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Best Desert Safari In Dubai 2022: All You Need To Know!

Looking for the best desert safari in Dubai? Dubai, the city of ambitions, is an adobe to all aspirations of the world which is looking for a multicultural canvas amidst the grand Arabian deserts. The vivid glory of jaw-dropping architecture, second-to-none skylines, sky-touching towers, and the best and the biggest of malls make Dubai a universe. All the travelers from around the world once in their lifetime either come to Dubai or plan to visit this marvelous corner of the world but the variety in the lap of this Arabian city is so immense that losing oneself in its magnificence is not a rare endeavor. 

In this article, we are summing up our knowledge and experiences, right from Dubai to guide you through the process of selecting the best desert safari in Dubai for you. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into the luxurious adventures of Dubai’s desert safaris. 

Why Take A Desert Safari Tour In Dubai?

One of the most common traits of an adventurer is to ask the right questions and this question must have come to your mind as well “Why should I take a desert safari in Dubai?”, “Is a desert safari in Dubai worth the time and money spent?”, and if yes, “How to go for a desert safari in Dubai?” Well, if you ever had these questions before, you are in the right place. 

One of the most authentic experiences one can have from any journey across the world is by experiencing the traditional cultures and meeting the ethnic people and a desert safari in Dubai offers you both. The overall experience of witnessing the tradition under the open skies amidst the deserts is what makes a desert safari in Dubai completely different from your other experiences in Dubai. The sense of adventure and thrill that this safari can induce in travelers is beyond any literal explanations and can only be experienced with quad bike rides, camel rides, AVS rides, and sand surfing. The desert landscape of Dubai is vast and covered with large and gigantic sand dunes beyond which lies the city of Dubai. 

From the traditional lifestyle and Arabian apparel to folk dance performances and rare wildlife, a safari in Dubai has got you covered for all. It’s perfect for all age groups, solo travelers, families, and peer groups. A safari in the Arabian desert will take you for a once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with adventure and classic Dubai luxury. 

List of the most popular and the Best Desert Safari In Dubai

If adventure, thrill, and an urge to experience ultimate luxury amidst the vast desert excite you, you must have started planning your desert safari in Dubai. However, the overwhelming information over the internet can make it extremely confusing to know which could be the best desert safari in Dubai for you. To tackle this challenge, we are providing a detailed list of ten most popular and the best desert safaris that you can enjoy while traveling to Dubai. 

Premium Red Dunes & Camel Safari with BBQ at Al Khayma Camp

When it comes to one of the best desert safaris in Dubai, Al Khayma camp can not be left unnoticed. Al Khyamma camp’s premium red dunes & camel safari with BBQ is one of the most popular choices amongst the visitors for all the good reasons. The variety of experiences that this safari has to offer is second to none with world-class facilities and complete transportation coverage from picking up your hotel to dropping back to it.

Al Khayma Camp’s half-a-day camel safari provides you with a mix of extreme adventure and subtle cultural experiences to make sure that you never forget this experience throughout your life.

You’d be picked up from your hotel in an air-conditioned vehicle and will be taken directly for a storming session of dune bashing with an experienced driver followed by a session of sandboarding which will make you fall in love with the red dunes of this desert. After these tiring adventures, you can enjoy the scenic sunset on a vast horizon while relaxing with traditional Arabian drinks and deserts. If hand painting sounds interesting to you, Al Khayam got you covered with specially trained Henna expert painters who will paint your hands with beautiful Arabic designs. 

Nights in the Al Khayama’s red dunes camel safari can get really exciting with Shisha smokes, Tanura and Khaliji folk dances, and luxurious BBQ dinners. If all of these excite you, you know where to go. 

Big Red Adventure Tours Dubai

If you have a bucket list and that list is filled up to the brim with pure adventure sports, then we can guarantee that it must have a dune buggy ride included because what is an adventure without riding a true beast amidst a vast desert? Big red adventure tours Dubai offers you one in a lifetime adventure to ride a robust dune buggy that is no less powerful than a real giant. 

