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Who is Maria Victoria Henao? Where Is Pablo Escobar’s Wife Now? Things To Know About

Maria Victoria Henao is a known name worldwide for being the wife of an infamous drug dealer. Pablo Escobar, her husband, occupies a top position among the world’s drug dealers whose personal life is always a subject of curiosity for the general public.

Who is Maria Victoria Henao? Where Is Pablo Escobar’s Wife Now?

It is surely a mystery how Pablo is in the role of a husband. It is a story of a 17-year-long bond. Maria was only a teenager of 15 years at the time of her marriage to Escobar. Hence, the memories are many, both good and bad.

In this article, you will get a glimpse of the relationship the couple shared and the understanding between the two.

Who is Maria Victoria Henao Where Is Pablo Escobar's Wife Now

Maria Victoria Henao Personal Life

Maria Victoria loved dancing a lot from her childhood. Born in 1961, this beautiful lady was unaware of the future man in her life. She belongs to one of Columbia’s tiny villages named Palmira. Her meeting with Pablo took place first with the help of her brother, at the age of only 13 years. The world of crime was nothing new to her as her brother Carlos was involved in this dark world. Being a drug trafficker, he had connections with various other gangsters like Pablo Escobar.

Words Of Maria About Pablo

After the death of Pablo, people took more interest in the life of his wife. The curiosity of the world got some relief when Maria Victoria Henao shared the details of her personal life with the public. She also wrote a book titled My Life with Pablo, where all the couple’s sweet moments are described beautifully. In her words, Pablo made all the efforts to attract and seduce the young Maria.

Maria confirmed that Pablo was actually the Prince Charming of her life. Moreover, the man never missed an opportunity to let her feel like a princess. To Maria, Escobar was the most affectionate man she had ever seen. However, the marriage was not acceptable to her family primarily due to Pablo’s connection with the criminal world. Hence, the young girl decided to run away with the man of her dreams.

Pablo was around 11 years older than his wife. However, the secret marriage allowed her to become a mother at only 16 years. It was pretty difficult for the young girl to manage everything at such an early age. But as per Maria, everything became smooth with the unconditional love of Pablo.

Deeds Of Pablo

The various actions of Escobar forced the innocent girl Maria to go through a lot of issues. However, she was not ready to take any support from her family due to the earlier disturbances. But Henao never lost hope and supported him till his last breath. She knew that her life had no meaning without Pablo. With full courage, she stood like a firm pillar beside her husband, knowing that his deeds were wrong. Thus, the relationship continued for 17 long years.

Two killings made Maria fear the future of the whole family. Luis Carlos Galan, the presidential candidate, and Justice Minister Rodrigo Lara Bonilla were the poor victims of Pablo. The deaths of these powerful people were about to bring bad luck forever to Escalo’s life. Maria understood this and felt helpless. Finally, the caring husband suggested that she should flee away with their children to a safe place. Maria did as her husband said and protected her children with all her might. Later on, Police discovered the whereabouts of Escobar and killed him in a shootout.

Death of Pablo Escabar

The death of Pablo Escobar left the whole family traumatized for many days. When the entire nation became happy about the end of this drug dealer, every member of Pablo’s family mourned his death. However, they failed to rescue themselves from the hands of the Police. They brought allegations of drug trafficking and other illegal activities against Maria also.

Although Maria and her children tried a lot to convince the Police that they did not have any connection with their illegal activities of Pablo, the authorities were not ready to believe them. They suspected that the family had an active role in money laundering and frauding people. However, the innocent people did not intend to be involved in any theft.

Presently, after two decades, Maria decided to open up about her life and apologize for all the terrific activities of her husband, Pablo Escobar. Furthermore, their son Juan’s book on his father is a bestseller also. But Maria’s daughter wanted to stay away from all these things and cut off all her ties with the family.

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