate from the marriage, telling her sanguinities it will become “normalized” to “not want a ring in order to have a crib.” The blonde went on to say that she’s opposed to wanting to “preserve that my private life is none of anybody’s business” and accepting the kindness that her superstar position has brought.

Whereas, as to the father, that’s the immense question. Amber began dating Bianca in January 2020. Alongside her marriage to Johnny Depp, Amber has been connected to men involving billionaire Tesla founder Elon Musk, art dealer Vito Schnabel, plus supermodel Cara Delevingne. The actress undoubtedly wishes to keep the father’s individuality out of it.

Since sharing the bulletin, Heard has posted the videos on her Instagram of her and her daughter living their life together immensely. They have been living in London, where Heard has been pictured pushing the stunning child around in a stroller.

As cited above, on April 8, 2022, Heard celebrated the first birthday of her daughter. I Heard captioned, “My little O is a year old today. I still can’t believe you’re here. The greatest year.” It seems Heard and her daughter are attached, even posting pictures of her holding the baby girl while working out.