With Big red adventure tours you can get your hands on one of the finest dune buggies out there such as Polaris and Can-Am X3 Turbo. One of the main highlights which is worth mentioning is that you do not need to have a license to ride the range of these beasts and that makes it ideal for every tourist without the hassle of getting an international driving license. 

Big red adventure tours Dubai takes all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of its users with four point race harnesses and full roll cages. They also provide a complete safety gear for the drive along with fine refreshments throughout the tour to not let your energy levels go down. 

Big red adventure tours provide a pickup and drop to your hotel with no extra charges and offer different adventure plans as per your requirements. 

So if you want to explore the dunes while riding a four wheeler beast, Big Red Adventure Tours, Dubai will not let you down. 

The Sunriser: 4-Hour Sunrise Safari from Dubai

The Sunriser 4-hour safari will offer you something which is not very common amidst the crazy busy life of Dubai and that is peace. The Sunriser safari will pick you right from your hotel to take you directly amidst the still cold dunes of Arabian desert before the sunrise and will make you see one of the finest sceneries of the desert landscape, The Sunrise. The sun will rise from behind the dunes, which will allow you to experience nature at its best in ultimate peace. The picturesque views of the sunrise will remain in your eyes and heart forever. 

The beautiful sunrise will be followed by a desert safari in a 4-wheel drive vehicle to make sure that you enjoy this safari to the fullest. The beautiful landscapes of the Dubai desert will make sure that you stop your vehicle somewhere randomly to click that perfect picture for your memory. This safari will be followed by a delicious picnic breakfast and a mesmerizing falcon show. 

The Sunriser 4-hour sunrise safari from Dubai could be ideal for those families or travelers who want to avoid extreme rush and brutal heat of deserts in the day. Even with these many adventures, this Sunriser safari from Dubai will not entertain any traditional dance forms, Shisha smoke, or anything not mentioned. Hence, if you are planning to enjoy the Arabian desert in its purest form and experience a never forgetting sunrise, The Sunriser: 4-Hour Sunrise Safari from Dubai will be an ideal choice for you. 

Monster Dunes Hummer Safari

If dune buggy rides are not so fascinating or too risky to you and if you are a luxury dabbler who is fond of some real powerful SUVs, what could be better than riding a Hummer itself? Monster Dunes Hummer Safari offer a wide variety of activities in their Arabian desert safari, with the key highlight being a dune bashing ride in a premium Hummer SUV on extremely tough terrain to realize the true power of this beast and enjoy your safari to the fullest. 

After a thrilling dune bashing ride amidst the Arabian desert you will reach the sunset point where your fatigue from the ride will shred off without you knowing it.The picturesque views of this sunset point will force you to take some extra photos that will stay with you for a very long time. 

Following the safari and the sunset, a lot more await you at the base camp, where you can go for another ride on camels or get dressed as an authentic Arab. One can also enjoy the Henna designing and the Shisha smokes. And if your adventure carving is still searching for more, the sand boarding from the high sand dunes of the Arabian desert will quench it for sure. All the activities are followed by a luxurious BBQ dinner and other entertainment activities such as belly dancing, fire show, and Tanoura show. 

So if luxury and adventure are what you are seeking, Monster Dunes Hummer safari could be the best desert safari in Dubai for you. 

Morning Dune Buggy Safari

If you are thinking about having an adventure and thrilling dune buggy safari in Dubai and that too in the day, Morning Dune Buggy Safari could be the perfect choice for you. A large number of travelers from around the world come together in Dubai to experience the exciting dune buggy safaris and even amongst these safaris, the charm of a morning safari is way too good to avoid on your next Dubai trip. Morning Dune Buggy Safari provides a detailed explanation of what to expect in the journey ahead, from picking up from your hotel to dropping you back there. They got you covered in all the aspects. 

On the day of the ride all the participants are briefed by expert group leaders on things which one should do and the things one must avoid to ensure complete safety then you will be taken from across the desert led by an experienced group leader which you’d have to follow and this is where the fun starts. Riding a 800CC monster in a completely open desert is something no rider wants to miss. This completely guided and safe off roading experience will add a flair of thrill to your entire trip to Dubai. 

Hence, if the drive to bash into sand with a motor giant is growing out in your heart and getting hard to avoid, Morning Dune Buggy Safari is perfectly made for you. 

Desert Safari Tours Dubai

There are a lot of things one can do in Dubai as the variety of people and ethnicities has made this city possible due to which every traveler from around the world can find something resonating in the vast pool of entertainment facilities available in Dubai. 

One of such exciting tours could be a deep desert safari into the great Arabian desert. The wild deserts are explored in a controlled and guided manner, with regular refreshments to keep up the energy of all the travelers in Desert Safari Tours Dubai. The sunsets and sunrises in the deserts are one of the most scenic views out there in nature and in this desert safari travelers can save this moment forever in their camera from sunset and sunrise points while enjoying their fresh refreshments. Another feature of this safari includes a dedicated session for traditional visual art forms such as fire show, belly dance, and falcon show that make its viewers relaxed and mesmerized after a long day of adventure and lead them to appreciate the local and authentic Arabian folk culture. 

So if you have never experienced the true natural beauty of a desert before, Desert Safari Tour Dubai can be the best desert safari in Dubai for you

Go Dubai desert Safari Tours

Next in our list of best desert safari in Dubai comes from the house of Go Dubai of Blue planet tourism. Go Dubai desert safari tours is one of the leading and trusted safari tour planners of the UAE. The exotic desert safari tour by Go Dubai entertains a long and rich experience of traditional Arabian culture aided by modern day luxury. 

A six-hour long desert safari will include a pickup and drop service from your hotel without any hidden charges. A ride into the empty deserts of Dubai will give you a grand view of the horizon and amaze you with its grand appearance. This experience will move forward with a wild dune bashing off roading with your expert driver that will satisfy the adventurous-you. 

The dune bashing will end with a scenic view of the sunset that will heal you within. The beautifully peaceful sunset will be followed by a rich and colorful evening of cultural performances and the delicious BBQ dinner with more than enough variety will make your evening complete. 

VIP Hummer Desert Safari

How can your Dubai trip complete without riding a true Hummer SUV? VIP Hummer Safari offers you just that, a luxurious and comfortable ride amidst the dessert that will make you experience the true nature of the dune bashing. 

A powerful Hummer SUV is going to be your ride for the tour with a VIP desert safari that will pick you up from your hotel and drop you right back after the entire safari without any additional charges. 

Apart from the dune bashing, you will be able to enjoy the camel rides, sandboarding, Henna designs, BBQ dinner, cultural performances, Shisha pipes, and many other luxuries. 

Fun Tour Desert Safari

Fun tour desert safari is one of the most exciting desert safari tours in Dubai, with a dedicated tour plan for almost all the activities you can ask for. From quad bikes to buggy rides and from camel walks to traditional shows, Fun tour got you covered. 

Various other aspects of the safari, such as group tours, VIP tours, family plans, and snowboarding tours, makes Fun tour an ideal choice for all the travelers who want to experience the Arabian desert to the fullest. 

Arabian Nights Tours

Last but not the least, Arabian Nights Tours are one of the very few travel planners which offer a hot air balloon ride to its travelers. They offer a wide variety of safari options, with an overall coverage package being one of the most popular choices among the foreign travelers. 

From half day to full day desert safaris, Arabian night tours have a plan for all kinds of travelers coming to the shores of Dubai and they surely deserve to be on the list of the best desert safari in Dubai. 

How to choose the best safari tour in Dubai?

There are many aspects which one must consider when it comes to selecting the right safari tour. The different tour aspects are critical to take an informed decision to avoid any last-minute hassle. Here is a list of four aspects one must consider while searching for the best desert safari in Dubai.


The best time to go on a desert safari in Dubai is from Mid October to late march when the weather is pleasant in the afternoons. On the other hand, one should avoid opting for a desert safari during the peak summers in Dubai for obvious reasons.  


While planning a desert safari in Dubai, one must make sure to note down the adventure sports which one wants to experience as Dubai offers a wide variety of adventures when it comes to its desert safaris. 

Some of the most prominent adventure sports include dune bashing, buggy rides, quad bike rides, Hummer rides, and sand boarding.  


Another key thing while planning your desert safari in Dubai is planning your budget, as in Dubai, things can go from low end to extremely costly without a delay. 

Even though most of the tour planners have different plans for their safari, a normal desert safari can cost from 100 AED to 1000 AED. 

Combo Deals

If you are planning to experience Dubai to the fullest there must be a chance that you get a desert safari include in Dubai with any of your other adventure tours and possibly you can also get combo deals if you add desert safari into your checkout list while booking your other adventures so keep an eye as this can possibly save you hundreds of dollars. 

What can you expect in Dubai desert safari?

Dune bash

A desert safari is incomplete without bashing your vehicle in the large sand dune and experiencing the blood rushing through your veins while feeling that hit and maneuver. Dune bashing is one of the most exciting sports that one simply cannot avoid while going on a desert safari in Dubai. 

Sunset or sunrise views

A desert safari in Dubai is incomplete without an experience of either a sunset or a sunrise, as these are one of the finest scenes in deserts and a true nature explorer cannot let this opportunity get away without experiencing the desert in its true form. 

Experience the traditional Arabian hospitality

There are very few things in Dubai that it is keeping safe with an intent to showcase its rich heritage to those who have seen only the shining buildings of the city. One of those things is its exceptionally old heritage and traditional Arabian hospitality, which makes you fall in love with the tradition of the entire Arabian peninsula in a single trip. The experience of Arabian tradition could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many travelers and should not be missed at any cost. 

Camel ride

How could a trip to the desert be completed with out experiencing the majestic ‘Ship of the desert’? Most of the desert safari in Dubai offers its participants a ride on this beautiful animal that walks amidst the desert with pride and even if you are afraid of riding a tall animal as a camel, you can enjoy the view of this ship of the desert or feed him. 

Quad biking

If you know what a quad bike is, we are very sure that once in a lifetime you must have dreamt of driving it through a completely open and free space, and a desert safari in Dubai offers you exactly that. A dream fulfilling experience for many, quad biking is one of the most popular adventure sports of the desert safari in Dubai. Riding a powerful bike that you can ride without any restrictions around the never-ending scope of a desert is going to be a fascinating adventure. 

Cultural activities

A desert safari in Dubai is incomplete without the cultural activities offered by the leading safari organizers. These cultural activities find their roots way back in the ancient traditions of the Arabian natives. Some of these activities include Henna hand paintings and Shisha smokes. 

BBQ Dinner

Not only a desert safari but any fine trip is incomplete without tasting the authentic delicacies of the local people and a BBQ dinner on the evening of a desert safari in Dubai make sure to cut this experience off your bucket list. 

With a wide variety of choices available in the meal, this smoky BBQ dinner amidst the beautiful desert is something you will never forget in your life.

Traditional shows

Along with many cultural activities available in a desert safari in Dubai, there are many traditional shows also performed by local artists which are pleasing to your artistic senses and relieve you from the day-long fatigue of your adventures. 


Finally, one can also decide to camp in the desert itself after a desert safari to witness one of the finest scenes of the desert, the sunrise. 

A camping experience in the desert is not something which one can do very often and can lead you to experience the sheer beauty of the desert with your bare senses. So if you can give your time to stay in the desert, camping after a desert safari in Dubai is something which must be experienced. 

Verdict On Selecting The Best Desert Safari in Dubai

No matter how widespread the impact of detailed architecture is in Dubai, it is significantly more than just a city of beautifully crafted concrete. The Arabian culture, inter continental street food, and great dunes of Arabian deserts are one of the key highlights of Dubai, without which one’s Dubai visit can not come to its end. One of the finest and most authentic experiences that one can have in Dubai is none other than a desert safari, which offers a glimpse of rich Arabian culture and still surviving traditions. A trip to Dubai is always incomplete without experiencing the great Arabian desert in its raw beauty. We hope that this article will provide you a detailed insight into the world of desert safaris of Dubai and will help you to choose the right tour packages as per your needs. 

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